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Definition What is a manufacturer?

German law has a different concept of a manufacturer than the meaning in the original sense of the word means. There is also the professional title “manufacturer” in the publishing industry.

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The product liability law defines a manufacturer in paragraph 4 as follows:

“(1) Manufacturer within the meaning of this law is whoever manufactured the end product, a basic material or a partial product. Anyone who claims to be a manufacturer by affixing their name, brand or other distinctive sign is also considered a manufacturer.

(2) A manufacturer is also considered to be anyone who imports or transports a product for the purpose of sale, rental, hire purchase or any other form of distribution with an economic purpose within the scope of his business activity within the scope of the Agreement on the European Economic Area. "

Accordingly, according to German law, a manufacturer is not only considered to be someone who owns the means of production, i.e. the work and operating equipment that is required for the production of goods. Means of production in the narrower sense include traffic and usable areas, buildings, commercial real estate, technical systems, machines, tools and the associated production processes and operating and office equipment.

Producer is not the same as manufacturer

A synonym for manufacturer is producer. The word production is derived from the Latin producere - to lead, to bring. It can also mean demonstrating for sale. Accordingly, an object is produced, i.e. manufactured, processed or manufactured and thus an economic good is created from one or different starting materials. This good can also be a service.

While originally the producer / manufacturer of an object was usually the owner of the means of production himself, this has changed in the course of history, especially with industrialization. Nowadays the worker who produces a commodity in whole or in part no longer necessarily has the necessary means of production. He is rewarded for his work. Accordingly, he is not legally considered a manufacturer.


In the publishing industry there is also the profession of "manufacturer". A manufacturer looks after the titles from the finished manuscript to the release for printing. The tasks include:

  • the preparation of preliminary and final calculations
  • Obtaining offers from technical companies
  • the placing of orders
  • the monitoring of appointments
  • the control of print data.

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