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Bitcoin in euros
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Average Bitcoin price on May 24th, 2021
BTC Performance 2021
Bitcoin in EUR+21,24 %
Bitcoin in USD+20,81 %
Market capitalization
In Euro:541.544.689.350,00 €
In dollars:659.515.316.571,06 $

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Bitcoin price in the chart

Bitcoin price development 2021

Previous day (May 23, 2021):EUR 27,899.00$ 33,988.35
Current (05/24/2021):28,938.00 EUR$ 35,241.88
Change: +3,72 % +3,69 %
Daily high (May 23, 2021):29,230.00 EUR$ 35,624.65
Daily low (May 23, 2021):27,812.00 EUR$ 33,864.35
52-week high:54,176.00 EUR$ 64,795.83
52-week low:EUR 7,939.16$ 8,672.46
Bitcoin all-time high:54,176.00 EUR$ 64,795.83
Historical Bitcoin Chart: Development 2013 - 2021

Top 10 cryptocurrencies

currencyEuro rateDollar rate
Bitcoin (BTC)28,938.00 EUR$ 35,241.88
Ethereum (ETH)1,742.67 EUR$ 2,122.29
Tether (USDT)EUR 0.821.00 USD
Cardano (ADA)EUR 1.071.30 USD
Binance Coin (BNB)216.76 EUR$ 263.98
Dogecoin (DOGE)0.25 EUR$ 0.30
Ripple (XRP)EUR 0.64$ 0.78
USD Coin (USDC)EUR 0.83$ 1.01
Polkadot (DOT)14.59 EUR$ 17.77
Internet computer (ICP)116.28 EUR$ 141.61

Cryptocurrency market capitalization

currencyMarket capitalization EURMarket capitalization USD
Bitcoin (BTC)541,544,689,350.00 EUR$ 659,515,316,571.06
Ethereum (ETH)202,147,965,600.00 EUR$ 246,184,077,046.16
Tether (USDT)49,143,846,926.00 EUR$ 59,849,390,826.49
Cardano (ADA)34,384,228,132.00 EUR$ 41,874,522,172.39
Binance Coin (BNB)EUR 33,496,511,415.00$ 40,793,424,373.54
Dogecoin (DOGE)EUR 31,828,168,060.00$ 38,761,647,462.86
Ripple (XRP)29,417,219,231.00 EUR$ 35,825,495,172.08
USD Coin (USDC)16,858,801,190.00 EUR$ 20,531,339,005.79
Polkadot (DOT)14,410,470,528.00 EUR$ 17,549,661,586.78
Internet computer (ICP)14,352,003,028.00 EUR$ 17,478,457,469.14

Info & advice: Bitcoin

  • Leading cryptocurrency (abbreviation: BTC)
  • Based on cryptography and blockchain
  • Are digged in computing processes (= "mining")
  • Decentralized administration, limited to 21 million
  • Price explosion in early 2021, but extremely volatile

What is bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual currency on the internet. The name comes from “Bit” (= electronic storage unit in computers) and “Coin” (= English for coin). In other words, it translates as digital coins. You can't touch this money.

Each participant has a wallet (= digital purse) where a private key is stored. A Bitcoin transfer is only possible with this private key.

To ensure security, the principles of cryptography, i.e. encryption technology, are used. Therefore the name Cryptocurrency. Other common names are digital money, cyber money or Digital currency.

Bitcoin is the first digital currency. There are now hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has established itself as the top dog. It combines the greatest acceptance, the highest market capitalization, and is therefore number one among all cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Bitcoin mining

How is Bitcoin created? Bitcoin are not printed or minted. You will be charged. This is called Bitcoin mining. Those who do these calculations will Miner called. In return, they receive bitcoins.

The calculation requires considerable computing power, as Bitcoin collects all transactions in a database, the blockchain. Every transaction must be calculated and documented. One also speaks of Mining Bitcoin or Scoop up bitcoin..

Why was Bitcoin invented?

Behind Bitcoin is the idea of ​​onestable currency, the not manipulable is and not controlled by any central authority becomes. Central banks, states or other institutions are therefore left out. Instead, users should be able to conduct their business directly with one another, quickly, across borders, without fees and without intermediaries. The trigger for the desire for better money was, among other things, the bad experiences of the financial crisis in 2007/2008.

Who Invented Bitcoin - and When?

The beginnings go back to 2008, when the essential idea was described in a paper (“Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”). The authors hid behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. This anonymity has not yet been revealed. So you still don't know who Bitcoin code created.

In 2010, the first exchange rates were still being negotiated in Bitcoin forums. There is a nice anecdote about this: Laszlo Hanyecz, Bitcoin fan from the very beginning, offered 10,000 Bitcoin in a forum to anyone who brings him two pizzas. The delivery actually took place on May 22nd, 2010. The pizza deal is considered a milestone in Bitcoin history because it was the first time a service was paid for in Bitcoin. Even today, many Bitcoin fans consider May 22nd to be Bitcoin Pizza Day. By the way: 10,000 Bitcoin was around 30 euros at the time. In the meantime, as of September 2020, this would be over 90 million euros.

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Blockchain & how it works

How does Bitcoin work?

With Bitcoin, payments are possible directly 1: 1, i.e. without banks and without borders. Instead there is Blockchain. This bitcoin software (= client software) records all transactions.

Every Bitcoin participant has a small copy of this software, either directly or, if an account has been set up with one of the major Bitcoin platforms (which is usually the case), indirectly. If a money transfer takes place from A to B, a message is sent to all clients in the network that the transaction has taken place.

The blockchain technology

The blockchain is a digital technology in which users set up and manage a common database structure (digital register) in a decentralized manner. The blockchain is, so to speak, a decentrally organized digital cash book (= peer-to-peer network).

Every transaction between users is stored transparently in this computer network. The transactions are stored in blocks, including a time stamp. The way it works is: digital, decentralized, transparent, unchangeable. The immutability is an important security feature.

Blockchain technology is also considered to have a promising future because, as a kind of decentralized transaction history, it is not only suitable for money or payment systems. In principle, all forms of intelligent contract systems are conceivable with blockchain technology.

Why the limit of 21 million?

The idea behind this is to prevent currency devaluation in this way. There are economic theories that say that money loses value if it is reprinted at will. As of the end of September 2020, almost 18.5 million Bitcoins had been used (1). This corresponds roughly to 88.1% of the maximum amount of Bitcoin. So only around 2.5 million Bitcoin can be created in the next few years.

Experts anticipate that this value will be reached around 2030.

Bitcoin makes sense as an investment?

There were always phases where a Bitcoin investment has brought incredible returns and many Bitcoin millionaires were made. Because of this and because of the imagination that goes into the idea, many view Bitcoin more as an investment and an object of speculation and less as a currency or means of payment.

The extreme price rally at the end of 2017 and the price explosion at the end of 2020 / beginning of 2021 with the previous one are remarkable All Time High (ATH). In mid-February 2021, the bitcoin rate in euros passed the 40,000 mark, and in mid-March 2021 even the 50,000 mark.

Bitcoin is however extremely volatile and risky. Because price swings downwards are no less extreme. Anyone who is concerned about asset protection should therefore orientate themselves differently.

All in all, it must be said: The history of Bitcoin is too young to be able to make reliable statements about the future.

Where can you buy bitcoin?

who Buy bitcoin can do this via various online platforms. There you also have the opportunity to purchase bitcoins in certain currencies, such as dollars. The most famous platform in Germany is www.bitcoin.de. If you want, you can of course also use these platforms Sell ​​bitcoin.

The advantage of the platforms is that you don't care about the blockchain or the "Wallet" (= digital wallet) yourself. The platforms charge small fees for this.

What do bitcoins cost?

What a Bitcoin worth is the one who decides Bitcoin course at the time of purchase. At the beginning of 2017, the price per Bitcoin was still below $ 1,000. The Bitcoin price is now many times that, including strong volatilities.

Do we have a bitcoin bubble?

Experts speak of a bubble when there is a market situation where the price of a commodity is far above its intrinsic value. The market is overheating, there is too much speculation going on. An essential feature of the speculative bubble is that it bursts at some point.

A historical example is Holland, where in 1637 the tulip bubble burst as a result of an irrational tulip speculation. We know the dotcom bubble (2000) or the US real estate bubble (2007/08) from recent history.

In view of a sometimes unbelievably high level Bitcoin yield and extreme price peaks, this question is discussed again and again.

Is a total loss possible with Bitcoin?

This question can only be answered with counter-questions. Who guarantees that encryption that is considered secure today will still be secure tomorrow? Who guarantees that the internet won't fail completely? Who guarantees that what is programmed by humans will not one day also be manipulated by humans?

The technical term Single point of failure describes a weak point within a system, the failure of which would result in a total loss of the entire system.

GOLD.DE tip for investors: only invest as much money in Bitcoin as you can spare in extreme cases. One should not rule out a possible total loss.

How can you invest in Bitcoin stocks or funds?

By buying stakes in companies that are directly related to Bitcoin, such as the Bitcoin Group, a German company from Herford. You are right in here Bitcoin stocks invests in the form of company shares in the company.

Another option is to invest in companies that are indirectly related to Bitcoin. For example, the graphics cards from the manufacturer Nvidia are popular in Bitcoin mining. You have from Bitcoin boom already benefited, and it can be assumed that they will continue to benefit in the near future.

For speculative investors there is also Bitcoin CFDs (= Contracts for Difference, i.e. contracts for difference) or Bitcoin participation certificates.

Are Bitcoin spin-offs some kind of dividend?

A Spin-off means that a new system is continued on its own blockchain at a certain point in time, and that it is irreversible. The technical term for this is “fork”. As with a fork, there is a common origin (the fork handle), which then splits up (into prongs).

At the time of the split, you get the same amount of the new Bitcoin currency 1: 1. So if you owned two Bitcoins before the Bitcoin Gold Fork, you will still have two Bitcoin after the spin-off, but now two Bitcoin Gold.

However, this does not automatically mean the same increase in value. New courses have to be found first, and the law of supply and demand applies, seasoned with a good pinch of speculation.

If you will, spin-offs can be viewed as a kind of dividend. In the case of shares, there is a discount on the price on the day the dividend is paid out, referred to as “ex dividend”.

There were already two spin-offs within the Bitcoin family in 2017. With Bitcoin Cash A second Bitcoin cryptocurrency was created in early August. Then came at the end of October Bitcoin gold the third digital bitcoin currency.

Bitcoin and Taxes

Profits from the sale of Bitcoin are currently considered a private sales transaction. They are completely tax-free after a minimum holding period of one year. Anyone who sells at a profit before this one-year period should discuss this with their tax advisor. But the topic is still relatively young. It remains to be seen whether the tax authorities will continue to apply this regulation to the tax assessment of Bitcoin.

How does the bitcoin rate come about?

Through supply and demand. However, this does not only explain the huge price gains. There is a lot of speculation at play here. You have to keep in mind that Bitcoin as a currency is not subject to any regulatory influences from institutions such as central banks. User trust is therefore a key factor in pricing. The following are some examples of questions that fuel speculation:

  • Will Bitcoin prevail as a digital currency?
  • If not, what other cryptocurrency?
  • How will (note) banks and states react to Bitcoin in the future?
  • Are bans and regulations coming?
  • How secure, how sustainable is blockchain technology?

Can bitcoins go up to $ 100,000?

There are quite a few experts who can do one Bitcoin price increase forecast that seems utopian from today's perspective. "The value of a bitcoin will continue to rise in the long term - with longer dry spells and sideways movements - and will reach a good 500,000 dollars in 2030." - Oliver Flaskämper, operator of Germany's most famous Bitcoin exchange bitcoin.de, told us about this target price in the summer of 2017.

How Safe is Bitcoin?

As is well known, crypto means encryption. This shows that security was a priority right from the start. thanks Encryptionand decentralized blockchain concept cryptocurrencies are considered safe.

What are Bitcoin Risks?

Since the blockchain is nothing more than a decentrally organized database, this is an important security aspect. All servers worldwide would have to fail at the same time in order to switch off the blockchain. The Bitcoin system is currently considered to be secure.

In the past, cyber attacks were therefore directed less against Bitcoin itself than against Bitcoin exchanges and users' wallets. These hacker attacks on file sharing exchanges also had an impact on the price of the crypto currency.

There were also rumors about Manipulationswhich, however, did not refer to the Bitcoin system itself, but to the course. In addition, it is also conceivable that within the 1: 1 payment transaction, fraudulent intent is manipulated, for example by forging invoices, or in which the other party denies receipt of payment.

How to Store Bitcoin Safely?

Strictly speaking, since bitcoins are virtual, there is nothing that is stored. There is only proof of ownership that is stored in the wallet.

The keys that every Bitcoin user has are important. These are necessary in order to be able to make transactions. Especially the one Private key is important. The private key must be kept safe and must not be accessible to third parties. However, this also means that the user for Responsible for security is. Because everything that is stored online and digitally can theoretically be spied on even if adequate security precautions have not been taken.

If you want to be absolutely sure, you can keep your private key offline. There are special paper wallets for this. But you shouldn't lose that either. If a user loses his or her private key printed or written on a paper wallet, he and no one else can access this Bitcoin account. The bitcoins are lost.

As far as we know today, the keys cannot be cracked.

What exactly is a wallet?

What the wallet is with conventional money, the wallet is with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin wallet is, so to speak, a digital wallet. Online access is therefore a prerequisite. The wallet is password-protected and anonymous. It is used to send and receive digital money as well as to be an overview Bitcoin account to have.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between a desktop wallet, an online wallet as a web-based service on external Bitcoin platforms, or a mobile wallet that is installed as an app on a tablet or smartphone. Who is often on the road and with Pay Bitcoin mobile wallets are recommended for them. Bitcoins can be received and sent via mobile phone.

There are also hardware wallets that look similar to a USB stick. And there are paper wallets for those who want to keep their Bitcoins offline, for example in a safe. This is also referred to as cold storage.

Where are bitcoins accepted?

Basically, bitcoins are accepted wherever it is displayed. However, the number of shops, restaurants, gas stations or online shops that accept Bitcoin is still low in Germany. Bitcoin is still not suitable as a means of payment for everyday life in this country.

In addition, a payment process still takes a relatively long time. Paying with cash, debit or credit card is much faster.

Bitcoin is much more popular in other countries, such as the USA, where it is already Bitcoin vending machine gives. Bitcoin is also widespread in Asia. Japan was one of the first countries to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender.

Is Bitcoin Anonymous?

Experts prefer to refer to Bitcoin as pseudonym instead of as anonymous. In principle, Bitcoin is transparent, as every transaction is publicly documented in the blockchain. However, the clear text name and IP are missing. It is therefore public what was transferred when and where, but not who sender and recipient are, i.e. who is behind the keys. Seen in this way, Bitcoin is initially anonymous.

At the latest, however, when “normal” money such as the euro is exchanged, there are traces. Buying euros or selling for euros is not anonymous. Anyone who registers with the well-known Bitcoin exchanges (and most of them do) can very well be identified by this. Name and bank account must be entered here in the identification process.

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  1. Statista: Bitcoin scooped as of September 2020

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