What is the best big family dog

Best family dogs

Dogs are more and more integrated into the family network. Only a few animals still take on their former duties as watchdogs or working dogs. For many families, that counts Dog as a full family member, Play partner or calm pole.

But what distinguishes the best family dogs and which breeds belong to this group?

What's the best family dog?

Basically, dogs are divided into different groups according to the list of so-called FCI dog breeds. There are, for example, hunting dogs, hounds or protection and guard dogs. For this purpose, the umbrella organization of dog breeders, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), has divided all dog breeds into groups and sections.

On the basis of these groups, female breeders divide Dogs in FCI groups one, depending on the original purpose for which the dogs were bred.

In many breeds, their intended use has changed significantly to this day. Over time, the classic family dogs emerged in this way.

What breeds of dogs are the best family dogs?

The characteristics that a family dog ​​should bring with it vary widely. The term family dog ​​is very flexible. Many people want an animal that is patient, good-natured, and calm.

Families with children in particular want dogs that peaceful with the kids play. Sporty people are looking for an animal to accompany them on a family outing. Cozy families want then but more of a racewho spends Sunday with parents and children on the couch in front of the television. If your family lives in a house, a dog can come in handy temporarily takes on guard duties.

As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all definition of the classic family dog. However, there are some breeds that come much closer to the general requirements of the family dog ​​than others. Here we list the dog breeds that are best suited as family dogs.

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden retriever
  • poodle
  • Eurasier
  • Bernese Mountain Dog

Labrador Retrievers: patient family dogs

The Labrador is considered to be an extremely patient dog. He is known for his balance. In earlier times he was popular as a hunting dog. What remains is his love for fetching.

This calm dog is instructive and willing to work. He loves it when his mistress pleases him and does everything for it. That's why this dog needs Exercise and meaningful occupation. Exercise is important to him because he tends to be overweight.

With the Labrador, however, you need to pay attention to the breed line. While dogs in the show line are comfortable and a little stronger, the dogs in the work line are very lean and muscular.

A dog on the work line needs much more activity than one on the show line. They are much more nervous and literally thirst for tasks.

Golden Retriever for families with children

The Golden Retriever is just like the Labrador a popular family dog. He also comes from the field of hunting and is a typical retriever dog.

Retrievers are generally gentle and harmonious. These dogs are balanced and patient. They want to please their caregivers, which is very helpful in parenting.

The retriever loves you as his family and gets along well with children of all ages. He will fit in perfectly with your family as long as you take his needs into account. Retrievers can be very lively and often remain playful into old age.

Poodles: intelligent and active family dogs

You can't tell by looking at him, but he was once a hunting dog like the Labrador and the Golden Retriever. The poodle was a versatile working dog that hunters used primarily for waterhunting. Hence the sometimes strange hairstyles of the dog.

This dog was found everywhere around 40 years ago, but today you rarely see it. The poodle is considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. This is evidenced by his tasks in the hunt or the complicated work with the fishermen.

The circus discovered him in the Middle Ages. It is even ideal as a guide dog for the blind. The poodle likes to move and needs sufficient mental workload.

He loves activities with you as a family and is not demanding in doing so. This dog is characterized by its adaptability. He is friendly and can cope with any lifestyle. Many owners still underestimate these spirited dogs.

Eurasier: calm, sensitive family dogs

The Eurasier originated from the Asian races Samoyed and Chow-Chow as well as the European wolf-pointed. Are Eurasians very calm and agreeable. They adapt very well to the different circumstances.

The animals are very attached to their family members. The Eurasians are so fixated on their families that even short separations from you as the owner become a problem for these dogs. The Eurasier wants to be there everywhere, even on vacation.

As a thank you for this, these sensitive dogs show themselves through a pronounced social behavior out. The Eurasier will immediately recognize when you are feeling bad and respond accordingly.

Bernese Mountain Dog: good-natured family dogs

Comfort is the motto of this cuddly contemporary. The Bernese Mountain Dog originally comes from the rural areas of Switzerland. Here he guarded the house, yard and animals.

These giants are loving and good-natured and the perfect family dogs for your family. However, they are more suitable for your children when they are already older. Due to their weight and size, a stormy greeting can sometimes turn out to be uncomfortable.

Bernese Mountain Dogs don't just follow your instructions. They think for themselves and sometimes make their own decisions. They therefore need a good education from you.

Every dog ​​has its own character

However, a dog belonging to one of these breeds does not necessarily have to be an optimal family dog ​​for you. Every dog ​​is different and has its own character. Often even dogs from a single litter are very different.

It is therefore particularly important that the choice of your dog is carefully considered. Take your time and do not act spontaneously.

If you want to have a puppy, you are definitely looking for a reputable breeder. Take a good look at the young dogs. How do you react? Are the puppies more calm or more active?

Let the breeder advise you. Tell her what you do expect from your future family member. She has known her dogs since she was born and is good at assessing them.

Which dogs for kids?

A puppy is often not the right decision, especially if there are small children in your family. It is much better here if you give a dog the chance that is waiting for its new home in the animal shelter.

Many of these animals are very well socialized and well behaved. Animal shelters know exactly which dog suits which person. In addition, interested parties can test whether dog and human go together in advance while taking a walk together.

Mixed breed dogs are often the best family dogs

Of course it has to not necessarily a pedigree dog be. Many mixed breed dogs combine the positive characteristics of their predecessors and therefore become excellent family dogs for your family.

There are numerous animals just waiting for their chance to present themselves as your perfect family member.

Which breed as the first dog?

However, there are also dog breeds that can not suitable as family dogs. This is especially true if this is your first time choosing to have a dog. Then of course you lack the experience in raising a dog.

Therefore, when choosing your dog, you should make sure that your dog does not have a strong hunting instinct. Weimaraner, Irish Wolfhound, Ridgeback or Dachshund mostly have only one passion. The hunt runs in these dogs' blood.

A dog with a strong hunting instinct will challenge you in any situation. If he is not appropriately employed and fully utilized, this can manifest itself in severe behavioral disorders.

In a family network this can lead to problems. At some point your animal ends up in the shelter because you are overwhelmed with it.

Looking for a child-loving guard dog?

Outspoken guard dogs are also not optimal family members. Almost every dog ​​has a little bit of a watchdog in them. If the urge is too strong, however, unpleasant situations can quickly arise.

Your dog can begin to protect members of your family from others. This can even be dangerous at times. Some breeds are therefore only suitable for you as family dogs to a very limited extent.

Caution is advised when Doberman Pinscher and Rottweiler. And that too German sheepdog can be just as difficult with children. Furthermore, the group is the Guard dogs not necessarily suitable as a family dog. Due to their size, these can be dangerous for your children.

Small dogs are not toys for children

Small dogs are also not recommended for children. These animals often have a problem with the uncoordinated movements of young children.

So avoid small dogs such as Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terriers often children or trying to keep them away from you. This is then expressed in Bellorgien. Occasionally the dwarfs can also bite really hard.

Dogs that only accept one caregiver are also unsuitable for your family. There are dogs that concentrate very much on one person. This characteristic is said to be especially true of the Chow-Chow and the Kromfohrländer.

This behavior could become difficult within your family. It is therefore essential to pay attention to this when training your dog.

Does the best family dog ​​exist?

No matter which dog you ultimately choose, never forget to keep a few points in mind:

  • Find out more in advance. Decide calmly and above all together with your family. It doesn't make sense if your dog is only wanted by one person.
  • your Dog needs education. Depending on the breed, this sometimes has to be more consistent. In the best case, all family members pull in the same direction.
  • Children also need education. Especially teach young children that everyone Dog needs privacy. He must not be disturbed while sleeping or eating and under no circumstances should you accept torture.
  • Have you already thought of a name for your dog? You can find suitable dog names here, each with a meaning.

Never let your children and your dog romp too much together. This can quickly turn out to be bad, especially with active and spirited dogs. In general, your dog and Never leave your child unattended be.

Give the dog the chance to integrate calmly into your family group. Be patient and don't give up too quickly. With a lot of love, almost any dog ​​can become a good partner for your family.

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