Who is the Best Cardiologist in Houston

PJ tertial Cardiovascular Surgery at Texas Heart Institute (9/2014 to 10/2014)

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Top clinic with world greats in cardiac surgery and all the impressive, large operations that you can do in cardiovascular surgery and that your heart desires. Since you are only in the operating room, you can experience them all live (mostly as a 2nd assistant, sometimes also 1st).

Everything is very well organized: you are expected on day 1 and at the end you get all the signatures and stamps you need (including the university seal)

Compulsory training on Monday very good (albeit short). If you make it to the many other training courses (e.g. internist training or M and M conference) they are really great and you can take a lot with you! Unfortunately, that rarely works.

You get impressive letters of recommendation

You are primarily a biological hoe holder there. Prepare the patient in the operating room with the nursing staff (shave, lie down and the like), then hold the hook and flap. In the end, you can usually do the skin seam if you can sew. And of course very important: bring the oxygen bottle back from the intensive.

Every student is assigned to an operating room and has to supervise it. Even if there are no operating rooms, you have to wait if something comes in. That's why you wait for hours every day. And wait. And wait. And then something comes in at 3 or 4 p.m. and you can stay until after 8 p.m. (not that often). Or not and you could have left hours earlier.

No fixed working hours. You have to be there at 7:00 am with open end until all the operations in the room are finished.

No ward work: no annoying BEs or the like but also no wound care, no physical examinations, no anamnesis, no diagnostics, no possibility of observing the patient's progress.

Some doctors are nice and explain a lot (especially the external doctors and one of the senior physicians) but most of them like to give only one-word "answers" even to questions (original quote: "Depends"). Probably they are oversaturated with the many changing international students.

Cool big OPs: very interesting but standing for 5-6 hours isn't for everyone either.

A lot of international students (at my time> 10): if you are lucky you can meet very interesting people from all over the world and have a lot of fun with them. But most of the time typical group formation (Germans with Germans, Chinese with Chinese) and you almost only speak your own language. Quite competitive, especially since the people from the Middle East are there almost exclusively for the letters of recommendation.

I agree with the previous speakers - without a car, the city has little recreational value, as the public transport system is barely developed and slightly creepy (one (!) Tram line and a handful of very (!!!) unreliable and slow buses) and the distances to Are running. Travel times of 1.5 hours upwards for a distance that takes 20 minutes by car. Thus everything that is only partially interesting is almost inaccessible. The only good connection is to the hospital (located on the metro line) and museums that are close to the hospital.

As I said, everything is a bit creepy, because all the Americans always say you shouldn't walk around alone somewhere and avoid a thousand areas. Outside of the medical center and at peak times when the medical center employees drive home, hardly anyone is on the road as everyone drives from door to door by car. Only very poor people take the public outside the Medical Center route.

To rent a car you have to count on 50 dollars a day.

Even with a car, there is little to do in Houston. The city is quite big but very untouristic. The handful of museums and theaters are all nice but not necessarily world class; there are nice restaurants and nice shopping malls; There are also some nice bars in Rice Village and Midtown. But that's it then. I could hardly believe that a rich city of millions has so little to offer.

At the weekend you can explore the area where there are very nice corners. But you have to consider that a) a car is compulsory b) Texas is huge and the driving times are long (e.g. 4 hours to Austin) c) you don't have any days off except Saturday and Sunday and Friday doesn't know when you will get out.

And important: the weather is unbearably hot and humid until early autumn (!!!), really, really hot and humid.
About Sarah James

Just write a short email and she will send you a list of the documents you need. For the USA very uncomplicated and also possible at short notice. Everything very well organized

You can live in Dr. Chen's apartments (contact details from Sarah James). Quite expensive by our standards (from about $ 800 / month) but close to the medical center, nicely equipped and clean and (if I listen to the stories of the other students) the best you can find.
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Otherwise. Advanced training
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3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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