What do undercover cops drive

Patrol car

Patrol car

As Patrol car refers to the conventional emergency vehicle of the Rockport Police Department, Palmont Police Department and Tri-City Bay Police Department. It is mainly intended for patrol duty.

The undercover patrol is an improved version of the patrol car, which is used in chases at higher alert levels.


A four-door notchback sedan is used as the superstructure of a patrol car Need for Speed: World based on the Dodge Charger SRT-8 Super Bee.

In the event of a collision, patrol cars offer poor stability because they are relatively light in weight compared to other police vehicles. Due to a modest motorization, they offer insufficient performance for high-speed pursuits.


Patrol cars are used as patrolling vehicles in free travel mode. They are used in level 1 car chases and occur with undercover camouflage in the next level.

If a patrol car is destroyed, players inflict $ 3,000 in pursuit damage and receive an additional $ 250 bounty.


  • In Need for Speed: Most Wanted the player must drive a patrol car in challenge # 44.
  • In Need for Speed: Carbon a playable variant occurs, which Palmont PD1 and is categorized as a Level 3 Muscle Car. The Palmont DT1 is accessible to the player after the activation of a corresponding bonus card for the quick race mode and multiplayer races.
  • The player can use the police cruiser in the Cops and Robbers online mode from Need for Speed: Undercover drive when competing against level 2 vehicles.


  • In cutscenes where the player is arrested, the patrol car is shown with a more detailed appearance. This model also appeared in the directory of Need for Speed: World with many details being degraded in subsequent patches.