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The name of a German citizen does not change automatically when they get married. In the Marriage in Germany a married name can be determined directly at the civil ceremony.

The spouse whose name has not become the married name can add or prefix the married name with his or her previous name. If you got married in Germany and your married name can be found on the marriage certificate, you must no new name declaration submit. You can apply for a new passport directly using the married name. Has been no explanation given, the German citizen continues to use the name used before the marriage.

Did you at the Marriage outside Germany declares a married name, please ask the Consulate General in Sydney whether this is recognized under German law.

It is still possible to determine a married name after the marriage: either at the German registry office or, if you reside abroad, via a German diplomatic mission abroad. If you got married in Australia and the German spouse would like to change his or her name, you must always submit a formal “Married Name Declaration”. The reason is that in the case of marriage in Australia, no name declaration that is valid for German law can be submitted. A name change via "deed poll" is not recognized.

If you would like to submit a married name declaration, please book an appointment for a name declaration. Both partners must be personally present at the appointment, as your signatures on the name declaration must be certified. It is recommended to submit the married name declaration as part of an application for a re-certification of the marriage abroad, as an entry will then be made in German registers.

You can also submit your name declaration to an honorary consul.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Completed form for the name declaration (please fill in legibly with the computer or in block letters, do not sign yet!)

The following documents must be brought to the appointment in the original and with two copies each:

  • valid passports of both spouses (or German identity card)
  • Proof of the residence status of the German spouse in Australia (if they do not also have Australian citizenship) by VEVO (this should not be older than 2 weeks when the application is submitted)
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  • Birth certificates of both spouses
  • Marriage certificate (if you get married in Australia, the marriage certificate must be issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The certificate of the "marriage celebreant" is not sufficient!)
  • legally binding divorce decree if you and / or your spouse are divorced into marriage / civil partnership
  • Naturalization certificate, if a spouse has been naturalized, or citizenship card (if available); if applicable, certificate of retention
  • Proof of residence for Australia (e.g. Australian driver's license)
  • De-registration certificate from Germany or a current registration certificate from your (last) German place of residence
  • generally translations of foreign-language documents (mostly not required for English or international documents, e.g. international multilingual birth certificate)
  • Birth certificates of common children

Please understand that in the course of the procedure, depending on the case constellation and the responsible domestic German registry office, it may be necessary to submit further documents. It is therefore recommended to contact the responsible registry office in Germany in advance.


For the registry office, your signatures on the application form and the copies of your documents must be certified. These certifications can only be carried out by a German diplomatic mission abroad (also honorary consuls). The fee for the certification of your signatures at the diplomatic mission abroad is EUR 25. The fee for the copy certification is 10 EUR per document (to be paid in AUD at the current exchange rate).

Only in the Embassy in Canberra, in the Consulate General in Sydney and at the Honorary Consul in Adelaide, fees can be paid either in cash (in AUD at the respective paying agency rate of the diplomatic mission) or by credit card (Visa or master card - transaction in euros). Other payment methods (e.g. smartwatch, smartphone) are not accepted.
The other honorary consuls can only pay in cash in AUD (at the current paying agency rate).

Fall at the responsible registry office in Germany Fees for issuing a certificate of name at. These fees are subject to the respective state law of the responsible registry office and may also be case-dependent.

As a rule, the registry office will first send a request for payment about the fees before processing begins. The fees for the registry office cannot be paid through the German diplomatic mission abroad, but must be paid directly to the registry office (by bank transfer from Australia or through relatives / friends in Germany). You will be notified by email in due course.