What's the best way to motivate yourself

Self-motivation: This is how you get to your goal!

Self-motivation: The power comes from you!

As the word expresses very clearly: Self-motivation is about ourselves. Unfortunately, nobody can really help us with motivating. So we just have to do it ourselves. These ten tips are a good place to start.

Reward yourself!

Have you already completed your exercise program for this week? OK then. Then now is the time for a reward. Whether you treat yourself to a massage, go shopping or eat in your favorite restaurant - you should just look forward to it.
It is best to think about what you want to pamper yourself with before your next task. You can be sure of anticipation and drive.

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Get out of the routine

If the same process and the same things await you every day, it will inevitably become a routine. This can lead to boredom and of course boredom has nothing to do with motivation. Therefore: bet on variety. Try (as far as possible) to approach certain things differently. That gives you a new impetus and maybe even a positive surprise or two.

Establish a schedule

Your problem: You have a lot of to-dos on your mind, but the first step is extremely difficult for you. The solution: a schedule. Write down what you have to do and, above all, how much time you need to do it. We are most effective in the morning. Therefore, you should tackle the less enjoyable tasks at the beginning of the day. Small motivation boost: you can delete any completed point from your schedule. You will quickly find that this feels very good.

Focus on strengths

Each of us has these little flaws that are so hard to deny. But they belong to us. Because in addition to these small weaknesses, we also have a lot of strengths. And that's what you should focus on. Next to them, our little vices don't feel so vicious anymore.

It depends on the environment

Sometimes we don't even see our own successes or the goals that we have already achieved. It is extremely helpful when we have people around us who draw our attention to precisely this. They are the ones who encourage us to keep going, not to give up, to get even more out of ourselves. You should distance yourself from permanent pessimists and endless naggers. Not enough that they never ask us about our performance, on the contrary, they tend to pull us down and infect us with their pessimism.

Courage to change

Are you unhappy about your job situation? Stuck in a longstanding relationship? Then change something! It doesn't just sound easy, it is. Take your time and think about what you have in your own hands and what you can actively change. Take the brave first step. Doing something yourself is definitely a better way than just waiting.

Can do better than must

Even in the morning when we wake up for the first time, we often think "I have to go to work today". Or it is the cleaning program that we "have to" do before the weekend. Replace "must" with "want" or "can". You will find that getting up and all other supposedly must-have sentences will be easier for you.

Just let it be good

Everyone knows them, these days when nothing just wants to work. Despite the greatest effort and concentration, we do not even take the smallest step forward. At such a point, don't be so strict with yourself and give yourself - as far as possible - a break. Use the time for yourself without a guilty conscience. Do something good for yourself and go back to work the next day with the newly gained energy.

You grow with your tasks

Even if certain projects seem almost impossible to you at first, say goodbye to sentences like "I can't do that" or "I definitely can't do it". Such negative mantras only make you feel reluctant to even start. Your motivation has thus reached zero. You'd better try the other way around and convince yourself that you would like to get this thing done and keep in mind that you will even benefit from it in the end.

Focus on goals

Without diligence, no price - unfortunately a true saying. But if we keep this price in mind, visualize it in front of our inner eye, then we also bring the necessary diligence and the motivation associated with it. If we want to lose a little weight, we need a regular exercise program. On the next holiday in Spain, not only should hands and feet contribute to understanding, but we want to express ourselves reasonably clearly in words. Then a language course attended from beginning to end will help us with this.