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# 34 12 primal principles that complete your life

How the 12 life principles complete your life

Last time we entered the oneness of everything, the source, the origin of our universe, our life. From this arises the polarity, symbolized by the Yin and Yang symbol, which depicts the male and female energy, the light and the dark.

Four elements, fire, water, earth and air are differentiated from this polarity. We find these elements as energies in all cultures, such as in Asia, among indigenous peoples and of course also here in Europe. We find them in medicine and psychology and just about everywhere. Now I would like to expand this model to include the 12 archetypal basic principles that you probably already know from the horoscope. But I will go into the principles in their archetypal symbolic language and less about the zodiac signs. So when I speak of the Mars principle, then this is the planet that belongs to the zodiac sign Aries and it is even very likely that, if you are Aries, you can identify with the Mars principle very well. Both are related. However, you can also consider these principles detached from astrology, because astrology makes use of archetypes, the principles behind them already existed before astrology.

The Mars principle

Both in astrology and in the primordial doctrine of principles one starts with the Mars-Aries principle, because this principle embodies the beginning of life. It takes a strong fiery life energy to even come into life. The birth itself is Martian, associated with blood, sweat and pain, so neither mother nor child are allowed to act squeamishly or even passively. It takes the unconditional will to live, only a warlike principle of life can achieve such an act. This is also comparable with the laws of nature. Every bud needs this Martian claim every spring, when nature seems to explode in April and May. The same applies to projects of all kinds. Every entrepreneur, every self-employed person needs Mars energy to create something new, to have the courage to dare to do something despite resistance and criticism.

So this is the Mars principle, it is the beginning of everything and such an important, aggressive energy that, if it is unsaved, can cause a lot of damage, so rage and offend others without regard to losses, in the redeemed form, But that is exactly what it does: to be courageous, productive and passionate, to burn and fight for something, to inspire others with it and, best of all, to infect them right away. On the basis of the first principle, the first archetype, the warrior, you can already see that a person who only lives this principle cannot hold out for long, the energy burns up at some point, there are too many conflicts with others. So further principles are needed in order to live a life in balance. If a person focuses on this principle in his life and neglects others, he will eventually develop diseases of a certain category: inflammatory diseases. Isn't it obvious? But the same applies to those of us who do not live out this warlike energy at all. So too much fire brings inflammation to the body level and too little too.

The Taurus-Venus Principle

The second principle is that of Taurus-Venus. After the Martian project or the baby is born, nature lets its buds sprout, it's about consolidating and increasing what you have. An entrepreneur who is passionate about his product, his idea, should be able to build a solid foundation for this idea. It should grow and enable prosperity and not collapse again. You probably know that, there are people who are always enthusiastic about new things and as soon as something does not go as desired, it should just be about perseverance, they do not have this patience and cut everything down again briefly and devote themselves to it next project. Nothing can come out of this permanently. This requires the Taurus-Venus principle. An earthy principle that creates facts and builds up material. If this principle has not been redeemed, it tends to gain weight, for example, because if you fail to build a foundation in life, you build mass on your body or your neck. Thyroid diseases are common with this principle, namely when the materially wealthy becomes a curmudgeon and does not want to give anything back, i.e. is obsessed with his property.

Gemini-Mercury Principle

Taurus-Venus is followed by the Gemini-Mercury principle, which stands for travel, networking and communication. After the birth and the conquest of one's own terrain, other people can now come into life, relationships are established, one explores the world. The principle is about bringing people together, but more superficial and pragmatic, similar to the air principle - what does it take, a room, a couple of chairs, let's go. By the way, this principle works very rationally. A high belief in science and the negation of everything spiritual is typical for this principle - just don't go into depth. If this principle is unresolved, but strongly emphasized in a person, this person tends to develop lung diseases, among other things. The lungs are assigned as an organ of communication. Whenever someone does not say something, but what they actually have to say, i.e. withdraws, can end in a nasty cough or even pneumonia. This principle has been prevalent in the western world for years: believing in science, rational, superficial networking and superficial conversations. Is it surprising that a lung disease is supposed to bring the world to a standstill?

Moon principle

This is followed by the lunar principle, a cyclic energy. The moon has its cycle, women even have the same cycle of around 28 days. Pregnancy also follows a cycle, just like the natural laws of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the whole of life is a cycle of dying and becoming. A person who lives in the flow of this principle lives in harmony with himself and everything. Women in particular, who live this principle unredeemed, may not even take it into account, tend to have menstrual cycle problems. Menstruation is very painful, irregular or completely absent, uterine and ovarian diseases can occur, the desire to have children does not come true, or pregnancies and births lead to complications. Men can also neglect or overemphasize the lunar principle, which is reflected in stomach problems. The lunar principle always uses the belly as a form of expression for complaints, or we feel lunar gorgeous when the belly is well, with a delicious meal or a beneficial tea.

Sun principle

This is followed by the sun principle, it is the focus of everything, rules over the solar system, shines and shines. You know such charismatic people who are at home on stage, like to set the tone, in relationships, at work, everywhere and actually of the zodiac sign are often Leo. I know so many lions and there isn't a wallflower under them. They all know how to put themselves in the limelight. On the other hand, unsaved sun-stressed types are tyrants. They exercise power and get their life energy from others who rule them. They need fame and applause and they are always right. It is hard to have a person who lives the sun principle unredeemed as a boss, partner or parent. That doesn't work well in the long run. Which diseases does an unredeemed sun-type tend to have? Right, about high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Such stressed choleric people like to just drop dead in the middle of life. The sun principle is redeemed by natural authority. A principle that invites you to take responsibility and move forward with clarity. People like to submit in this way, without any exercise of power, control or coercion. These people radiate sovereignty and do not have to make an effort for it. You just are.

Virgo-Mercury principle

This is followed by the earthy Mercury principle, Virgo-Mercury. This principle gives structure and is pragmatic. Unredeemed Mercury-emphasized types tend to be pedantic and nitpicked, redeemed to love of detail and order. Similar to the Mercury twin, the supernatural is hardly of interest in this principle. But they can lend a hand, behind this principle there are real workhorses, as the right hand of a sun type, for example. Unresolved, a lot of pressure to perform plays a role here, which is expressed physically in digestive problems. Diarrhea, constipation, gas and ulcers. Much is apparently taken too precisely, you can't let go and you carry even the smallest negligence years after others - this way you get life badly digested. Detox and intestinal cures are made for people who take it very carefully and have to analyze everything down to the last detail.

Libra-Venus principle

Now, viewed astrologically, comes my home principle: Libra-Venus, now a male air principle. This principle embodies the art of being in relationships - and this time serious relationships, because Venus is the planet of love. So it is actually about love relationships and also about diplomacy. Disputes and hard conflicts, as with the Mars principle, do not exist here. But this also means that people who emphasize this principle in the unredeemed form are addicted to harmony and tend to ingratiate themselves and falsehood. You want to be loved by everyone, even if that means giving up on yourself and showing others a picture of yourself that is not real. In the redeemed form, there are good lawyers or mediators who can resolve conflicts without entangling themselves. And of course also the ability to really get into a relationship, to sincerely love an independent self as an independent self. If this principle is unresolved, skin problems can arise, among other things. From acne to rashes of all kinds, as well as shingles. The skin always stands for demarcation. Harmony addicts cannot do exactly that: limit yourself emotionally, stay with yourself. So does the skin.

We are now halfway through the circle and I can go into the respective principle opposite. In the case of Libra Venus, it is the principle of Mars. And I think now it becomes clear how these principles are meant. The diplomatic Libra-Venus principle, which wants to go in connection with a counterpart, has on the other hand a combative and egocentric principle. Both principles integrate or complete what is missing from the other. For this, both principles would have to approach each other in the center of the circle and both principles would live in the middle in their redeemed form in unity.

That is what this teaching is about. You complete the circle of life and integrate all the principles and thus find yourself at some point in your life - probably at an advanced age, in the second half of your life in your center and your life is round. You can practically step down from the stage of life. Then you learned everything in this life.

Pluto principle

What's next? The Pluto principle, which is assigned to the zodiac sign Scorpio in astrology, follows the Venus-Libra. Pluto is the god of the underworld. Life is experienced as a struggle, an eternal death and becoming, a radical, deep transformation. This transformation must come at this point in the circle of the original principles, because life is not a Hollywood film that ends with the happy ending of Libra-Venus. It goes on and on, life constantly challenges us. If you settle in too comfortably, you suddenly get a pandemic and then it becomes clear how adaptable you are and how you respond to such challenges.

Plutonically this can of course take place unredeemed, then we find ourselves in a destructive swamp, the self-destruction. The martial energy of Mars fights productively and courageously for survival. The Plutonic principle fights against itself. Suicide is at home here. A cynical, shadowy being is embodied by people who overemphasize this principle in an unredeemed way. In addition to depression, plutonic types are also prone to sexually transmitted diseases and colon diseases - so the underworld is really affected here. Regions that are little known and rarely talked about. A redeemed Plutonic principle would be “from Saul to Paul”, a person who has looked at and transformed his deepest shadows, who has understood how life works. Nothing lasts, the eternal cycle of dying and becoming. Don't hold onto anything, let go of everything, including your own ego. Opposite the Plutonic principle is Taurus-Venus. You remember? The principle that so likes to pile up material things, build foundations and in the unresolved case does not want to give anything away. If Taurus Venus and Pluto would meet in the middle of the circle, it would be a pleasure to watch them build up and let go, build up and let go - with all consistency and ease!

Jupiter principle

We come to the next principle - the Jupiter or Jovian principle. This principle celebrates life itself and raises the question of the meaning of life, which makes religions and beliefs possible in the first place. The great lush cathedrals that exist in Catholicism are based on this principle, celebrating the divine with pomp and show. This principle does not spill, it bulges and draws from the full. In normal life, this principle is often lived out in large cars and 5-course meals, while large symphonies sound out of large speakers. This masculine fire principle can produce unredeemed show-offs who live in excess and megalomania according to the motto "After me the flood". Anyone who lives this principle unredeemed tends to have joint problems, especially on the hip. The Jovian principle wants to move forward, develop, explore the meaning of life. Anyone who completely ignores this topic in their life and just does their daily work day in and day out - without recognizing any point in not even looking for it, will at some point be physically and symbolically prevented from taking big steps towards the actual goal. So the hip hurts. Tumors can also be found here if the soul and spirit are not allowed to grow and this growth travels as a signal into the body. As a redeemed principle one finds a wise person who knows the meaning of life for himself, is deeply at ease and appreciates the abundance inside and not outside. Opposite in this circle is Gemini-Mercury. The principle of communication that brings people together, but only superficially and does not really ask such questions of meaning. If both would approach each other and meet in the middle of the circle, both would be redeemed. Gemini-Mercury gets the degree of depth to really arrive in life that it needs for it and the Jovian principle integrates pragmatism, because you can get ahead with a Fiat too, it doesn't always have to be the luxury sledge.

Saturn principle

The Saturn principle follows abundance. It belongs to the earth element and, according to the Jovian megalomania, likes to concentrate on the essentials. It is structurally similar to the Virgo-Mercury principle, only more dogged. If you want to experience the Saturn principle, you should fast strictly, only water and tea, not talk and ideally still sleep on a thin mat in a dormitory. People who live the Saturn principle do not need much, they live in asceticism and minimalism and maintain their long-standing traditions. Saturn types are punctual and determined, they work hard and often seem hard too. With the Saturn principle we have arrived in the winter of the circle of life. In terms of energy, death is also at home here. With this principle, one has to deal unsaved with people who seem compulsive and believing in authority - that everyone obeys the rules is very important, even if they do not make sense. You have to achieve something in this life, to work to the point of exhaustion and then take a fast on vacation or an Ironman in the desert - that gives a lot to people with a Saturn emphasis. In an unredeemed form, this principle gives rise to many diseases. Both illness and death are at home in this principle. This includes all chronic diseases such as rheumatism and diseases of the skeleton and bones such as osteoporosis and back problems. Perhaps that is a fitting picture: a lean, bony, hunchbacked elderly person, bent over in pain, who still cannot help sweeping the yard himself and complains that the neighbor is lazy in the sun and enjoying life. A Saturn person is redeemed, someone who finds happiness in small things, experiences duty as joy, likes to serve others and moves forward in a focused and concentrated manner. Opposite is the lunar principle. Both complement each other wonderfully and offer what is missing to complete.The relentless striving for achievement, the workaholic in the Saturn principle adapts to the flow of life, which is determined by the cycle of the moon and the tendency of the moon principle to merge into the flow of life and not knowing any limits, the Saturn principle compensates for by its clear structure, which one successful life on this earth, that is made possible with down to earth.

Uranus principle

Next comes the Uranus principle, which calls into question all traditions and hardened structures of the Saturn principle. With Uranus, craziness, originality and progress come into the circle of life. Uranus stressed people love freedom and independence, hate rules and have a sharp mind. I would say that an Elon Musk is very influenced by the Uranus principle. The idea of ​​flying to Mars, transporting thousands of satellites into space or connecting the brain to the computer are Uranus ideas of our time. Unredeemed, this principle can take on anti-life traits, namely when it is only about progress and it costs our lives. And that could well be attested to Mr. Musk and other believers in progress and technology from Silicon Valley who are seriously working on human immortality. Transhumanism is typically Uranus. Uranus types are prone to accidents simply because their minds are always so full of ideas and willing to take risks. They are not focused on what they are doing now, but are always elsewhere with their attention. Therefore, bone fractures are likely and also diseases that depict madness, such as Tourette's syndrome or epilepsy. The redeemed Uranus principle shows itself in an ingenious, creative free spirit with great visions of the future that serve life. As a child, they fall into the Pippi Longstocking category and make the world as they please.

Opposite is the sun principle. If both principles were to meet in the middle, there would be a creative free spirit with a sense of responsibility and a charisma that gives others security and invites them to follow.

Neptune principle

The last principle in the circle is the Neptune principle, it stands for crossing boundaries and transcendence. In the Neptune principle we find all esotericists, spiritual healers and spiritualists who are in search of unity. Everything material should now dissolve and be connected in "being alone". The connections in the spirit and the knowledge of the connectedness of everything make life on earth a challenge. The search for true unity can end unsolved in a drug addiction if people who emphasize or neglect this principle are unable to build something up here and follow the rules of the game, i.e. downright refuse to live. Homeless people and drug addicts find themselves here again or just dreamers who get their way through life, never have money and always find a stupid person on whose sofa they can sleep for weeks for free.

Foot diseases are predominant in this principle. Because the Neptune principle gives us the task of going our way of life, crossing our own limits. There is no shortcut to enlightenment. We have to live this earth life as it is intended and we cannot cheat around it by only meditating from now on. We need our feet and a firm footing on the ground. If we don't make our way to us, we cripple our feet with hallux valgus, for example. Alzheimer's is also a typical Neptunian disease, which is nothing more than an escape from life. Just forget what is and let others organize your life. Opposite is Mercury-Virgo, the structure-giving earth principle. If both principles were to approach each other in a circle, then the Mercury-Virgo would learn to let go of perfection and order in the material, open up to the spirit and the Neptune principle would get the necessary grounding and structure to be able to lead a successful life in this world . A redeemed Neptune principle shows itself in a very empathetic person, deeply connected with nature, animals and humanity. This person is pure love and has come to terms with himself.

A circle of life never ends, next something new comes into life with full of Martian energy. But the consciousness has developed in the best case, so that the next cycle starts on a higher level of consciousness.

How can you use these original principles for yourself now? For example, you could consider whether you are prone to certain illnesses. Let's take the hallux valgus on the foot. If so, then you may ask yourself what role does the Neptune Principle play in your life? Are you going your way Are you looking for the truth? Your truth? Do you live your life the way you are meant to? Do you feel connected What are you givin ' What role does death play in your life? Do you feel at home in your life?

So that you can empathize with all the principles, I spent my evenings this week creating Spotify playlists, see above in the show notes. You can easily empathize with the respective principles when you listen to the music that represents the respective principle. Films and all artifacts from everyday life can do the same thing. Neptunian people, for example, like to walk around in Indian harem pants, wearing esoteric jewelry or batik scarves. In this way, too, one can empathize with the principles and see how close or far one is to them. And the idea is to round out the circle of life, i.e. to integrate all principles, not just two or three. Of course, not every principle is the same, there are preferences and talents. But only asceticism or only gluttony or only material or only spiritual or only creative mind or only structure - no, life is not like that.

The art of living means being able to play a role well on all stages of life. Sometimes it's the main role, sometimes you're just an extra. Everything is ok, but excluding areas of life for yourself from the start or just putting them on a stage can lead to health problems or conflicts with other people. So feel free to listen to the Spotify lists and you will notice which music makes you feel good. These are either the principles that you have already incorporated, are living in some way, or are now ripe. If you don't like a playlist at all, take a look: what feeling does the music trigger in you and what exactly do you dislike about yourself? How could you bring this not yet integrated principle a little way into your life?

Phew, that was a long, yet crisp ride through the 12 archetypal primordial principles or principles of life. I hope you were able to follow me and have recognized yourself in one or the other principle.

Stay healthy and conscious

Your Isabel