How much wage is enough in Great Britain

Family doctor with £ 600,000 a year

London. Hundreds of GPs in the UK earn more than the UK Prime Minister and that is causing trouble in the UK.

Research by the British tabloid "Sun" revealed that 164 general practitioners earned more than 200,000 pounds each last year (around 230,000 euros).

For comparison: Prime Minister Boris Johnson earns the equivalent of around 180,000 euros annually. Britain's top-earning National Health Service (NHS) general practitioner earns "more than £ 600,000" annually, according to Sun research.

This is possible if the doctor, for example, practices in several general practices in parallel, also thanks to telemedicine.

Ministry keeps out

According to "Sun," 146 NHS family doctors pocket between £ 200,000 and £ 300,000 annually. 14 family doctors earned between 300,000 and 400,000 pounds, two doctors even earned up to 500,000 pounds a year.

Around 5500 of the approximately 42,000 doctors in state primary medicine earned more than 100,000 pounds a year.

The London Ministry of Health did not want to confirm these figures at the request of the "Ärzte Zeitung" in London. "Family doctor income in the NHS varies and depends on many factors," said a ministry spokesman.

RCGP: High earnings are a big exception

Professional associations such as the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) indicated that government general practitioners were “adequately rewarded” for the responsible work they did.

And: "Extremely high merits are" the great exception "and" misleading "because they give a crooked picture.

Health politicians are demanding that the names of those general practitioners who earn more than 150,000 euros annually be published. The medical profession rejects that.