When did New Order make it big?

Record review: New Order - Music Complete “You can't be angry with songs like that?” - a dispute

9/24/2015 • Sounds - Talk: Thaddeus Herrmann, & nbspJi-Hun Kim

New Order want to know again. In the past few decades, the band around Bernard Sumner has repeatedly broken up, yelled at, tolerated again and finally got in the hair again. During this time, some good tracks and albums were created, even if the band is often only reduced to “Blue Monday”, “Bizarre Love Triangle” and of course the Joy Division legacy. The eternal melancholy of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” applies to no one more than New Order itself. After a ten-year break, the band's new studio album: “Music Complete” is now out. Sounds like the end of the line, but it seems like a fresh start. Manchester betting shops are sure to bet a few pounds fifty on the future of New Order. Meanwhile, Ji-Hun Kim and Thaddeus Herrmann are listening to the album together. And discuss it in real time. Deliberately unprepared. A dispute in which, above all, there is agreement. Music is just music, complete or not.

## 01. Restless
Thaddeus: You and New Order. How is that
Ji-hun: Good question. I think that's pretty great, but I don't know every song inside out. But New Orders have always been the better Joy Division for me, even if a lot of people want to lynch me for it.
Thaddeus: Not from me, I am completely with you. But: New Order was and is one for me Track-Band, no album-Tape. There are incredibly great songs. Consistent, good albums but few, in my opinion. “Brotherhood” is part of it, the rock record, and of course “Get Ready”, the best of the band. This track here, it could have been there too. Unpretentious, a good pop song.
Ji-hun: Is it true that Peter Hook is not there this time? The bass sounds pretty much like him. What has happened there?
Thaddeus: He hasn't been there since 2007. I don't remember the details of the falling out, it's just one of many separations in the history of the band. They have always struggled, hated and pulled each other back together. Manchester stop.
Ji-hun: I think the opener is pretty snappy, it works in Glastonbury just as it does in the bedroom.

## 02. Singularity
Ji-hun: You have already heard the album ... For me it is the premiere. Completely unprepared.
Thaddeus: Ok, I admit, I've already schooled. And I'm not really convinced. Why? On “Get Ready” the band managed to combine rock and electronics in a really harmonious way. Rock or pieces, but somehow always at maxi length and also arranged like techno tracks. I thought that was brilliant. Here on the record, the mix of the band slips away a little. It has a lot to do with sounds. Such distortions as straight, or the rather cheesy arpeggios.
Ji-hun: The synth riff is reminiscent of “Bizarre Love Triangle”, isn't it? I don't really understand the rave here.
Thaddeus: Just! It's been 20 years since "Bizarre Love Triangle". That should be reflected a little better.
Ji-hun: More like 30 years, right?
Thaddeus: The 80s are for me always 20 years ago. Wow, now comes the drop!
Ji-hun: Good age strategy. I have to remember. But hey, somehow you can't be angry with songs like that. It's like being with relatives, you just love them.
Thaddeus: No problem. Oh, now it's getting emotional and space. Next track.

"The hacienda has been closed for 3,000 years, you have to look ahead again at some point!"

## 03. Plastic
Ji-hun: Somebody from the Chemical Brothers supposedly co-produced it. That could be it.
Thaddeus: If the breakbeat comes now, yes. Ah, 909 trash. Awesome too.
Ji-hun: I guess that's the way it is. Hacienda, huh ?!
Thaddeus: Yes, there was a whole armada of one-hit wonders in the 90s that sounded like that. Just without the hits. Comical Britpoprave accusations.
Ji-hun: Yes, the bassline arpeggio and pads are a bit, shall we say, generic. Or is that trademark sound after all?
Thaddeus: Peter Hook's basslines are still part of the New Order sound, although Hook is no longer there.
Ji-hun: There is no question that the current bass player, whoever it is, has the most difficult and ungrateful job in the pop business.
Thaddeus: But the old keyboard player is there again. Can I continue skipping? I don't really like that.
Ji-hun: No, wait a minute. Chris loving moment, dude.
Thaddeus: Stupid stupid ...
Ji-hun: To put it another way: Are new orders aging well? One is not so sure here.
Thaddeus: I think no. But I also have no suggestion how the band could have aged better. It all seems a little unreflected in the sounds to me. Sure, that was the case. But the hacienda has been closed for 3,000 years now, so you have to look ahead again at some point. This is the wrong direction.

## 04. Tutti Frutti
Ji-hun: Oh well. New Orders are not A-ha !, but they never made it into the Depeche Mode league either. You know your way around. Analyze it. The song “Tutti Frutti” also begins as it is called. Kiwi or strawberry?
Thaddeus: Does mango work too? We live in the future, don't we? I can't say anything clever about Italo Disco, but on the Hugo-Egon-Balder-Waage this is too much of a hit for me and not enough anything else. Pops out completely.
Ji-hun: Don't underestimate Hugo Egon Balder, he's a veritable musician.
Thaddeus: He would have shot the track differently, absolutely!
Ji-hun: Yes, despite my disco preference, I have to agree with you. Unfortunately this is nothing.

## 05. People On The High Line
Thaddeus: Maybe things will get better now. Ah, after disco comes funk.
Ji-hun: Nile Rodgers memory guitar and piano chords. Hmm Sounds exactly like the song before.
Thaddeus: It wants to be a rave piano, but it's more like one from the western saloon.
Ji-hun: Is it actually good or bad that Bernard Sumners never learned to sing?
Thaddeus: I don't think that's bad. I like it when voices just tip over sometimes. Is personable. The rest of the song just can't be too complex. Otherwise it will be noticed too quickly. How about Sumner with a lot of autotune? Can you try that out, please?
Ji-hun: Autotune doesn't do anything better, and I love wrong voices. Just imagine Blue Monday with Freddie Mercury.
Thaddeus: It doesn't do anything better, of course, but more modern! Well Blue Mercury? Hui. Can we agree that this is just a track that wouldn't even have made it onto the B-side of a 7 ”before?
Ji-hun: For me a good album should gain depth in the second quarter. This version of deepness is not in my dictionary.
Thaddeus: I'll turn off the percussion.

"Did you know that Iggy Pop has a shorter leg?" "Nah, but I would prefer a shorter track."

## 06. Stray Dog
Ji-hun. Again to my question from earlier, Thaddi. Why have New Orders never got as big as Depeche Mode?
Thaddeus: Thesis: Because the band always sucked live.
Ji-hun: Oh, I saw them in Cologne in 2001 and thought Peter Hook and Co. were really awesome.
Thaddeus: There are a few bands that simply don't do anything live. Or to put it another way: Not enough to really build the reputation that is needed to advance into the big league. The Jesus & Mary Chain, for example. What a disaster on stage. Well, they never felt like it either. But I don't think New Order ever wanted that before. Maybe I am wrong. But as a live band they never grew together. But maybe things are different today, with a partially new line-up. Who knows.
Ji-hun: Speaking of the big leagues. Tell me, isn't that Iggy Pop?
Thaddeus: And how. He has a great electronics career ahead of him. If I'm not mistaken, he's currently making a record with Carsten Nicolai.
Ji-hun: Are you serious?
Thaddeus: Yes, yes, there was something. Will come this year, I think. Can only be better than this, right? Although …
Ji-hun: I'm skeptical. Did you know Iggy Pop has a shorter leg?
Thaddeus: I would prefer a shorter track. But no, I didn't know. The poor!
Ji-hun: But now we've eaten the record. Prejudice button on reset. Now.

## 07. Academic
Thaddeus: Has helped. Goes great.
Ji-hun: Yes, classically, a bit like the first song. But makes me more forgiving.
Thaddeus: There are many different ideas about when and with which sound New Orders are best. This makes a lot of sense to me. And with the chorus you like to hang around in front of the late night.
Ji-hun: Yes, with flashlight and lighter instead of cell phone in the audience. When concerts were concerts. So now shit precocious enough. Wants to be a bit like "Crystal" but can't do it, right?
Thaddeus: Yes, that's right. But “Crystal” was also a really sublime track. You are welcome to try it a few more times.
Ji-hun: Sublime hits it well.
Thaddeus: And this one, it could have been over three minutes ago. That's what I meant earlier. If New Orders are good, then they manage to drag out this one moment almost indefinitely.

## 08. Nothing But A Fool
Ji-hun: What is your favorite song in the band? So really your favorite song?
Thaddeus: The a track? "Shellshock", in the 12 "version.
Ji-hun: Aha.
Thaddeus: And your?
Ji-hun: I'm mainstream there. I find “Bizarre Love Triangle” heartbreakingly beautiful every time. When it goes to some bad drunk party, I fall on my knees every time, like in the lyrics, and attack someone.
Thaddeus: Yes, this song still makes me feel very warm.
Ji-hun: I think the song is great. I like it.
Thaddeus: Total. Epic. Does the record turn towards the end?

## 09. Unlearn This Hatred
Thaddeus: Here we go again, rave club.
Ji-hun: Definitely the best song title so far. Oh no wait What ...? Eieieiei, how can you, then it was just so good! The chorus levels it down a bit. But unfortunately it is not.
Thaddeus: I liked the drum break. They copied it from Atari Teenage Riot.
Ji-hun: Do you seriously think that song was the Atari Teenage Riot on the screen?
Thaddeus: Absolutely no way! The 909 can do this all by itself if you wish.
Ji-hun: That’s, to quote you, too much egg-laying whole milk pig. Dancepop meets butch techno beats from 2006 and then again typical New Order basslines. That is literally produced broken.

## 10. The Game
Thaddeus: I like this one. I don't even know why!
Ji-hun: Sounds more consistent and rockier. Maybe they can do it better now?
Thaddeus: The band understands dance music in the classic sense fundamentally wrong in 2015.
Ji-hun: But I think it's good that Bernard Sumner doesn't do tracks with the Swedish House Mafia or Avicii today.
Thaddeus: Maybe they just have to ask him? No matter. To forget. Real quick. Fits much better the way it is.
Ji-hun: After the ride, I'm really excited to see how the album ends.

## 11. Superheated
Ji-hun: Ballad at the end?
Thaddeus: Harp!
Ji-hun: I take back that with the ballad. The first flawless Pet Shop Boys song on the album. A very smart move, I have to say.
Thaddeus: Somehow that fits well. Develops into a good song. I would not have expected after the first bars. Crescendo at the end?
Ji-hun: And? What do you say at the end?

Thaddeus: 50/50. As is often the case with new order albums. But it doesn't matter. Somehow I love them so much that I'm always happy when they make another record after all. And yet look each other in the eye again. The world can only get better as a result. Pathetic, I know, but I just follow the song.
Ji-hun: I'm also torn. Has good moments. But you don't really want to believe that there is more to the dropouts.
Thaddeus: Solution: Make a playlist with the good songs and put in “Bizarre Love Triangle”.
Ji-hun: Check!