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Selling Partner API (SP API), which consists of a set of modernized REST APIs and provides standards expected by today's developers, while making the migration from our legacy Marketplace Web Service (MWS) APIs as easy as possible is made. This solution will include all of the functionality available in MWS as well as over a dozen new APIs, including APIs for suppliers. Starting in September, we will make the Sales Partner API available to all new and existing developers.
Frequently asked questions about the SP API
What is the Sales Partner API (SP API)?
SP-API is the next-generation API-based automation function for Amazon's sales partners and a further development of the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) APIs, which have been providing sellers with programmatic access to important Amazon functions for more than 10 years. At launch, the SP API will be available in all Amazon shops that currently support MWS.
What are the main differences between MWS and SP-API?
SP-API offers all sales partners and third-party developers a number of improvements over MWS, including modernized, JSON-based REST API design standards, OAuth2.0 sales partner authorization with "Login with Amazon" and a test endpoint - the most requested feature in MWS. In addition to all the functions previously provided in MWS and new API functions for sellers, SP-API supports the first ever APIs for Amazon suppliers - all using the same API control plane and authorization mechanisms. In the future, all new API functions will be integrated into SP-API, with updates for MWS only being made to support business-critical changes.

Further information on "Login with Amazon" can be found here:
What happens to my existing MWS credentials and my integration?
If you already have MWS API credentials, the launch of the new API will not change your existing integration. So no action is currently required. All current MWS developers can integrate into the SP-API at the start.
I am using a third party application that is built into MWS. Does this affect me?
No, no change or action is required from sellers who have authorized a third-party application to use MWS on their behalf.
Will MWS go away? If so, when?
Yes, the current MWS APIs will be removed in the future. There is currently no fixed date. However, we will inform you in good time and provide you with both time and tools to migrate existing MWS integrations.
Is it mandatory to migrate from MWS to SP-API? If so, when?
No, it is currently not mandatory to migrate to the SP API. However, we recommend that you read through the information available on SP-API and begin planning to migrate your existing integration to the new functionality.
When can I integrate with SP-API? What can I do now?
We expect the SP-API to be publicly available worldwide by mid-September. You can already have a look at our documentation and API models on github.
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