What is the use of LMS dashboards

The efficient and flexiblePacking andBottling of products contributes significantly to the success of companies in numerous industries. If you want to win customers, you also have to set market trends. In view of the steadily growing number of new mixed drinks, packaging materials or forms, both the plant operator and the packaging plant are faced with the challenge of adapting quickly and flexibly to the new developments. The resulting conversions to new specifications not only require economical work, but also well thought-out logistics for containers and packaging materials.

The filling and packaging of products are not only the last, but also the most cost-intensive steps in the value chain. The systems used for this are highly complex, interlinked lines, theirAvailability between50 and 75 percentlies.
Standing still means going backwards. Because even the shortest downtimes, so-called micro stops, significantly reduce the effectiveness of a system. However, improvements are only possible if the most importantStandstill causeidentify to let.

The most important functions of a filling and packaging line are performed by fillers, labelers, palletizers, conveyors and special additional systems such as CIP and KZE. Normally, all system components upstream and downstream of the central machine have a higher nominal output than the filler, in order to ensure trouble-free filling operation. Nevertheless, stochastically, traffic jams or defects occur again and again, which propagate to the filler and stop it.

Minimize downtimes, maximize system efficiency

ALine management system provides a remedy in this context and supports you in determining the causes of the standstills. WithPlant Acquis iT LMS ProLeiT offers an add-on for the production data management system Plant Acquis iT and thus facilitates the uncomplicated entry into line management.
Unlike conventional LMS solutions, Plant Acquis iT LMS enables fast, uncomplicated and inexpensive implementation with minimal requirements for sensors, licensing and engineering. The add-on also offers aCutting speed to existing ERP systems And thanks to the user-friendly operation via web browser, no complex client installation is required.

Plant Acquis iT LMS records the downtimes of systems and machines automatically, reliably and precisely. The causes of downtime and other system or order-related data can be entered manually at any time using drop-down boxes. The predefined reasons for disruption can be expanded as required. The threshold value for micro-disturbances can also be defined individually.

The analysis of the collected data is possible down to the smallest detail using the drill-down functionality: In this way, downtimes can be traced hierarchically from the entire filling system to the individual unit in different levels of detail. The Plant Acquis iT LMS then gives the createdReportson every office PC in the intranet or on smartphones and tablets. In addition, customer-specific entries and evaluations can be made.