What is the biggest scandal in snooker

Let them play!

I read a book during the summer vacation and watched a world snooker championship. The book was "Conspiracy Myths" by Michael Blume. We recommend. The snooker world championship ran on Eurosport.

Snooker is, no, the king of billiards. One after the other, 15 red balls must be holed in alternation with one of the 6 colored balls. In the end, the colors also fall. That's the plan. The trick is to put the white cue ball down so that you can continue playing.

If a player clears the whole table and plays a black ball (with the highest number of points 7) after each red ball, he can score 147 points. This is called a Maximum break. Of these, Ronnie O’Sullivan managed 15 in an official tournament in his career. More than anyone else. Including the fastest ever recorded Maximum break in 5 minutes and 8 seconds.

There is certainly nothing wrong with calling Ronnie O'Sullivan the greatest snooker player of all time. And that's why I went to see the World Snooker Championship. Ronnie won for the sixth time. He needs another world title to catch up with Stephen Hendry, who dominated (and revolutionized) the sport in the 1990s.

But nobody plays as fast and exciting as Ronnie. He popularized the sport well beyond the UK. (Almost) everyone loves Ronnie. Also because he's not an easy guy. Sometimes, for example, he plays under the possibilities of his huge talent - like at this year's World Cup. He comes from a difficult family and has repeatedly struggled with depression. He is impatient, moody, and occasionally plays erratically. He's a genius, but not a Roger Federer.

So Ronnie (actually) played badly and still won. In between he criticized the offspring of his sport: He would have to lose an arm and a leg to slip out of the top 50. I do not believe that. Ronnie plays ambidextrous. (He was also the first to do this and caused a scandal when he changed hands in the middle of the frame.)

Before you, dear readers: in, now quickly look on YouTube for Ronnie O´Sullivan videos (watch out!), A few more sentences about what this is actually about on the website of a magazine with evangelical comments on religion and society search has:

In the Church we call this gift orientation. “We work in a gift-oriented way” should mean something like: Here everyone does what he / she does best. Or at least: The tricky, annoying tasks are best done by the person who can handle them the easiest - or the fastest. Gift orientation is the best argument for teamwork: in theology with its subjects, in the church with its service communities.

But I like to become even more elementary: Talent is only given for free. Sure, sometimes you can make up for a lack of talent with a lot of thought, patience and tactics. Check out a snooker game by Peter Ebdon! Ebdon has also become world champion. But you hardly want to watch his game. Unless you like to waste time or like to fall asleep in front of the TV.

The church system favors the Peter Ebdons. The hesitant, the waiting, the reinsuring actors: inside. This is also how you can achieve your goal. I definitely do not want to speak to a church in which only geniuses are at work. Many are called, only a few are chosen and such. But more legroom for the wild, stubborn and impatient may please!

In sport, as in church, they are mainly found among those who come from outside, who are somehow strange and crooked, who in any case do not belong. And among those who offend. Maybe because they love differently, look different, speak (!) And write differently. Let them play! Who knows, maybe this will also popularize the church game.