What is Molson Coors' Target Market

Deka MSCI USA Climate Change ESG UCITS ETF

1 In the illustration, the partial exemption rates for private investors are taken into account; different rates apply to institutional investors.

2 Expenses and fees may be incurred by individual agreement with the house bank or broker.

3 The TER basically includes all cost items that were withdrawn from the fund's assets in the financial year that ended in January 2020. It can fluctuate from year to year and does not include costs for buying and selling securities or transaction costs.

4 The Ongoing Charges according to MiFID II are a cost item that includes the management fee, as well as costs for securities lending and financing costs.

5 The transaction costs are the costs that were incurred at fund level in the financial year that ended in January 2020.

6 The total ongoing charges are made up of the ongoing charges according to MiFID II and the transaction costs.

The running costs shown here are a cost estimate.

This representation of costs does not meet the requirements for a regulatory statement of costs that you will receive in good time before the order is carried out. If you have any questions about the costs, please contact your customer advisor.