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What should I know when traveling to Saskatoon?
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General analysis of the traffic in Saskatoon
Saskatoon - Distance traveled7.36km17.84km18.84km18.17km15.00km8.63km11.50kmSaskatoon - time of car ride9 minutes19 minutes19 minutes21 minutes18 minutes13 minutes16 minutesSaskatoon - Travel Time by Bike2 minutes1 minute1 minute1 minute1 minute--Saskatoon - The time to go4 minutes4 minutes3 minutes2 minutes4 minutes0 minutes1 minuteAverage time to get to Saskatoon, one-way16 minutes33 minutes29 minutes30 minutes31 minutes14 minutes20 minutesSaskatoon - The time it takes to commute to workvery low (25)low (46)low (41)low (43)low (42)very low (28)low (32)Saskatoon - Estimating the inefficiency of trafficvery low (11)moderate (58)low (45)low (47)low (41)very low (16)very low (26)Saskatoon - CO2 emissionvery low (24)moderate (53)moderate (54)moderate (58)moderate (51)low (36)low (44)
Main means of transportation in Saskatoon
Saskatoon - work from home-4.23%1.79%3.31%1.28%--Saskatoon - Walking to work23.53%12.81%10.71%7.95%5.13%--Saskatoon - tram-0.68%-----Saskatoon - train or subway-7.00%3.57%5.96%---Saskatoon car58.82%60.17%72.32%75.50%70.51%87.50%87.11%Saskatoon bus or trolley bus-10.35%8.04%3.97%19.23%12.50%10.89%Saskatoon - bicycle17.65%4.34%3.57%3.31%3.85%--Saskatoon - motorcycle-0.42%-----