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Bitset test 2021

Composition, handling and weight - With us at you can find out what is important in a good bitset. The tool case with the impressive selection of keys and screwdrivers has had its day - in many areas.

2.1. Steel hardness


Bits are suitable for various drive tools. However, a special adapter is often required for this. A socket adapter is included with some bitsets. You can also use the bits with a ratchet or ratchet.

Ambitious do-it-yourselfers know this: screws are jammed or are bombproof, open-ended spanners and bit sets are used one after the other. The effort is made to keep the bit after the bit, and the bit keeps slipping. So that Bits also in the rough everyday DIY it has to last a long time Steel hardness is right.

Although there are slight differences in the hardness of the steel in the bit sets in tests, ultimately there are all branded products robust enough for regular use.

2.2. measurements and weight

The dimensions and weight of a bit set are especially important if you use them frequently are on the go and not only use your tools at home. Even if you use the bit set fasten with a belt clip because you have little storage space - e.g. standing on a ladder - compact dimensions and low weight are advantageous.

The lightest bitsets in tests weigh little more than 100 gram. Bring heavier models up to 400 grams on the scales.

2.3. Handling: stability and lettering

For one good handling It is especially important that not just the bits themselves, but the storage box is also stable is. The mounting of the bits should also be as stable as possible so that the Hold essays securely and won't fall out if the box is shaken or turned upside down.

Another aspect of good handling is that Labeling of the holes for the bits. With some bitsets they are Bits are color-coded and the holes are also labeled. In very few models, the manufacturers do without both.

2.4. composition

The composition of bit sets varies. In addition to the Universal bit sets that are a selection of the most common bits included, there are more specific bit setsthat only have torx bits. The specialized models have a larger range of bits for a specific screw profile, but are therefore set to this.

When buying your bitset, make sure that which contain bits are you use frequently. Here a small but fine selection of high-quality bits makes more sense than an extensive range of low-quality attachments.

tip: The ideal composition of a bit set consists e.g. B. from a selection of Phillips and Pozidriv bits as well as some hexagon socket and Torx bits. Slot profiles are no longer widespread, but can still be found in some places, so that some corresponding bits should also be present here.

2.5. Belt clip

A bit set with a belt clip comes into its own when you different bits need to use, but only little space have to file the required essays. Stand up on a ladderwhile you are working with the cordless screwdriver, you can use the Attach the bit set to the belt and have all the bits at hand without having to constantly descend the ladder.