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OM-Brace Vol.4: Laura's Delicious Indian Sound Playlist

Whaaas? Rebecca and Franzi both jet to India? That calls for a yoga music playlist with exclusively Indian mantras and sounds.

When Franzi dedicates himself to Kundalini yoga teacher training under the guidance of Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Rebecca experiences the clash of western and eastern yoga culture at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, we want to accompany her at least musically.

I was also in India last fall, where I find myself in the Ashram of Sri Balasai Baba and recharge my annual Bliss household. I had all sorts of music on my iPhone with me, but I realized that I only wanted to listen to mantras and that this music could help me get to my inner anchor. (You know that when you feel so holy that you don't even begin to want to hear something with bass?) Yes, it is love that builds up when I chant along or just listen and wander in the distance.

However, I immediately have some joy that you can chase with Indian sounds and that prefer to bend into Coldplay or Buddha bar grooves in class, which is why I tried not to let this mix become so holy and instead use some loosening (and even danceable tunes.

Dear Rebecca and Franzi, have a wonderful time in Mother India! Let your head / turban fall into chaos and bring us lots of great stories!

Since most of the songs are available on Spotify, we have released them as a list for you to subscribe to.

ALL INDIA yoga music playlist

1. Tom Colletti - Swagatam - 7: 26min -> Spotify
Album: Yoga Is Love

Inhale, exhale, arrive. Tom Colletti takes a breath and you can relax and let yourself fall into your harness in Supta Baddha Konasana. Alternatively, you can easily run through your entire album, because every tune is super relaxing.

2. Shyamdas - Nathdvara - 3: 26min -> Not Spotify
Album: Beloved Chants

Seems like a wake-up call? But yes. Now it goes with Shyam Das (Krishna have him blessed). In my flowery imagination, the two FLGH girls could be asked to meditate every day. Since the song is not available on Spotify and cannot be fully listened to on the internet, I simply recommend buying it, the song is really very powerful and real. Here is a beautiful video as a tribute to Shyamdas who left our dimension in 2013.

3. Jivan - Kali Durge - 5:32 min -> Spotify
Album: Bhajananda

And now with a little swing and drumming into the sun salutation.

4. Kirtaniyas - Sri Gurvastakam - 5:50 min -> Spotify
Album: Pushing Throuh The Pavement

Got warm? Then it goes on powerfully. With a bit of dancer vibes from the Kirtaniyas, who are deeply rooted in the Bhakti tradition, but also like to experiment with modern sounds.

5. Peia - Koyelia - 4:11 min -> Spotify
Album: Pushing Through The Pavement

Peia is wonderful even without a bass and her voice is pure bhakti, but this danceable remix just knocked me over several times.

6. Mayapuris - Midnight Dance (Srikalogy Remix) - 5:26 min -> Spotify

If the Mayapuris should tour Germany again, I definitely recommend that you join them in a kirtan - and dance. The temple trembles!

 7. Sada Sat Kaur - Har Har Har Har Gobinday - 6: 43min -> Spotify
Album: Mantra Masala

Sooo, and now a Kundalini yoga music song especially for Miss Franzi, which should give her strength and perseverance for training. I can imagine how she will hop through the Golden Bridge Center in Los Angeles with a turban bountiful, beautiful, blissful to this song.

8. AMMA - Na Mai Dharmi - 1:46 pm -> Spotify

Here is my official PLEASE to everyone staying in a city that is blessedly on Amma's tour plan: Please go there, let the holy Amma (or: Mata Amritanandamayi) hug you, breathe the incense-soaked air, let go the loving vibes and Indian sounds deep into your heart and donate a few coins for their numerous charitable projects.

9. As Kindred Spirits - Radhika Stava - 5.23min
Album: Nectar of Devotion

Right at yer from Vrindavan, the birthplace of Krishna and main center of the Guru Vaishnava tradition comes a song by As Kindred Spirits, which is always able to cheer my spirit.

10. Jai Jagadeesh - The Miracle Of Connection (Dharti Hai) - 12:41 pm -> Spotify
Miracles Abound - Meditations For Transformation

Jai Jagadeesh, one of the gentle fairies of Kundalini mantra music has released a new album this year, which is especially suitable for dynamic meditation.

11. Krishna Das - Tara’s mantra - 8:01 min -> Spotify
Album: Kirtan Wallah

Yes, there was a time when I really had a Krishna Das-Koller, but it's over and I'm enjoying his music more than ever. Especially after I got to know Jeffrey Cohen (his real name) or "KD" in the documentary "One Track Heart" a little better. And it just can't be missing on this playlist.

12. Chinmaya Dunster - Sahajo Ram Taju - 7:02 min -> Spotify
Album: Mystic Poets Of India

Oh yes, how nice and quiet, to indian lullaby and a good preparation for the gentle silence.

13. Bhagavan Das - Ya Devi - 10:45 min -> Spotify
Album: Mother Light

And now imagine that this chant is addressed directly to your soul and should gently rock you into a relaxed state ...

14. Yogi Cameron - OM - 3: 58min -> Spotify
Mantra grooves

This Om by Yogi Cameron is sung so powerfully and gently at the same time that this Shavasana will be like a gong meditation experience.

Have a good trip ladies and see you soon!

Note from the Fuck Luckies: Laura, we love you! Daaaaaaankkkeeeee!