How do abdominal muscles burn belly fat

Lose weight on the stomach

Why do love handles accumulate so quickly on the stomach?

Most women know that: A few times culinary over the ropes, the stomach bulges out much more, and unloved love handles accumulate. The causes are manifold. Genetic predisposition plays a major role. It not only determines the body shape, but also where you prefer to store fat, for example on your buttocks or on your stomach. Nothing can be changed about that for now. But other factors have just as much influence on belly fat and abdominal girth: especially poor nutrition and too little exercise. And you can do a lot about that!

Why is a flat stomach important for health?

A big belly is not only visually unattractive - it is also dangerous. Because it is precisely in the abdominal area that so-called "visceral fat" accumulates. This fat surrounds the internal organs, for example the liver and pancreas. It not only increases the size of the abdomen, but is also metabolically active: the visceral fat releases fatty acids and it releases hormones and other messenger substances, some of which are inflammatory. This means that the more belly fat that accumulates, the more such harmful substances get into the organism. This can cause blood pressure and blood sugar levels to rise, and blood fat levels can also rise. In the long term, there is a risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or dementia, for example. So it is by no means pure vanity when a woman wants to lose weight on the stomach and reduce the waist circumference. A flat stomach or a reduction in belly fat can do a lot to improve your health.

Why does it seem so difficult to lose weight on the stomach?

Do you know that? You are highly motivated to finally reduce your waist size in order to enjoy the summer with a perfectly flat stomach. You eat sensibly, you may even go on a diet, keep your weekly workout and yet your stomach just doesn't want to get really flat and the belly fat stubbornly stays in place. Women in particular often have the feeling that they simply cannot lose weight, especially on the stomach. But this is mostly due to excessive expectations. A few crunches a week will never turn a tummy into a washboard abs. Lots of women want a fitness magazine tummy, but forget that that involves really hard training and dieting. If the "Flat Stomach" project does not show any visible results after a few weeks, they lose motivation and go out to eat pizza out of sheer frustration and eat all the carbohydrates that they have just so diligently worked off.

The truth is, losing weight is no more difficult on your stomach than on any other part of your body. It is just that Mother Nature simply did not provide a very flat level for many women, even at ideal weight. In these cases women really have to exercise extremely disciplined and reduce their body fat percentage to a minimum in order to achieve their goal of “losing weight on the stomach”. But when it comes to the small to medium-sized affluence pockets, they can be brought under control very well - with a sensible diet and a moderate but consistent exercise program. So it doesn't necessarily have to be the strict diet and the daily, sweaty workout.

Weight training for a flat stomach

Strength training is the most important pillar for your success. Because with an all-round program for your muscles, you ensure a higher basal metabolic rate of the body and thus, in the long term, increased calorie consumption. Another plus: muscles consume energy even when you are resting - calories are burned day and night, even if you are not exercising. In addition, you tighten your whole body, which also improves your posture - and that in turn makes your stomach flatter almost automatically.

The focus of your strength training should of course be on the core of the body. Put together a program of exercises specifically for the abdominal muscles. This is the best way to support the "Flat stomach" project. But simple crunches are not enough. Fat burning needs to be boosted by an intense and consistent workout. This is the only way to reduce your belly fat in the long run. If you also train the deep abdominal muscles and the lateral abdominal muscles consistently, you will soon notice a real effect.

It is important to do the exercises regularly - preferably 3 to 4 times a week. So that you can hold out, you should keep your "inner weaker self" as small as possible. So make sure that you have as few excuses as possible. For example, many people find it difficult to get up to the gym on a regular basis. This hurdle can be easily removed: With modern home fitness equipment you can always ensure a flat stomach in your living room and let the calories tumble even in front of the TV.

Training tips - 3 exercises for a flat stomach

In addition to equipment training, there are also a variety of exercises that you can use to effectively build your abdominal muscles and boost fat burning. We have put together three particularly effective exercises for you.

Straight abs

The classic crunch is still one of the most effective abdominal muscle exercises for a straight stomach. Lie on your back on the exercise mat and bend your legs. Lift your chest off the floor and move towards your knees. The upper body is slightly curved. Then lower your upper body back down. Make sure to do the exercise in a controlled manner and without momentum. Abdominal trainers, such as the AB-Sensation, enable a controlled sequence of movements.

Upper and lower abs

In this exercise, you lie on your back and lift your legs - this increases the level of difficulty and both the upper and lower abdominal muscles are addressed. The knees are slightly bent and touching. You can hold onto the handle with your hands. Again, make sure to use only the abdominal muscles to lift your upper body.