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Writing a legal term paper

How do I write a term paper? - How do I create an outline? - What do I have to quote and how?

Writing a term paper presents many students with new and unfamiliar tasks. To make it easier for them to get started with their chores Quite active together with the competence center for legal learning and teaching Online practice course for individual learning and deepening of Research and citation techniques developed. This is available to all students of the faculty on the e-learning platform ILIAD available for independent use. There the participants receive an introduction to the technical side of scientific writing. It explains why and what exactly has to be quoted in scientific papers and what you should pay attention to. Also be Notes on creating the bibliography and the structure, on the presentation of disputes and introductory tips and tricks for research given.

Since the event deals with the formalities of scientific writing itself, it is equally suitable as an aid for starting homework in civil, criminal and public law as well as seminar papers.

The law faculty has decided to offer the exams in the digital summer semester 2020 as open book exams. Read here what is allowed and what is forbidden and how you can prepare well for this exam format. The corresponding leaflet for teachers can be found here.

Tips & Survey for Exam Candidates

We've all been stuck at home for quite a while, in unusual proximity to our family, roommates, or all alone. Because this is difficult for everyone and Exam candidates are also in a special situation, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Barbara Dauner-Lieb and Prof. Dr. Anne Sanders, M.Jur.Tips collected how one can make learning as effective as possible in spite of everything.

So that this can be continuously updated, you will find here a survey where you can post your tips. So take part!

The latest publication by Prof. Dr. Sanders and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dauner-Lieb "Right Active - Successful Through the Exam" also deals with this topic and will be published by Reguvis Verlag in March 2021. The book gives tips and tricks from the authors and 174 graduates for exam preparation. It offers assistance for successful learning and answers questions about the exam.

Further information can be found on the publisher's website. You can find a compilation of the most important tips from the book here.

Available online resources: what are there & how do I use them?

The libraries of the University of Cologne are still not freely accessible. How you can still get work materials, what the most important sources for law students and how to use the online resources available can be found here.

The "Reflexive practice for lawyers"by Jens Prömse gives suggestions for your own learning strategies.

You can also use the "Something right"-Podcast from our research associate, Marc Ohrendorf, provides information on professions, perspectives and backgrounds.

Has your instructor selected the format of the Preserved lectures decided, the video below will give you tips for effective learning with this in the home office.