What was your most embarrassing teenage period?

10 teenage stages you would love to forget (but unfortunately there are photos)!

As a teenager you live on another planet. The hormones simply shoot you into orbit, at best you can see your parents with a telescope somewhere in the distance. In our teenage years, it was simply the greatest need for us to catapult ourselves away from our parents' home, to become independent. This is actually worth all honors and a necessary process. If, however, there is also teenage arrogance and this feeling that you are the center of the world and you know better and better - then this is the best breeding ground for failures!

That was twice as true for children of the 80s and 90s. Because both decades were full of fashionable and stylistic faux pas. In defense of our teenage selves, we couldn't identify some of it as weird and abnormal at the time, because everyone did it.

Today we are happy to remind you of those phases you would love to cover up in silence: Here are 10 embarrassing things everyone did as a teenager!

# 1 When you thought you were called to greater things

“I had a 'misunderstood writer' phase. I wrote daily entries on my Myspace blog, which were basically just cryptic and totally confused thought logs. My friends thought it was great and I was so convinced of myself. "(Via reddit)

Source: tenor.com

# 2 When you went over the top with the shows of love

“I wrote cheesy, over-the-top love letters to girls I might have dated for a month or two. In it I wrote things like 'Sometimes I want to hold you so tightly in my arms until you crumble'. "(Via reddit)

Source: tenor.com

# 3 When you were a pseudo-emo

“I dyed my hair black, wore black nail polish, black smudged eyeliner and was a real emo. But: I also loved gangster rap, so I bought thick chains with Batman characters on them. It was a complete mess. "(Via reddit)

Source: tenor.com

# 4 When you thought sunglasses made you cooler all the time

“I always wore sunglasses everywhere - indoors and outdoors. There are super embarrassing photos of me where I wear dark sunglasses around the house at birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinner, etc. for no reason. ”(Via reddit)

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# 5 When you combined uggs and mini skirts

“I'll make it clear: Hollister shirt (and perfume), Ugg boots, North Face jacket, jeans miniskirt with black leggings underneath and smooth hair. I thought I was special at the time, but when I look back now, I can see how much I wanted to be part of it. [...] "(via reddit)

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# 6 When you were obsessed with anime

“I was totally obsessed with anime and even took the name of a character for two years. Even my teachers had to call me that and I signed my anime names. I also scribbled Japanese characters everywhere. In the end, I spent way too much time reading and writing anime fanfiction and falling in love with fictional anime characters. "(Via reddit)

Source: tenor.com

# 7 When you thought writing right was philistine

“I went through the“ rawr means with the dinosaurs I lüb dich xD xD xD ”phase and found everything super loOol. [..] "(via reddit)

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# 8 When you kept tormenting your fellow human beings with song lyrics quotes

"When I was new to Facebook as a teenager, I had a phase in which all my status updates consisted of song lines." (Via reddit)

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# 9 When you were really, really rebellious

“I was such a weed-smoking skater when I was young. Except that I ...

... did not smoke weed.

... didn't ride a skateboard.

However, I wore these awfully baggy pants and refused to wash my hair. "(Via reddit)

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# 10 When you were wearing your supposedly wicked side bangs

“I had this typical pony that only fell over one eye because I thought it would make me look like Jessica Rabbit. Spoiler: I definitely didn't look like Jessica Rabbit. "(Via reddit)

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