What are some ways to remember


Noticing, that means becoming aware of something, perceiving something with your senses or storing certain content and information. This article is about the latter. More precisely how can I Memorize things better? For some years now, more and more memory techniques have emerged which, among other things, should make learning easier for us. A few tips should now follow to make it easier for you to remember.

Mnemonic thinking with the right brain

The basis of mnemonics is the activation of the right hemisphere in which we process images, colors, fantasies and rhythms. In this way, content can be combined more imaginatively and thus better remembered.

  1. Rhymes: Information can be linked more easily with rhymes that are already known, but also specially created.
  2. Stories: If you come up with a complex story, the content is easier to store. You can and should insert crazy combinations, as these are particularly easy to remember. E.g. a winemaker's name was Paul and brought 84 pieces of butter to the bank. This story could indicate, for example, that you are visiting Paul today at number 84, Winsstrasse, and you should bring butter with you for the cake. Before that, however, you still have to withdraw money in order to be able to buy the butter.
  3. images: Events, characters and objects should be combined in the head using images. These are easier to remember than just terms.
  4. Number pictures: If you have trouble remembering numbers, you should imagine them in the form of pictures and then build a story out of them. For example, the 2 can be a swan and the 8 an hourglass. If you should now remember these two numbers, then the swan is trapped in an hourglass. This method is particularly worthwhile when it comes to longer number combinations.

With memory training to an increased memory capacity

In addition to all the memorization techniques that make it easier for you to memorize online, there are training options that increase the capacity of your memory. As a result, you can remember more. Brain training offers one possibility. We at NeuroNation offer scientifically based training with over 60 exercises and 6 intensive courses. Our exercises focus in particular on working memory, which is responsible for recording, storing and retrieving current information. With working memory training, you will be able to remember more things, easier. Our offer is developed together with professors of neuropsychology and the effectiveness has been confirmed.

Find out more in our blog and start with a brain training on NeuroNation. You will see how much better information can be remembered and how you can counteract a memory inhibition!