What are the rules of the road

Be careful not to suddenly stop playing while playing
get on the road. While running,
Cycling or skating can do that quickly
happen. The curb is the limit.

Only cross the street when the traffic light is green.
Even with "green" always before after all
Pages look whether really all
Motorists have stopped.
When it gets dark outside, always light
Wear clothes or blinkers. Your satchel
should have reflective stripes.

If you are under eight
are old, you have to be a cyclist
always stay on the sidewalk.
Until you are ten years old you can
you use the sidewalk when
it always seems safer to you.
But watch out for the pedestrians.
Always wear yours when cycling
Helmet, even over short distances.

Check with your parents regularly
your bicycle. Everything should be there and
work properly:
The brakes, the lights, the rear
spotlights, the reflectors and the bell.
If you do inline skates, wear them
complete protective equipment:
Helmet, wrist, elbow, knee
schooner. never go on inline skates
the roadway

Use on all trips in the car, too
on short distances, your child seat.
Always buckle up.
Always climb on the side of the sidewalk
out of the car, never on the street.

You often have to wait at the bus stop.
When the bus arrives or departs, pass
up like a lynx. And. Stay calm
when getting in, never when alighting
cross the lane in front of the bus.