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On December 18, 2015, the Heinrich Böll Foundation of the Greens said goodbye to the Christmas holidays with an email entitled “Feminist Thoughts at the End of the Year”. In 2016 one will address the topic "Strengthening feminist publics - strategies against anti-feminism and right-wing populism"And how that should go with a database of opinions about opponents, which was still openly admitted at the time, the foundation also immediately explained:

Euroscepticism, Islamophobia, homophobia and the rejection of “gender ideology” connect far-right parties, groups and fundamentalist movements in Europe. We will create a database that will make the connections between these scenes and actors transparent ...

That says everything about the project, which was only activated 19 months later. The Böll Foundation and the "Gunda Werner Institute", according to public admission, are no longer concerned with a pillory - and yet they create a database that has a clear mission: It should show how the enemies of Europe, Islam, homosexuals and work together in so-called “gender research” and network with one another. This is not entirely uncommon - academics at this school of thought have long tried to put criticism of their ideology in line with racism, fascism, hatred of Jews and generally group-related misanthropy. It is the blanket delegitimization of views other than “right” and the self-portrayal as persecuted “damsel in distress” - a reproach that genderists of the so-called 3rd wave also have to hear from feminists like Christina H.Sommers or Camille Paglia.

Incidentally, this already describes a basic problem of The wiki should deal with everyone who is anti-feminist or anti-genderist. The definition of Andreas Kemper, a 53-year-old doctoral student from Münster with a vita in left-wing circles and part of the agent's editorial team, formulates this as clearly as it is not in reality: The one that became known under the catchphrase “Puff für Alle” Sex education, as published by his colleague on the editorial staff at Agent Elisabeth Tuider, is massively rejected by many self-confident women when they have read which scandalous person is listed as their tradition in Tuider's Wikipedia article. It is therefore logical that everything from the Nazi to the critic of radical experiments on sex education can land that does not correspond to the ideology and her sexual conceptions of “diversity”. In their own words:

Regardless of whether it is about the thematization of sexual and gender diversity in society, in schools or in gender studies, or about conceptions of families and roles - the protest is always directed against concepts of sexuality and gender that are based on so-called "traditional" roles. and family pictures differ. Anti-feminist actors want to prevent their own life plans from being freely shaped independently of normative social attributions and models, on an equal footing with - and not against - so-called traditional role / family images.

At this point, one could point out that this definition of the enemy is not only influenced by the experiences of the “Puff for All Debate”, but also by the ideas of gender pioneer Judith Butler, who in turn is the most beautiful example of how good gender and anti-Zionists are Theses fit together - and Judith Butler was and is not the only feminist who takes this path to the cross front towards clearly misogynistic Hamas and hatred of Jews. Likewise, in modern feminism there are supporters of the “critical whiteness” theory who accuse white feminists of thinking only of their own interests as racists and disadvantaging others. In such radical and divided circles it is difficult to fathom who is really one of the good guys.

Agent gets rid of the problem with a three-person editorial team, consisting of Henning von Bargen, Elisabeth Tuider and the 53-year-old doctoral student Andreas Kemper, who has come to the project with a lot of experience from profeminist editing battles at Wikipedia - the Wikipedia community reacted accordingly annoyed his attempt to advertise the project of the Böll Foundation without reference to the party-political orientation there. Other employees say they are not named for their own protection. Who wrote which article at Agentin, and what the discussion and processing history looks like, cannot be seen from the outside. The wiki, which has a good reputation thanks to Wikipedia, is being turned from the Böll Foundation to a non-transparent blacklist that finds friends in media such as Neues Deutschland and a website of the foundation of the former Stasi IM Anetta Kahane. It is completely unclear who is discrediting whom at Agentin and with what intention. Only Andreas Kemper tweeted openly that he was jointly responsible for the now much criticized article about the liberal journalist Harald Martenstein, which is presented with a quote from his intimate enemy Stefan Niggemeier.

In which.

There is always one thing: The best software is useless if it is used by incompetents, and so it is possible to call up pages that others should not see under any circumstances. was open wide for weeks. For example, here is the list of previously registered users who the Böll Foundation would like to protect - but who were still publicly available if you found the right page:

As you can see: There are a few accounts with non-assignable names such as “Anna Berlin” and “Gruen”, a test account of a suspected technician, and 6 of the 13 existing accounts belong to Andreas Kemper, who is the only author to date has given. Without a real hack into the system, which experts tell me to be completely inadequately protected, you actually cannot read the discussions about posts. But thanks to a serious mistake in the setting on the part of the foundation, you can see that there are only discussions about a small minority of the contributions:

This means that there are no discussions whatsoever about most of the contributions - and therefore hardly any changes. They were created by an author and have mostly been unchanged since then. This is also evidenced by the list of the latest changes to the posts:

It becomes clear that there is no continuous work at Agentin as it would happen if the scientists and activists claimed by the foundation were actually working on it. Instead, finished articles were posted every few days for months in clearly identifiable work phases over several hours, until a few days of calm returned.

Should there be other employees working on the database, they will have to deal with an instruction page that dates from February 2016 and does not even have the final name, but rather links to the project name antifemwatch.

So what is an agent? An insecure and functionally neutered wiki that is used as a blacklist and where half of the authors are the person who peddles their work on Twitter. A person who obviously has a lot of time for discussions on his own behalf, and who in earlier publications in the left-wing scene has dealt with those nobles, Catholics and the wealthy who now find their names in the opinion database, while obvious critics of the school of thought - my absence from the list has already been noticed and commented critically - does not show up. I have to admit that I could assign maybe a dozen of the people listed there. It looks as if Andreas Kemper has simply put his previous work focus on the radical left theory of "classicism" into a wiki on feminism, which is why categories such as "nobility" appear there. And his own reasons sound very different from the appeasement with which denies being a pillory.

“That's why my path led me to the profeminist men's movement at the end of the 1980s. This is a personal reason to oppose the masculists. And I don't see feminism as a “hate movement”. A few years ago, when I wanted to make the article on “masculism” in Wikipedia more neutral in Wikipedia, I was met by the concentrated hatred of the masculist movement, which I hadn't even known before. Arne Hoffmann called for my pseudonym to be discovered in Wikipedia, which was also achieved with the help of Junge Freiheit. On various masculist blogs photos of me were published with comments like: “This guy is worth less than a piece of shit.” Since then I have been fighting masculism.

The state-funded Böll Foundation lets an activist create a database of those he openly "fights" - and this database should not be a pillory, but informative and factual. For the past two weeks, Kemper and the Foundation have been pretty lonely defending the project. Distancing from the Greens has barely been heard on the Internet and if so, then as “Non-Mention”, but as luck would have it: One of the reasons why my name is not on the wiki despite gender-critical attitudes is my contacts in the green camp. Most of the names from the wiki mean nothing to me, because I have nothing to do with these “right-wing” circles, either privately or professionally - I have met 1 person named personally, and according to the normal view, she is a feminist herself. In a post about me as an anti-feminist one could not show any connections to the right-wing scene, but to the Böll Foundation. And from these circles I am whispered that they are not satisfied with the project. In addition, some feel lied to and taken by surprise - the dimensions and the now fatal external impact of the project were not even apparent to the decision-making committee when it was presented.

On top of that, people rolled their eyes when I pointed out other activities by Kemper. There is an ominous "Institute for Classical Research" on the Internet without any imprint, in which Kemper is involved as a provider of seminars.

However, this supposed “institute” has a contact page - and a way to donate money.

The recipient of the funds for the left institute work is the Verein zur Abbau von Bildungsbarrieren e.V., whose one website is not accessible and whose blog also does not contain any information about those responsible. However, there is a project website with the request for further donations for the association at Betterplace - and this in turn was created by Andreas Kemper

The address given is very classy and is Schlossplatz 1, 48149 Münster, where the university's AStA is located. Andreas Kemper appeared for the association several times, but I haven't found any other members so far. An institute for classicism research without an imprint wants donations through an association without an imprint and a recognizable structure, and Andreas Kemper is there everywhere - a left-wing activist who has been waging a bitter editing war on Wikipedia since 2005 under a pseudonym and after being exposed under real names in favor of his profeminist theses. And this man is now doing the externally recognizable work for a pillory on the Internet for the Böll Foundation, which is largely financed with taxpayers' money, which deals extensively with the personal and other enemies of Andreas Kemper and his ideologies.

In the hope of transparency, I asked the Böll Foundation what the project would cost and how Mr. Kemper is paid as an employee of the foundation. Hopefully I can quote the answer here:

You will surely forgive us for not talking about the financing of individual projects as a matter of principle. No money goes to the agent's voluntary network and Andreas Kemper is not an employee either.

Responsible under press law for Kemper and his now uninhibited activism, which does not want to be a pillory to denigrate others, is nevertheless the responsibility of the foundation in the person of the head of the Gunda Werner Institute. Despite all the criticism, Kemper, Tuider and von Bargen are still looking for volunteers for “voluntary work” in anonymity - as far as it can be technically implemented by the foundation.

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