Is Conservapedia a parody or not

Conservapedia: Christian-conservative alternative to Wikipedia

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which is created jointly by users, has achieved enormous success - despite all the criticism of the methods and results - and has become an indispensable, because it is easily available, reference work for many. Conservative Americans, however, find that Wikipedia is generally too liberal or even too left-leaning, but above all anti-Christian and anti-American. That is why you founded the alternative project Conservapedia in November 2006. For a few days now, the conservative-Christian alternative to Wikipedia has been suffering from extremely poor accessibility of the servers and vandalism by Internet users who deface and parody Conservapedia articles.

The project was probably initiated by the lawyer Andy Schlafly, who also runs the Eagle Forum University, which offers online courses based on Conservapedia, for example on American history. The "University" is affiliated with the Eagle Forum founded by Andy Schlafly's mother. Phyllis Schlafly has always fought against feminism and for the conservative family and Christian values. "Most Wanted" at Conservapedia is the list with examples of one-sidedness at Wikipedia. Here, for example, it is criticized that the "foreign" spelling of terms ("Most Favored Nation" is used instead of "Most Favored Nation") is preferred, even though most English-speaking people are Americans. It is criticized that entries in Wikipedia would quickly be deleted from a Christian-conservative point of view and that "facts" would also be "censored" against the theory of evolution, although the majority of Americans rejected the theory of evolution. Therefore, under the term evolutionary theory, one finds the view that there is no evidence for "macroevolution" and that "fossil history" refutes the theory of evolution. The article on abortion reads like an advertisement for the "abortion industry". One finds impossible that in Wikipedia instead of AD (Anno Domini) also CE (Common Era) is allowed as an alternative. In general, Wikipedia is "6 times more liberal" than the American population, while Conservapedia prides itself on being free of "political correctness".

On the other hand, "liberal" blogs like to make fun of some of the Conservapedia articles, such as the one on atheism: "Since atheists have no God, atheism as a philosophical framework simply does not provide a logical foundation for any moral standard. They guide it Living by the 'anything goes' rule. In recent years this has led to an increase in crime, drug use, premarital sex, teenage pregnancies, pedophilia and sodomy. "

The Democrats are also portrayed in a very factual and objective manner: "The democratic election victory reveals a true program of retreating from terrorism, treacherous anti-Americanism and contempt for the founding principles of America." The kangaroos are descended from ancestors on Noah's Ark, but there are other amazing things to say: "Did you know that faith is a unique Christian term?" It should not exist in other religions. With regard to global warming, Christian conservatives say that this theory is mostly supported by scientists who need money for their research. Of course, they are mostly "liberal atheists" who believe the nonsense that "people can destroy the planet that God gave them".

Conservapedia is currently unavailable. Perhaps the success or demand from the curious was too great. Apparently Internet users have plagued the Christian fundamentalist online encyclopedia and defaced or parodied articles. Schlafly doesn't find this so problematic. The changes were reversed, access to some IP addresses was blocked and otherwise they were pleased about the increased attention. (fr)

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