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Art instead of coal

I am a child of the Ruhr area. Grew up near Dortmund and surrounded by warm people who appreciate commitment and work. Since my studies I have lived in Hanover, Hamburg and now Augsburg and they are everywhere, the prejudices and opinions about the Ruhr area. “Underground”, “coal”, “dust” - people associate the pot with “dirty” work images. A lot of gray in gray, a lot of industry, a certain tightness. Culture is rarely mentioned ...

The Ruhr area has so much more to offer! Relics from the great workers' days have been converted into cultural goods en masse, there are architectural features and a lot of art to discover. The web portal kunstgebiet.ruhr is helpful here, on which you can virtually plan a foray through the cultural highlights of the pot and your next visit there.

The site is quite clear and very functional. On the homepage there are already some randomly selected objects and projects from all over the Ruhr area. You can use the city filter to select one or more locations (and yes, even my 27,000-strong hometown Selm is represented with two works!).

In addition to regional filtering, you can also choose according to art forms. In addition to classic sculptures, cultural institutions, museums and so on, there are also modern art variants such as street art or light art to be seen. The two examples in the picture above are The Sorcerer's Apprentice from Oberhausen and a mural by Mark Gmehling in Dortmund. Below are the ship chains from Essen and at the bottom still Mückenhäuser (Recklinghausen) and the Der Berg ruft (mountain damage) from Lünen.

Via kunstgebiet.ruhr you can also travel through the epochs and follow the cultural development of the Ruhr area or individual places and regions according to historical sections. The art routes are helpful for up-to-date exploration tours, such as the example of Dortmund. The route begins in Lünen and can be easily explored, for example by bike (17.9 km) - all information about the works of art on display can be obtained directly online.

“The route from Lünen to Dortmund invites you to explore sculptures, light and video installations. The works of art not only shape the cityscape, they also become symbols that can be seen from afar. "

All in all, kunstgebiet.ruhr is a successful collection of cultural goods that show that the Ruhr area has more to offer than just scooping up coal. And the site supported by the RAG Foundation is growing every week. So if you as a NRWer want to show the non-connoisseurs what the pot can do, or if you want to convince yourself of it - it's best to browse around a little. Optionally you can listen to Wool Petry for once ...

Photo credits:
The mountain is calling (mountain damage) by Hannes Forster: © VG BILD-KUNST, Bonn, photo: kunstgebiet.ruhr
Mosquito houses by Michael Sailsdorfer: © Michael Sailstorfer, Photo: Andreas Ren
Ship chains by Friedrich Gräsel: © VG BILD-KUNST, Bonn, Photo: kunstgebiet.ruhr
Little sorcerer: © Inges Idee, Photo: Katharina Kemper
Brain glove by Mark Gmehling: © Mark Gmehling, Photo: kunstgebiet.ruhr

With the kind support of kunstgebiet.ruhr