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Edward Elric

Edward Elric




  • Get Al back his old body
  • Getting his body parts back

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  • David Turba (German voice actor)
  • Vic Mignogna (English voice actor)
  • Romi Park (Japanese Seiyu)
Who is super mega small here ?!”— Edward Elric

Edward Elric (エ ド ワ ー ド ・ エ ル リ ッ ク, Edowādo Erurikku), also called the "Fullmetal Alchemist" (鋼 の 錬 金 術 師, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi), is the protagonist of the series. He strives for the goal of finding the Philosopher's Stone to restore his little brother Al's body. That's why he went to the military where, at the age of twelve, he became the youngest state alchemist in history.

Past Edit source]

Edward was born in Resembool. But he and his brother are completely on their own after their father leaves them and their mother dies a few years later. Edward and his little brother Alphonse then want to bring them back to life through a human transmutation. So they studied alchemy for a few years and apprenticed to the alchemist Izumi Curtis. After learning a lot about alchemy, they eventually try to revive their mother. But they fail: Edward loses his left leg and Alphonse his entire body. By sacrificing his right arm, however, Edward succeeds in tying his brother's soul to armor. Edward gets his arm and leg replaced by special prostheses, so-called Automails, from Winry Rockbell, a good friend and mechanic. In order to get their bodies back, the brothers want to get possession of the Philosopher's Stone.

To make the search for the Philosopher's Stone easier for him and his brother, Edward decided to join the army (even if he was reluctant to "become a lackey in the army"), as he was granted many privileges as a "state alchemist". For example, he goes to libraries, makes various contacts in the military and also has a high budget in research funds, which the boys use to finance their trips.

However, Edward also has to fulfill orders for the military. He receives this from his supervisor Roy Mustang, the "Flame Alchemist", who knows about the boys' goals and gives them the freedom to research on their own.

Character and appearance Edit source]

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Edward has long, golden blonde hair, which he usually wears as a braided braid or sometimes as a normal ponytail. His eyes are gold in color. This indicates that his ancestors came from Xerxes.

Although he is small for his age with the height of 1.60 m (with a small protruding strand 1.65 m), he has a strong stature and is physically well trained. He usually wears a long-sleeved hooded coat, including a black t-shirt and a black - gray jacket, black shoes with dark red soles and long black trousers. He wears a brown belt around his waist, to which his state alchemist watch is attached.

Character [edit | Edit source]

He is extremely persistent, strong-willed, good-natured, petty and vengeful. Because of his personality traits, King Bradley gave him the code name 'Fullmetal'. Such stubborn people are known in Japan. When someone makes fun of his size, he interprets that fun as something worse than what was said. Although he is very hot-headed, he has a good heart, likes to help others and would never voluntarily kill anyone.

Special features [edit | Edit source]

Edward can use alchemy without a transmutation circle because he saw the "truth" on the other side of the gate during the human transmutation of his mother.

Instead of his right arm and left leg, he has so-called automails made of metal, where he transmutes parts of them into a blade during combat. Since these are more resilient than his other limbs, he also mainly uses the Automails in combat.

He hates drinking or otherwise consuming milk. An exception to this is the vegetable soup that Pinako Rockbell used to make.

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