Asana has a chat function

The 11 best project management tools

The market for project management tools is huge. We took a closer look at 11 popular tools for you.

# 1 Agantty: Completely free

This project management tool comes from Germany. The big plus: German can be set as the language. At Agantty, the focus is on the Gantt charts, with which the chronological processes of a project can be precisely surveyed and classified. You can assign the tasks to individual team members and simply check off completed tasks.

Benefits of Agantty

  • The provider is based in Germany and is an advantage in terms of data protection and language
  • Dashboard export possible via PDF

Cons of Agantty

  • The spelling of the project management tool takes getting used to
  • Mobile app not yet available
  • Time tracking not yet available

Agantty prices

  • As one of the few project management tools that can be fully used free of charge.
  • Additional extensions can be booked

# 2 Asana: top dog in project management

Asana is one of the most popular project management tools out there. Registering for a test account is very quick: Simply enter your email address, confirm and we will be greeted with a brief check in which we will check whether and how we are already organizing work processes. Then we can create a structure that we like: To-do list, Kanban board or Gantt chart - the choice is up to the user.

The dashboard has the following areas:

  • board
    On the board you create lines in which tasks are organized. The project manager then assigns the respective tasks to the appropriate team member and sets deadlines.
  • Timeline
    There is a clear timeline in which the interlocking of the individual tasks can be visualized.
  • calendar
    A classic calendar with the individual tasks is available. The appointments can easily be moved via drag & drop.
  • progress
    Status updates are made in this tab. In the paid version, progress can then be viewed in real time.
  • Forms
    You can create forms like briefings and link them to a project.
  • Files
    All attachments to tasks and discussions appear under files.
  • Discussions
    Like in a forum, the team can exchange ideas about the progress of the tasks and projects and contribute ideas.

Benefits of Asana

  • Very easy introduction to the software
  • German version available
  • Strong focus on a tidy, visual dashboard
  • Functions that focus on the essentials interlock

Cons of Asana

  • Provider reserves the right to internal analysis of the uploaded content
  • Some features are not free (milestones, integrations such as Salesforce or Adobe Creative Cloud)

Asana pricing

  • Basic: Free for up to 15 people
  • Premium: € 10.99 / user per month if billed annually
  • Business: € 24.99 / user per month if billed annually
  • Enterprise: on request

# 3 Bitrix24: project management tool for your own server

At Bitrix24 you can use a 30-day test version, which we also did for our research for interesting project management software. The first impression: The website looks a bit more old-fashioned than its competitor Asana. With Bitrix24 we are not getting a slim mini tool, but a project management battleship with apps for desktop and mobile devices.

Various functions are available to you in the dashboard, including order management, task management and - very practical - webmail integration. You can enter and manage all your tasks in the in-house planner.

Bitrix24 is a full-service tool that has a lot more to offer than just a few nice project management functions. If you know technically what you are doing, then you can run the powerful software in a virtual work environment on your own server. However, the website is a bit confusing, which is why beginners should need time to find their way around one of the most complex project management tools.

Benefits of Bitrix24

  • With the on-premise version, data is stored on your server and not in a cloud
  • Numerous practical social intranet functions that go far beyond pure project management
  • Human resource and customer relationship management are integrated

Disadvantages of Bitrix24

  • Installation on your own server requires know-how
  • Due to the range of functions, it is very demanding and time-consuming to familiarize yourself with

Prices from Bitrix24


  • free of charge with basic features

Special tariffs (feature graduation)

  • Start + (2 users included): 19 € / month (price not per user)
  • CRM + (6 users incl.): 55 € / month (price not per user)
  • Project + (24 users included): 55 € / month (price not per user)

Business tariffs

  • Standard (50 users included): 79 € / month (price not per user)
  • Professional (unlimited number of users): 159 € / month (price not per user)

# 4 Factro: Work clearly with traffic light colors

The tool from Germany impresses with its appealing and easy-to-understand user interface. Like the other common project management tools, Factro also works with Gantt charts and a real-time notification system. In order to ensure a quick familiarization with the software, webinars and tutorials are available to the user free of charge via the in-house YouTube channel.

However, Factro focuses on the core functions of a project management tool: planning and assigning tasks. If you are looking for a solution including a team chat function, you will unfortunately not find it. However, networking with Slack is possible for this.

Advantages of factro

  • German-language software with domestic, personal support
  • Real-time notifications
  • Very user-friendly, even for beginners
  • Even complex project management processes can be planned with just a few clicks
  • Tasks can be combined with one another
  • Traffic light color system indicates proximity to deadlines (green: everything okay, yellow: finish line is approaching, red: deadline exceeded)

Disadvantages of factro

  • No team chat
  • Gantt chart only available in the business cloud version
  • Time recording only available in the Professional Cloud

Factro prices

  • Basic Cloud: free of charge
  • Team Cloud (from 3 users): € 7.99 / user per month
  • Business Cloud (from 3 users): € 19.99 / user per month
  • Professional Cloud (from 3 users): 29.99 € / user per month

All versions can be tested for free.

# 5 InLoox: Project management for the Outlook client

InLoox is project management web software that can be integrated into Outlook - ideal for fans of the mail client. Classically, with InLoox, among other things. Plan projects, manage personal and project-related tasks, record working hours, evaluate project data and calculate budgets.

Advantages of InLoox

  • Visualization of project plans with Gantt charts
  • Integrated Kanban method
  • Integrated chat function
  • Document management included
  • Task creation from Outlook e-mails possible

Disadvantages of InLoox

  • A large range of functions requires a long training period
  • Sober look, hardly any playful elements

InLoox prices

InLoox PM - on-premise version (licensing at a one-time price)

For single users

  • InLoox PM 10 Personal (single workstation): 490 €
  • InLoox PM 10 Personal Plus (single workstation including laptop): € 590

For teams

  • Team license up to 50 users: Workgroup Server (990 €) + InLoox user license (from 490 € / one-time price per user)
  • For large workgroups: Enterprise Server (1590 €) + InLoox user license (from 590 € / one-time price per user)

InLoox now! - SaaS (monthly / annual rental model)

  • Starter (for up to 5 users): Free of charge
  • Professional: from € 24.95 per month / user
  • Enterprise (advanced customization functions): from € 44.95 per month / user

# 6 MeisterTask: easy to use, easy to get started

The simplicity of MeisterTask begins with the registration process: We don't need to enter any data, we can start immediately with an existing Google or Facebook account and a free basic plan.

Also cool: If you have previously used other project management tools such as Asana, Trello or Wunderlist, you can import the data from there with just a few clicks.

With its intuitive menu navigation and the playful and clear design, MeisterTask scores in terms of usability. This tool focuses on the two essential areas of company activity: projects and tasks.

We like the playfulness of MeisterTask. The team members tool informs about a successfully completed task via Slack or Mail, for example. This is how project management is fun.

Advantages of MeisterTask

  • Fresh, attractive and modern design
  • Very easy and quick entry
  • Clear, easy to use user interface

Disadvantages of MeisterTask

  • Comparatively small range of functions
  • Not really suitable for professionals who are looking for CRM integration and other more complex features in connection with project management

MeisterTask prices (staggered according to features)

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: € 8.25 / user with monthly billing
  • Business: € 20.75 / user with monthly billing
  • Enterprise: on request

# 7 Microsoft Project: ideal for MS fans

Microsoft Project is not an integration for Outlook, but a complete project management software directly from Microsoft. Anyone who uses products like Excel from the Microsoft Office Suite will immediately feel at home. Project files can be created quickly and easily by choosing from a variety of templates. With a task overview and a synchronous Gantt chart, MS Project has a logical and self-explanatory structure. MS Project is suitable for medium-sized companies who like to work with the Office Suite anyway.

Benefits of Microsoft Project

  • Automatic interaction of task overview and Gantt chart
  • Timeline available
  • Tasks can be linked to one another (start-to-start, start-to-finish, etc. for related tasks)
  • Auto-planning function for tasks

Disadvantages of Microsoft Project

  • If you don't like the Microsoft ecosystem, you won't have much fun with MS Project
  • Expensive compared to other project management tools
  • Long training required
  • The cheapest versions in terms of functionality are significantly restricted

Prices for the local-based solutions

  • Project Standard 2019: € ​​849
  • Project Professional 2019: € ​​1,509

Prices for the cloud solutions (annual subscriptions)

  • Project Plan 1: € 8.40 / user per month
  • Project Plan 3: 25.30 € / user per month
  • Project Plan 5: € 46.40 / user per month

# 8 monday: chic, fast and stylish

The working week begins on Monday. And with it a new project management phase in the monday tool of the same name for many start-ups. The website looks very modern and the visitor learns in a few bullet points with testimonials why monday is supported by successful companies such as, Philips and others. is being used.

The project management solution looks good: monday is the most visually beautiful software in our comparison. You work with lines that you can put together with a few simple clicks to suit your project. Regardless of the industry you are in.

Advantages of monday

  • Very fluid and intuitive operation
  • Modern look
  • High degree of customization options
  • SCRUM board included
  • Gamification ensures fun completing the tasks (quote from company video: “Break your projects down and get everyone clicking Done twice a day - it's addictive! ")
  • Interfaces to Zendesk, Slack, Mailchimp, Gmail, Dropbox, etc.

Cons of monday

  • Free basic version only available for 30 days
  • Subscriptions expensive
  • No time tracking
  • Not a completely German version

Prices from monday

  • Basic: free for a 30-day trial period, thereafter € 24 per month if paid annually
  • Standard: 29 € per month if paid annually
  • Pro: € 48 per month if paid annually
  • Enterprise: on request

# 9 OpenProject: permanent further development by the community

OpenProject is an affordable project management tool and, by its own name, the leading open source project management software. The name also reveals the origins and development history of OpenProject, which is financed and continuously developed by the members of the OpenProject Foundation. So if you want to promote a meaningful project by choosing your project management tool, this tool is a good choice.

Advantages of OpenProject

  • Gantt chart included (can be activated and deactivated manually)
  • Clear, simple filtering of tasks
  • Free, extensive basic version that is constantly being developed by the community

Disadvantages of OpenProject

  • Homescreen very text-heavy with many entries
  • Basically only a few graphic elements to loosen up the dashboard, rather unsuitable for visual types

OpenProject prices

  • Community Edition: free
  • Enterprise Cloud (from 5 users): 4.95 € / user per month with annual payment | Fixed price from 200 users and more
  • Enterprise on-premises (from 5 users): € 5.95 / user per month with monthly or annual payment | Fixed price from 200 users and more

# 10 Trello: Kanban method in perfection

Our personal favorite among project management tools is Trello. With its clear structure of boards and cards, Trello is an excellent project management tool for everyday life. The basic version is free and, in our opinion, sufficient for most projects - including on a professional level.

Benefits of Trello

  • easy entry thanks to intuitive structure
  • tidy dashboard, no superfluous visual elements
  • Gamification attributes such as postponing tasks via drag & drop are fun

Cons of Trello

  • The simplicity of the project management tool quickly reaches its limits and is rather unsuitable for complex projects or as a CRM replacement
  • No real-time communication (e.g. via live chat)

Trello prices

  • Basic: free (up to 10 team boards and one power-up per board)
  • Business Class: $ 9.99 / user per month
  • Enterprise: $ 17.50 / user per month (from 20 users, price drops from> 250 users)

In combination with a strong CRM, Trello is a good addition to your project management. Would you like to get started with the tool right away? Then read our Trello guide now.

# 11 Wrike: Experience meets intuitive workflow

Wrike has been around for over 13 years, making it a veteran project management tool. The software is by no means out of date, you will soon find out that the developers have perfected Wrike over the years.

The structure is very transparent and clear. Status updates are available in real time. Wrike thus combines the best of both worlds collaboration and instant messaging. When you need quick feedback from within the team, Wrike is the project management tool for you.

Benefits of Wrike

  • Workload view to see what your employees are working on and to what extent
  • Time entries for project entries possible (time tracking)
  • Timeline view for deadlines and milestones, so status meetings are no longer necessary
  • Real-time updates and real-time collaboration through discussions in the Live Editor (similar to Google Docs)
  • Report function to analyze efficiency

Wrike Cons

  • Can only be used when you are online
  • Time-consuming setup because the tool is very extensive
  • To-do lists can only be created with a browser extension
  • quite expensive

Wrike pricing (tiered by features)

  • Free demo version of all tariffs for up to 5 users (professional, business, marketing etc.) on request
  • Professional (5, 10, 15 users): $ 9.80 / user per month
  • Business (5-200 users): $ 24.80 / user per month
  • Enterprise (5-unlimited): Price on request

Conclusion on project management tools

The most popular project management tools have one thing in common: They help you to structure your numerous tasks and make them clearer. The preferences are very different. With monday you get one of the most modern and chic project management tools, but it is one of the most expensive.

Do you love to work with Outlook and the MS Suite in general? Than are MS Project or InLoox probably better suited for your workflow.

The most comprehensive solution among the project management tools Bitrix24. MeisterTask and Agantty are Made in Germanyso that all data remains on servers in this country. At the same time, the tools are the leanest options with the fewest extra features. Asana comes along as a real all-rounder - chic, intuitive, but also expensive.

  • We hope that you have now received enough information through our check to find the right tool for you. You can also find other helpful business software for founders, start-ups and SMEs at Für-Grü we have put together a guide for you on what project management software should be able to do.

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