Has someone deleted CAT without coaching

"Is there no style in removing someone from a group chat?"

  • Does that have style?

    Henriette Kuhrt

I am the administrator of a Whatsapp group that plays volleyball together every week. One member has not reported in a long time and has not come to training. When I removed him from the chat, there was a prompt complaint about being "kicked out". Was that so stylish? - Margret R., Grabs SG

You might think that you are dealing with the Snow Maiden Syndrome: expecting a lot from others, but not taking responsibility yourself and then being offended when things don't go as desired. Nevertheless, there would have been more gentle alternatives, namely to write a short message beforehand: "I'm tidying up here, are you still with us?"

File members do not interfere in the chat

If you've played volleyball with someone for months, maybe even years, you can just ask what's going on. Maybe he's having bad times, an injury, something. In the end, you don't care about a file in the chat, it doesn't bother anyone. Because of his lack of commitment he did no harm; unlike if he had always registered, then he would not have appeared and you would have had to compensate his rental