Utah people wear cowboy boots

State of California curious laws

Alhambra-You cannot leave your car on the street overnight without proper authorization.Arcadia-Peacocks have the right of way on all roads including private paths.Baldwin Park-Nobody is allowed to ride a bike in a swimming pool.Belvedere-A city council ordinance states: "No dog may be in a public place without its owner on a leash.Blythe-It is not allowed to wear cowboy boots unless you have at least two cows.-It's illegal to spit it out except on baseball diamonds.Carmel-Ice cream is not allowed to be eaten while standing on the sidewalk.-Women are not allowed to wear high heels within the city limits.Cathedral City-It is forbidden to sleep in a parked car.-People are not allowed to cycle through the "Fountain of Life".-You are not allowed to take your dog to school.Cerritos-All dog feces must be removed from each yard within seven days.Chico-You need a permit from the city to throw hay into a cesspool.-It is illegal to have a green or smelly animal fur.-Bowling on the sidewalk is illegal.-Driving a flock down the road is against the law.-It is illegal to plant a garden on a public street.-Igniting a nuclear device within the city limits carries a $ 500 fine.Dana Point-Nobody is allowed to use their own toilet when the window is open.Downey-It is illegal to wash the car on the street.Hermosa Beach-Public toilets must be equipped with toilet paper.-No person is allowed to show their buttocks on a playing field.-It is illegal to put salt on the highway.Hollywood-It is illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at one time.Indian Wells-It is forbidden for a trumpet player to play his instrument with the intention of enticing someone into a shop.-Drinking poisoned cement is prohibited.-Predicting the future against donations is illegal.-Crushing rocks within the city limits is prohibited.Lafayette-Do not spit on the floor within 5 feet of another person.Lodi-It is illegal to spray "silly strings" on parade participants.Lompoc-It is illegal to own or own a rooster, or to raise it. This is seen as a disturbance of the public calm.Long Beach-Cars are the only item allowed in a garage.-Swearing is not allowed on a mini golf course.los Angeles-A man must not beat his wife with a strap wider than 2 inches without her consent.-You cannot bathe two babies in the same bathtub at the same time.-It is forbidden to hunt moths under a street lamp.-You are not allowed to cry on the witness stand.-Frogs must not be licked.-It is a crime for dogs to mate within 500 yards of a church. Offenses against this will result in $ 500 or 6 months in prison.-Exaggerated (fluffy) suits are prohibited.Norco-Vehicles must not contain any sound systems that allow the same noises to be heard outside the vehicle. This does not apply to vehicles that advertise the sale of goods.-It is illegal to give fireworks to someone.-Anyone wishing to keep a rhinoceros as a pet must first purchase a license for $ 100.-Growing oleanders is illegal.Ontario-Roosters are not allowed to crow within the city limits.Pacific Grove-It is forbidden to molest butterflies.Palm Springs-Camels are not allowed to go down Palm Canyon Drive between 4pm and 6pm.Pasadena-A secretary is not allowed to be alone in a room with her boss.Prunedale-No two bathtubs may be installed in a house.Redlands-Motor vehicles are not allowed to drive on the city streets unless a man with a lantern walks in front of them.Riverside-Nobody is allowed to carry lunch down the street between 11am and 1pm.San Diego-Rabbits are not allowed to be shot from the back seat of a car.-Owners of houses that are still decorated with Christmas lights after February 2nd will be fined $ 250.San Francisco-Elephants are not allowed to stroll down Market Street if they are not on a leash.-Cars must not be washed with used underwear.-People who are classified as ugly are not allowed to walk down the street.-It is illegal to pile horse droppings on a street corner higher than 6 feet.-Giving or receiving oral sex is prohibited.San Jose-It is forbidden to own more than two cats or dogs.San Luis Obispo-A gas-powered blower may not be operated on a Sunday for commercial purposes.Santa Monica-Drums are not allowed to be played on the beach.Shasta Lake-No dogs may be raffled as gifts in a public square.Temecula-Ducks have right of way on Rancho California Street at all times.Thousand Oaks-Before a business can carry out a clearance sale due to closure, a special permit must be obtained from the mayor.Walnut-Ice cream sellers need a license before they can sell ice cream from their car.-Kites (toys) must not fly higher than 10 feet above the ground.-Children are not allowed to wear a Halloween mask unless they have special permission from the sheriff.-No flowers may be picked in the city garden.-Men are not allowed to dress up as women unless they have special permission from the sheriff.-You cannot leave any sand in your own driveway.