What are the different uses of poultry

Poultry: definition & classification

Poultry is the name given to all bird species that are intended for human consumption and that are mostly kept as livestock. But it also includes game birds.

Classification of poultry

There are several ways to classify poultry. The most common criteria are presented below:

Classification according to habitat

Zoological classification

Chicken birds (Galliformes):
Chicken, pheasant, guinea fowl, turkey, quail

Duck birds (Anseriformes):
Duck Goose

Pigeon birds (Columbiformes):

Classification according to fat content

Classification according to legal categories

  • poultry
  • Poultry meat
  • slaughtered poultry
  • Poultry parts
  • Offal

All 5 categories can be obtained in three different grades (A / B / C). The difference between the quality classes lies in the fat coverage, the meat distribution, the color, the sensory properties, etc.

Classification according to quality class

Classification according to the state of the offer

1. fresh and chilled (2-4 ° C) for a maximum of 5 days
2. Frozen (-12 ° C) up to 4 months
3. Can be frozen (-18 ° C) for up to 10 months

Meat parts

Since most bird species hardly differ in terms of their anatomy, the subdivision or cutting of poultry of all kinds is largely identical.

The chest or flight muscles make up about 25 to 35 percent of the total weight. It is divided into the larger outer fillet and the much smaller, more tender inner fillet. The breast is particularly lean and tends to dry out if cooked for a long time.

Club, thigh, mallet
The leg contains numerous smaller muscles that are separated from one another by thin layers of fat. It is more aromatic than the breast, partly darker in color, and can be cooked longer. For larger poultry, thighs and lower legs are also offered separately, boneless chicken thighs as "chicken steak".

The wings contain very little meat; it is similar to that of the clubs. They are offered as part of the poultry meat. Grilled or roasted chicken wings are particularly popular as snacks in American cuisine.

In contrast to mammals, the back of poultry hardly contains any meat. It is suitable for boiling poultry broth and is also part of the poultry meal.

The Pfaffenschnittchen lie in pairs at the level of the legs next to the spine. Their meat is considered to be of particularly high quality.

The rump consists essentially of fat and glandular tissue. The secretion is used by the birds to care for their plumage. From a culinary point of view, the rump is worthless, it is sometimes recommended to remove it before preparing whole animals, as the rump gland can have an unpleasant, tranquil taste.

Neck (not pictured)
The neck contains little meat around the spine, which is long-grained, dark and aromatic. It belongs to the little poultry. Traditionally, the skin of the goose neck is used as a shell to make a kind of cooked sausage from cooked goose pills.

Notes on the picture
1) breast, a outer fillet (pectoralis), b inner fillet (supracoracoid)
2) leg, a thigh, b lower leg
3) wings
4) back
5) Pfaffenschnittchen
6) rump

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