What is Xamarin Studio

Development with Xamarin

If an app is used on several operating systems and is to be implemented natively for usability and / or performance reasons, this results in a very large implementation effort in the classic native implementation in Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and C # for Windows . Knowledge of the various programming languages, development tools and operating systems is rarely combined in a single person and so experts have to implement the business logic, the interface and the connectivity layer for each platform for the different platforms. This form of cross-platform development is relatively expensive and complicated, as the problems for the individual platforms can be very different.

Xamarin takes a different approach here: Consisting of development tools and a framework, almost 100% of the native APIs of Android and iOS are made available as NET APIs. The development of the native apps for all 3 platforms takes place in Visual Studio (or Xamarin Studio) and C #, which makes it possible to use many code components for all platforms and thus avoid the time-consuming and error-prone new implementation for each platform. It is important here that individual UI elements and resolutions can still be created for each platform - this increases the effort, but ensures native and platform-appropriate usability for the app. As an alternative, Xamarin Forms can be used.