Is the Jio SIM free or not

Use of JIO apps on a PC without JIO-Sim 2021

Although the speeds have dropped dramatically, the Jio fever has not yet completely subsided. Most of you now need to enjoy 4G speed to stream your favorite Youtube videos without the dreaded buffering. While there are still a few issues that need to be addressed such as: B. Disconnections that do not meet the requirements in some areas and with the availability of the premium SIM cards, Jio has fundamentally moved the telecommunications market.

Not only does the free offer apply to 4G data, a number of apps are also part of the package, which apparently no one is focusing on. Today we're going to see what these apps offer and how you can enjoy them better than on a cramped mobile screen.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčcomparison videos: We made videos comparing Jio to Airtel and Vodafone in Delhi, New York and Bangalore. Look at her.

The apps

There are a total of eight different Jio apps that offer a variety of services, ranging from the usual entertainment package from Movies & Music to News & Cloud Storage.

All content in these apps is also free until December 31, 2016, and an active Jio connection is required to use them. The apps on the top row are very popular and most likely will be used by anyone with a Jio SIM card. The 10 million downloads of every app in the Google Store are proof of this.

Enjoying movies on your 5 inch screen is no fun at all

Okay, that all sounds fine, but what if you want to enjoy John Wick with your friends on your laptop instead of them all towering up on your tiny smartphone screen. If you have an Android tablet (still around?) Or a Chromebook, you're fine. For others, Android on PC is the way to go.

RemixOS to the rescue

Android emulators are not a new thing as they have been around since the days of gingerbread. But most of them were sluggish, buggy, and not that easy to use. That changed with the January 2016 release of RemixOS. It was designed from the ground up for x86 hardware (your PC) and the developers didn't ignore the user interface like others did. The result is lag-free performance and an easy-to-use emulator that is as simple as installing a regular desktop program. So let's see how to install it first.

Install RemixOS

There are two variants of RemixOS, one that Android installs as a separate operating system called RemixOS, and the other, the RemixOS player, which runs as an emulator on Windows. Which one to use depends on what you're going to do with Android.

Installing it as a separate operating system gives you better performance and stability, but requires a cumbersome reboot every time to use Android. On the other hand, the player (emulator) is easy to use, but you will suffer from performance problems if your PC has lower specs. In our current scenario, if you want to use Jio apps on any internet connection, all you have to do is use RemixOS.

The instructions for installing RemixOS as a separate operating system can be seen in the video above. RemixOS Player is installed like any other Windows program. Accept the fine print. Click Nexts until the program is installed.

Run the Jio apps

Now that you've installed RemixOS, the next thing to do is to install the Jio apps of your choice. Fortunately, RemixOS comes with Google Play services and all you have to do is go to Play Activation App> Sign in with your Google account to use it.

There are a few things to keep in mind about how these apps work. As mentioned at the beginning, a Jio ID is required to be able to use all apps. Whether an active Jio connection is required depends on how you installed RemixOS. In our case, Jio apps on RemixOS worked on any internet connection except for JioTV, which crashed frequently.

As already mentioned, on RemixOS Player you need an active Jio connection, either in the form of USB tethering or WiFi hotspot. Another Android emulator that JioTV was working on was Bluestacks.

Another simpler solution: arc welder on chrome

While RemixOS is great and easy to use, it could be problematic for someone who just wants to enjoy movies on JioCinema and want to install the entire Android operating system (or emulator) as it might be too much work. For those who just want to use a single app, Arc Welder for Chrome is a much easier option. It's a Chrome app that works as an Android emulator. So let's see how to install and use it.

Step 1: Install the Arc Welder app for Chrome.

Step 2: Open the app from the app launcher by typing chrome: // apps in the address bar. Click Add APK and point to the location of your app's saved APK file.

If you don't know how to get an app, here are the instructions.

Step 3: After adding the apk, keep the settings and click Test to start the app.

I've tested all of the apps in ArcWelder and they work just fine, with the exception of JioTV which continues to be stubborn. Note that Arc Welder requires hardware acceleration to be enabled. You can find out how to activate it here.


So RemixOS & Arc Welder are the two ways that you can use these apps for any connection. Other emulators require an active Jio connection, while a Jio ID is required in each case. As for these apps, I'm pleasantly surprised after a few months. I was expecting a bunch of badly designed apps with bad content. Not only is it easy to use, the content is huge and diverse, and new content is added regularly. Did you find our method helpful? Share your views and thoughts through comments.