How's McDonald's ice cream

That's why the ice cream machine at McDonald's is always out of order

There are these disappointing moments in life. And one of them is when you want to order a McFlurry from McDonald’s and tell one of the employees that the ice cream machine is out of order.

At some point someone probably noticed that this (unfortunately) happens more often. He posted it on Twitter and well, now users all over the world are discovering their common misery: the continually broken ice cream machine at McDonald’s.

So, in case you're wondering why the ice machine always accidentally fails when you're there: You are not alone.

The users were already joking about a conspiracy - or that the employees were too easy to squeeze ice-cream out of the machine. The "Wall Street Journal" has taken on the matter and checked once.

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And we at Business Insider also knocked on McDonald’s Germany and asked: How can it be that the McFlurry machine stands still so often?

The company's answer: "The shake machine pasteurizes once a day." During this time, no ice can be poured.

A simple process is hidden behind the word “pasteurization”. The ice mass in the machine is heated to at least 75 degrees. In this way, microorganisms die that could make us sick or spoil the ice cream.

Okay. What must be must be. We all want to eat perfect ice cream. The question, however, is why McDonald’s has the machine pasteurized during opening hours.

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The process, which, according to the fast food chain, “takes about three hours”, usually takes place while the restaurant is closed. However, some branches are open 24 hours a day - and there, for better or worse, customers have to forego ice cream at a certain time.

In addition, the machine has to be completely dismantled every two weeks and thoroughly cleaned.

So now we know that if we don't get a McFlurry at McDonald’s next time, it’s not a conspiracy and it’s only for our own good.