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Primitivo Rosato - trend wine of the summer

What is Primitivo Rosato?

The name alone Primitivo has it all. In recent years, the classic red Primitivo has moved to the top of the popularity list. A strong achievement, because 20 years ago no rooster crowed for the wine from Apulia.

What many don't know: this one Grape variety was only rediscovered at the beginning of this millennium in Puglia, on the heel of Italy's boots. There is also the most important cultivation zone of the Primitivo in the Apulia region (Italian: Puglia).

in the taste the Primitivo is similar to the Californian Zinfandel. Today it is assumed that the Zinfandel originated from the primitive grape. The Zinfandel has been available in rosé for many years and in Apulia it is now finally being expanded as a rosato.

What does Rosato actually mean? Rosato is Italian and means something like rosé, rosy or pink-red.

For a long time, the upscale wine world treated the rosé a little neglected. But those times are over! Rosato, blush and pink are on everyone's lips and in summer also in everyone's glasses. The fruity-fresh taste and the bright color make the Primitvo Rosato so unique. With an alcohol content of approx. 12%, the wine is a wonderful one aperitif, a special companion for Italian summer dishes and nice warm dishes Summer evenings.

How is the rosato made?

The red grapes of the Primitivo vine are gently pressed and left for a few hours. The red color pigments are easily released from the peel and give the grape juice the beautiful pink with the beautiful copper-colored reflections. The juice is then treated like a white wine, i.e. clarified and brought into alcoholic fermentation by adding yeast.

This is how the Primitivo Rosato tastes best

Our Primitivo Rosato tastes like a fruit basket made from raspberries, strawberry jam and red currants. Its bouquet unfolds best at a drinking temperature of 10-12 ° C.

Give the bright rosé in white wine glasses. If you like something a little more unusual, serve the wine in red wine glasses and let ice cubes with frozen flowers or raspberries “plop into”. That cools and looks especially nice.

Rosato tonic spritzer

The Rosato Tonic Spritzer is a hit when it comes to summer drinks. Simply mix equal parts Primtivo Rosato and Tonic Water and then serve on crushed ice. Serve the glasses with mint leaves and lime or lemon wedges as desired.

In summer, the rosato goes well with these dishes:

  • pink fried scampi
  • Spaghetti al lime
  • fried green asparagus tips with risotto
  • Antipasti like bruschetta
  • Carpaccio

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