Will Birmingham get an NHL team?

Dany Bousquet

There was great astonishment in the league when it became known in mid-March of this year: Dany Bousquet, the league's top scorer, is moving to the Kassel Huskies. After all, quite a few DEL clubs were after the dangerous striker. Why Kassel of all places? “Because it's just an ice hockey city. I noticed that when I played here with Freiburg. On my first visit to Kassel, I was absolutely amazed at the media presence of the huskies here in the region - I felt comfortable there from the start! ”Especially because friend Nicole from Freiburg moved with him to the North Hessian metropolis.

Dany was born in Montreal in 1973, so it's no wonder he took his first steps on the ice at the age of three. “We lived across the street from a park where you could skate. Ice hockey is the absolute number one in the sport in Montreal. Of course I was a fan of the Canadiens at the time, but later I liked the style of the Quebec Nordiques better. ”His coaches decided immediately: Dany will attack. That was fine with him, his role models - Guy LaFleur, Joe Sakic and Wayne Gretzky - were all men who scored goals instead of preventing them. Father Yvon and mother Diane always stood behind their son's goals and dreams and supported him wherever they could. “Ice hockey is a very expensive sport, especially when you are young. The equipment has to be added or renewed all the time and there are also all the away trips, ”explains Bousquet. The center earned his first own money as a newsboy and referee at baseball and ice hockey games; as a teenager he even worked in an ice hockey school.

At the age of 18 Dany finished school and decided to become a professional. However, the wish to run for the University of Maine did not come true. Since his mother tongue is French, he first had to learn English, but it didn't work out in Maine. After a year at Dalhousie University, he finally moved around with the Canadian national team in 1995/96. "We played in seven different countries back then, that was a really great experience and probably one of the reasons why I play in Germany today."

Bousquet, Washington Capitals draft pick from 1993, is still convinced today that a professional career in ice hockey was the right decision: “If I hadn't become a player myself, I would still be in this business today. As an agent or with an equipment company, for example. In addition, I've always had the dream of having my own sports bar. Let's see what happens to it. ”In 2002, after six years at ECHL and AHL, Dany finally dared to leap across the pond. “It was the right time. You know when you are ready to take this step. If you're too young, you won't make it because life here is quite different from that in North America, ”he says, emphasizing how small fridges and apartments are in Europe.

Initially, his path took him to the Italian league for HC Asagio, before he moved to Freiburg last year and in his first DEL season with 49 goals became the top scorer in the league. Despite this great record, Bousquet replied to the question of whether there was a player he couldn't get along with with a wink: "All goalkeepers, they are always in your way!" But he immediately tried to meet the expectations of the Huskies fans insulate: “The last year was really an exceptional season for me, I can't let it put me under pressure.” “Bousque” spent his ice hockey-free time in his hometown of Montreal. “It was the first time in twelve years that I was there again over the summer! The good thing about it is: I was able to skate a lot and so keep myself fit. In addition, my younger brother Luc has just had offspring. I love children and wanted to see the baby. ”Children also play an important role in his own future:“ I definitely want to have a family one day and give my children everything that my parents gave me. ”They would have him namely not only supported at all times, but also taught him to stay on the ground and not to try to be someone else.

The man with the shirt number 54 also takes a more relaxed approach to his free time, watches TV with his girlfriend Nicole, listens to music - preferably hip hop - or just goes for a coffee. Like some of his colleagues, he spends a lot of time fishing or golfing during the summer months. With the huskies, Dany wants to reach the play-offs and then get as far as possible. The chemistry in the team is right and that is exactly what is important, because: "The season is really long - in the end the team with the strongest will will be on top."