Where is the rock garden in Karnataka

Travel in India

Safety in an unfamiliar place should be the number one concern for any traveler. Interacting with people and languages ​​you don't know can sometimes be a problem. Mishaps don't come with a warning, and we understand that addressing your security needs, we have come up with a special product that takes care of all your major concerns.
It includes:
1) English speaking drivers, assistants, guides at most point of contacts
2) At least three most important local contacts for you in emergencies / special needs
3) 24/7 location track with guides, hotels & authorities in charge
4) Visa support, passport controls and identification loopholes, if any
5) Local Area Office help from Antilog / Antilog partner
6) Official bookings of local tours, attractions, activities etc. at agreed rates by trusted people
7) 24/7 hotline / online help
8) Accident Insurance of INR 1 lakh (USD 2,000 CA) for each traveler
9) Optional medical and luggage insurance
10) Special & culture specific needs catered for
We are the only company that offers a security product to the traveler. Safetynet helps to increase your safety so that you can enjoy a stress-free and no-worries vacation. We encourage our travelers to read and follow directions and travel guidelines carefully.