What is the basic device for IoT

torero cube

The torero cube Hybrid control consists of a basic device, which is expanded individually according to the respective requirements. There are three housing variants with different numbers of expansion spaces available. These can be equipped with expansion modules according to your application. The basic device is optionally available in two versions:

  • for front panel installation with color touch display
  • for mounting on DIN rails

Due to the high integration density, extensive automation tasks with a large number of connections can be implemented in the smallest of spaces.

A PLC runtime environment runs on the controller, which executes the application created with logi.CAD3 in ST, FBS or AS. The system can be operated via a visualization based on web technology (HTML5). This is created with the PROCON-WEB Designer. No knowledge of web programming is required. The control can be accessed from any device with a web browser. The connection can be encrypted with TLS (HTTPS).

IIoT devices are integrated via the communication protocols OPC UA, MQTT, web services and Modbus. Event-based program functions can be implemented using Lua scripts. A data exchange between the PLC application and the Lua scripts is possible. Access to Clound services is possible via the web client and web services. The connection can be encrypted with TLS (HTTPS).

To protect the controller from attacks from the network, it has an integrated firewall and VPN function. Mobile devices can access the control through the integrated WLAN access point. The controller can also be integrated into the existing WLAN infrastructure, as a WLAN client.

To protect your know-how, the entire application is only delivered encrypted.