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Module quantitative methods in business administration

English module name: Quantitative Methods of Management
Name of the lecturer:Prof. Dr. Brigitte Werners
Lecture number: 072 115 / 072 116
Type and duration of the event:Lecture, 2 hours
Place, day, time: -
Date of the first event: for the last time in WS 18/19
Note: There are no exams for students who have successfully passed the module Introduction to Business Administration before the winter semester 2012/13.


Brief description of the content

This module teaches basic quantitative methods to support business decisions. By using these quantitative models and methods, complex real problems can be analyzed, modeled and evaluated in a structured manner and the best possible solution can be determined. Linear optimization can be used in a variety of ways, the basics of which, including algorithms and standard software, are presented. Exemplary applications of various business areas such as production and investment planning, logistics and revenue management provide an overview of the potential for use. Furthermore, applications such as transport optimization and project planning are presented on the basis of graph-theoretic methods. Decisions in dynamic or risky situations can, among other things, be supported by simulation, which is also dealt with.

Documents / registrations

The book Werners, B .: Basics of Operations Research with Tasks and Solutions, 3rd Edition, Berlin, Heidelberg 2013, is particularly recommended to accompany the lecture. In addition, slides, tasks and other information about the corresponding Moodle course will be provided in good time before the start of the event. The password will be announced in the first event.

Participation modalities

The module quantitative methods of business administration is part of the specializations Accounting, Finance and Taxation and Management, information and decision making in the bachelor's degree in Management & Economics.

The event is aimed at students in the 3rd semester of their bachelor's degree. exercise