Why is water transfer printing extremely expensive

Water transfer printing

multilayered veneer .. ok .. i have had several strips from the e60, from the newer E class and also from the newer 7s in my hand and looked at them more closely.

I couldn't see anything of multiple layers .. only an approx. 2-3mm ("clear lacquer", clear sealing) layer over the "wood". I doubt whether it was real wood .. because the back is plastic and deep or something else I couldn't determine directly.

a set from the e36 (is now also a few years ago) i currently have here. I almost dropped the bars when they were handed to me .. HEAVY !! ... turned around, REAL WOOD! as if it just fell off on the back ... THAT is definitely real wood

and what you are sure to post can also be seen right away.

from the e39 I haven't had the honor yet, if I'm honest, but believe you when you say this is REAL WOOD! then the question is whether it can only be found in individual ??

that would interest me.

and another reason FOR ME to coat the parts .. I have newly coated ones and thus "new" ones. there are no signs of wear or abrasions or anything like that.

it is clear that so many years will not go by without a trace.

on the whole, YES, I agree with you, it is also clear, how can you "paint" real wood when it is not real. But I have already written above why WTD is "better" and on top of that, you can even choose the pattern.

And all of that on average within a week, brand new at home .. and the parts may not be too troublesome. even to buy individually and expensive and to take the possible damage on it

speaks more for than against.

not really to be seen with the naked eye anyway .. only when you answer it and "take a close look"

hardly anyone does.

but I don’t want to argue here at all .. of course it’s up to you what you do, what you stand on and, above all, what you decide on your car.

In this sense .. have a pleasant evening