How did the smoking ban come about

The history
of smoking

600 - 500
before Christ

For the Maya priests, tobacco smoking was part of a spiritual ritual. They lit holy fires and inhaled the tobacco smoke.

November 6, 1492

After discovering America, Columbus documented the tobacco consumption of locals in what is now Cuba. He brought the tobacco plants to Europe. The Europeans initially only inhaled the smoke through their noses.


The Russian Tsar Mikhail Romanov introduced harsh punishments such as executions or ban on tobacco consumption in order to prevent the spread of smoking as much as possible.


In 1625, King James I of England implemented a tobacco tax for the first time.


The employees in tobacco factories in Spain and France came up with the idea of ​​wrapping leftover tobacco in paper and smoking it. Two years later, in 1852, the first cigarette factory opened in St. Petersburg.

19th century

During early industrialization, smoking was one of the few luxury goods that was affordable for the general public. Smoking gained increasing social acceptance.

After this
First World War

After the war, large tobacco companies emerged in America for the first time and the mechanical production of cigarettes was perfected.

Weimar Republic

The consumption of cigarettes continued to rise and overtook the consumption of cigars and pipes. The fast pace in modern times with new cars and travel was the reason why smoking became increasingly popular. It was a sign of a fast and enjoyable life.


The tobacco companies are of great importance to Germany. With around 10,000 jobs and a turnover of over 20 billion euros, tobacco consumption is an important factor in the economy.


In the past 20 years, smoking has become twice as expensive. By mid-2017 there should be a total of eleven fewer cigarette brands on the market.

problems expected

The tobacco industry generates well over 700 billion euros worldwide each year. But new laws and regulations - such as the smoking ban in bars and public buildings and printing on packs with shock photos - are affecting the industry. The numbers are falling, new ideas are needed.

New techniques

In the next few years, new technologies will therefore revolutionize the cigarette market. These include the already very popular e-cigarettes and hybrid models, which vaporize special tobacco instead of burning it. Studies also show that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are
less harmful

The advantage of e-cigarettes compared to conventional cigarettes is that they no longer produce as many harmful and sometimes carcinogenic substances as are produced when the tobacco in a cigarette is burned.

New approaches

Worldwide sales from e-cigarettes are currently over 6 billion euros per year. Not a very big factor for the industry yet. But that could change soon: Experts expect sales from e-cigarettes and accessories to more than quintuple by 2030.

We at PowerCigs will accompany the developments in the industry with our products and look forward to an exciting future together.