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7 tips to keep you mentally strong - from a Navy Seal trainer

The US special unit Navy Seals is one of the best in the world - this is due, among other things, to the hard training and discipline that the soldiers have to display. Their unofficial motto: "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday", in German that means: "The only easy day was yesterday".

Andrew Wittman was a long time with the Seals, but he wasn't always that hardened. “When I was little, I was an easy victim. I was the fat child, the crybaby who was always teased by the strong "," Inc "quotes him.

But Wittman has changed - so much that he later got a call from the US State Department asking if he could train the Navy Seals. He is now the head of the Mental Toughness Training Center and supports the heads of the world's largest corporations in building up their mental strength. To do this, he has seven key points with which everyone can train their mental strength.

1. Do things that you are afraid of

“What scares you can quickly become banality with a little practice,” says Wittman. "A teenager who is afraid of intersections while driving is totally routine after a six-hour drive to see grandma."

2. Have a hero or a role model

The first million are the hardest, but not for the reason many think of them. “It's the hardest because you don't know how to do it beforehand.” Finding a role model or a hero who has already achieved what you want can help, says the former Navy Seal. "What one person can do, another person can do too."

3. Maintain a circle of trusted friends

By this, Wittman doesn't mean friends who keep your secrets to themselves, but the kind of friends who actively help solve problems.

4. Tell your battle stories with pride

“Talking about how you overcame major obstacles helps you focus your mind and your emotions on your success,” claims the expert. If your subconscious already knows this type of success, it will be easier for you to reproduce it.

5. Never say "I'll try"

Have you ever invited someone to a party and they thought they were trying to make it? And - did the person show up? "People use the word" try "to talk themselves out of certain situations."

6. Be the pig, not the hen

"If there is bacon and egg on your breakfast plate, the hen may have played a role, but the pig is there with full devotion." Devotion is the key to mental strength, says Wittman.

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“When Hernan Cortes faced an army of 30,000 with 600 men in the 16th century, he did not bring about victory through a motivational speech. He burned the boats, making victory the only option for his men. It worked."

7. Be brave and never give up

"Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the conscious choice to face your fear," says the Navy Seal. If you exclude the option of giving up, the battle is almost over for you. "If you stay in a fight long enough, sooner or later there will be a solution."