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Spicy chipotle chilli chicken from the grill

As you know, the is currently running Blog event BBQ / Grill. Has an excellent subject Ralph chosen there! Grill master Helmut is currently working hard on the device, one Weber One Touch Gold with a diameter of 57 cm and tries to learn new techniques and refine old ones.

An overview of the previous grill history can be found under the heading grill.

A week ago there was chicken marinated in a spicy chipotle and chilli marinade. Absolutely delicious, one of the best grilled chicken ever on the table! Absolutely worthy of the event - but you don't know what's coming. That is why I will only nominate my entry for participation at the end.

The grilling is done on direct heat, which means that the chickens are placed directly over the coals. To prevent the parts from burning, the Chef de Grill has set up two zones: one hotter and one not so hot. This is regulated simply by the amount of coal. The meat is seared first on the hot side, then the pieces of meat are grilled on the not so hot zone.

This polenta tagratin goes perfectly with spicy chicken pieces with a Mexican touch, which I do Food freak owe. It is enriched with corn kernels, coriander, two types of cheese - and this time with the entire contents of a can with pickled red jalapeños. The gratin is also very tasty as a vegetarian main meal, then I would serve it with a salad.

Wang Bo was so impressed with the recipe that he really wanted detailed instructions from me, which he immediately translated into Chinese. I have him a can for that Chipotles en adobo and leave some of my stash of Penzey’s chili powder. * Happy * - I can hope for more supplies 🙂 Will the chicken soon be sizzling on a Chinese grill?

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Spicy chipotle chicken from the grill
Polenta with green chillies and cheese

========== REZKONV recipe - RezkonvSuite v1.2.1

Title: Grilled Spicy Chipotle Chicken
Categories: Grill, Poultry, Chicken
Quantity: 4 servings

1/4 cup chipotles en adobo (4 pieces with a little sauce)
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 cloves of garlic; pressed
1/2 onion; roughly chopped
2 tablespoons Coriander green; chopped
1 tablespoon Paprika powder
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon chilli powder (Petra: Penzey's medium)
1 teaspoon salt
1 chicken weighing 1.5 kg; disassembled into 8 pieces each
2 chickens (approx. 1 kg each); broken down into 4

============================ SOURCE ====================== =======
Bon Appetit
July 2006
-Captured * RK * 06/25/2006 from
-Petra crabapple

Put the chipotles, olive oil and garlic in a blender and add
puree into a paste. The chopped onion, coriander greens, paprika,
Add cumin, chilli powder and salt and mix until the onion
is finely chopped. Put 60 ml of the puree in a small container,
cover and cool. The rest of the paste along with the
Put the chicken pieces in a freezer bag, preserve the marinade well
spread and put in the fridge overnight.

Oil the grillage.

Prepare a grill on medium heat (direct heat, 2nd
Heat zones).

Grill the chicken for about 30 minutes until the meat is through,
If necessary, switch to the cooler zone so that nothing
burns. (Helmut: 2 x 2 minutes in the hot zone, then
warp and grill for another 20 minutes, once after 10 minutes
turn). The parts in the last 5 minutes with the retained
Brush the marinade.

Place the chickens on a platter and serve.

Note Petra: delicious grilled chicken with excellent
Marinade. I made polenta with chillies and cheese with it, it goes well

The original recipe uses a large chicken, I have two
made smaller ones. In each case breasts (boneless) and thighs whole
relaxed, with the bone ends of the chicken thighs


========== REZKONV recipe - RezkonvSuite v1.2.1

Title: Polenta with Green Chillies and Cheese
Categories: Grains, Polenta, Chili, Vegetarian, Mexico
Quantity: 4 servings

2 cups of milk
1 cup of water
3/4 cup polenta
3 cloves of garlic, pressed through
1 teaspoon salt
Butter for the mold
1/2 cup parmesan, freshly grated
1 can of green chillies, drained in slices (approx. 200 g)
1 cup of canned corn, drained
2/3 cup coriander greens, chopped
2 cups Monterey Jack cheese, grated *
1/2 cup of heavy cream

============================ SOURCE ====================== =======
Bon Appetit January 1998
The Cook's Exchange
by Peggy Reed

* alternatively mild Gouda (4 servings as a main course or 8 as

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. A rectangular baking dish (e.g.
Butter lasagne dish). The first 5 ingredients in a large saucepan
mix and bring to a boil. Over medium heat under
Simmer, stirring constantly, until the polenta thickens. With salt
and pepper to taste; Fold in the parmesan with a whisk.

Spread half of the polenta in the baking dish. The half
Spread the chilli slices and corn on top, half of the
Scatter coriander greens and cheese on top. 1/4 cup of cream on top
to distribute. Repeat process.

(Can be prepared up to this point. Cover and up to 24
Store in the refrigerator for hours).

Bake until the cheese begins to brown - about 25 minutes; if
chilled, approx. 30 minutes. Divide into portions and serve.

Translated, tested & typed by Petra Hildebrandt
CategoriesSide dishes, grill, poultry