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Oat flakes in the eco-test: three well-known products fail because of questionable ingredients

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From: Laura Knops

Breakfast flakes in the test: Öko-Test examined 24 oat flakes for harmful substances - the test result: three products from well-known manufacturers fail because of critical ingredients.

Mönchengladbach - whether in porridge, in homemade (crispy) muesli * or in pancakes -oatmeal are not only versatile, they are also very healthy. The Breakfast cereal contain many nutrients and are ideal for a healthy diet breakfast. Oatmeal is also allowed on a gluten-free diet, so they are also an alternative for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Eco test has now 24 products tested, three of them failed - not only one of them oatmeal from the Discount stores, but also brands from the Organic segment. The experts examined the products primarily for questionable ingredients. Öko-Test substances such as Nickel, mold toxins and contamination with mineral oil.

Oat flakes in the eco-test: Critical ingredients found in the test

The good news: In more than half of the oatmeal the testers found little or no trace of thecritical substancesprove. Ten brands were rated “very good”, four were rated “good”. Thereby cut oatmeal from the Discount stores at a price of 0.47 cents per 500 grams as well as Organic products for 2.40 euros per 500 grams.

“Very good” were among others oatmeal "Alnatura oat flakes extra tender" by Alnatura, "EnerBio oat flakes fine sheet" by Rossmann, "Organic oatmeal tender" by Kölln and "Crownfield Oatmeal Tender" by Lidl from. “Yes!” Were rated as “good”. Tender oat flakes “fromRewe and "Organic Oatmeal Fine Sheet" from dm.

Oat flakes in the eco-test: a quarter of the products are contaminated with nickel and mold toxins

But not all of the products were able to convince the Öko-Test experts. So got six oatmeal the grade “Satisfactory”, three brands were only available as "insufficient" rated. Including a product from the organic segment, as heidelberg24 also reports. *

Particularly frightening: the testers were able to detect large quantities of some products nickel prove. nickel occurs naturally in the soil and rock, but it can also contaminate the soil through contaminated sites from the metalworking industry, in the vicinity of waste incineration plants or power plants. In food is nickel however harmful to health.

Animal studies have shown that nickel disrupts the reproduction and development of offspring. In addition, the metal is considered to be the most common cause of contact allergies. Theoretically, therefore, nickel can also be found in food allergic reaction trigger in affected persons. An allergy to nickel in food is true, according to the German Allergy and Asthma Association(DAAB) rarely, but allergy sufferers should be careful.

Oat flakes in the eco-test: testers find harmful substances in products from Netto and Edeka

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) therefore set a tolerable intake per day in 2018. Two of the examined Products were so heavily contaminated that an adult with a body weight of 60 kilograms already reached the currently valid value with a 50-gram portion oatmeal exceeds. These include the "Kornmühle Extra Tender Oat Flakes" of net and the "Good & Inexpensive Oatmeal Extra Tender" of Edeka. Both received the grade “unsatisfactory”. For both products, Öko-Test evaluates »the content of Mold toxins also as "greatly increased". The substances found are toxic to cells and can weaken the immune system. *heidelberg24 and 24garten.de are part of the Ippen-Digital network

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