What happened to the Russian EKIP planes

The main reasons that can lead to a plane crash:

  • Pilot error - 50%
  • Technical problems - 22%
  • Weather - 12%
  • Sabotage - 9%
  • Mistakes made by other crew members - 7%
  • Other reasons - 1%

Interestingly, the catastrophe occurs less than 1% of the time due to terrorist attacks. However, due to fire, the disaster occurs approximately 2.9% of the time.

In making the table, 1,300 plane crashes with human casualties in the commercial aircraft worldwide from 1950 to 2008 were taken into account. The plane crashes with planes, no less than 10 passengers on board, with military, private planes and helicopters.

Statistics of the flight stations in the flight phases

Flight phaseNumber of plane crashes,%Airplane accident With victims,%% of the total time flight*
5 0 0
Take off17 22 2
Climb8 25 14
flight6 12 57
Reduced3 8 11
approach7 13 12
landing51 18 4

* - When flying for 1.5 hours

As you noticed, the greatest chance of getting into a plane crash while the plane is landing is. While the people on board are being loaded, there are so few chances that there are no statistics for the dead.

Aircraft trade statistics for airlines

airline Number of flights, millionsAirplane accident with victims. The date of the last plane crash Call
Delta Airlines.16.50 1 1996 -4.42
Southwest Airlines.15.78 0 -4.25
Northwest Airlines.10.91 1 1993 -2.76
Continental Airlines / Cont. Exp.12.06 1 1991 -2.24
Air Canada.3.99 0 1983 -1.07
American Airlines.17.00 5 2001 -0.53
Alaska Airlines / Horizont Air5.20 1 2000 -0.40
US Airways.13.40 5 1994 -0.35
Hawaiian Airlines.1.27 0 -0.34
American eagle.11.20 3 1994 -0.29
United Airlines.13.66 6 2001 -0.26
JetBlue Airlines.0.92 0 -0.25
Westjet.0.87 0 -0.23
USAIR shuttle.0.85 0 -0.23
Midwest Airlines.0.75 0 1985 -0.20
ATA Airlines.0.57 0 -0.15
United Express.8.79 3 1996 0.30
Airtran Airways.1.84 1 1996 0.50
rogue5.03 2 2006 0.65
Lufthansa.7.88 1 1993 -2.10
British Airways.5.49 0 1985 -1.48
Iberia Airlines.3.73 0 1985 -1.00
KLM / KLM CityHopper2.81 1 1994 -0.67
SAS Scandinavian Al / Sas Norway5.83 1 2001 -0.57
Finnair.1.98 0 1963 -0.53
Ryanair.1.96 0 -0.53
EasyJet.1.63 0 None-0.44
Aer Lingus1.25 0 1968 -0.34
Tap on the air Portugal1.09 0 1977 -0.29
Australian airline.1.00 0 1960 -0.27
Air Europa.0.71 0 -0.19
Malev-Hungarian Airlines0.64 0 1977 -0.17
Icelandair.0.55 0 1951 -0.15
Jat Jugslovian Airways.0.38 0 1973 -0.10
Virgin Atlantic Airways.0.24 0 -0.06
British Midland.1.71 1 1989 -0.06
Transaero Airlines.0.15 0 -0.04
Ukraine International Airlines.0.12 0 -0.03
Alitalia.3.78 1 1990 -0.02
Air France.6.15 3 2000 0.31
Olympic respiratory system.1.71 1 1989 0.54
Your Turkish Airlines.1.86 2 2003 1.20
Aeroflot Russian Airlines.2.06 2 2008 1.45
All Nippon Airways.3.88 0 1971 -1.04
Japan Air Lines.2.63 0 1985 -0.71
Qantas Airways.2.40 0 1951 -0.65
Hanin Airlines.1.22 0 -0.33
Air New Zealand.1.15 0 1979 -0.31
Cathy Pacific Airways.1.02 0 1972 -0.27
Malaysia airline.3.19 1 1995 -0.21
Jungfrau Blue.0.73 0 -0.20
Philippine Air Lines.0.92 2 1994 -0.18
Air India.0.48 0 1985 — 0.13
Dragon air.0.32 0 -0.09
Air china.2.49 1 2002 0.10
Asiana Airlines.1.52 1 1993 0.21
China Southern Airlines.3.51 2 1997 0.57
Korean air.2.41 3 1997 0.65
Garuda Indonesian.1.52 3 2007 0.75
Thai Airways International.1.78 2 1998 0.97
Singapore Airlines / Silkair1.34 2 2000 1.14
China Eastern Airlines.2.52 3 2004 1.18
Indian air lines.1.70 4 1999 1.64
Pakistan International Airlines.1.18 3 2006 2.68
China Airlines.0.76 5 2002 4.52
Aeromexico.2.08 0 1986 -0.56
Mexicana Airlines.1.97 0 1986 — 0.53
Aerolíneas Argentinas.0.99 0 1970 -0.27
Air Jamacia.0.38 0 -0.10
Varig2.35 1 1989 0.12
Taca International Airlines.0.44 2 2008 0.15
Lan Chile Airlines.0.54 2 1991 0.16
Gol transports Aereo.0.94 1 2006 0.75
Avianca Colombian airline.1.20 2 1990 1.11
Tam2.04 4 2007 1.51
Cubana.0.24 7 1999 4.16
South African Airways.1.11 0 1987 -0.30
Emirates Airline.0.76 0 -0.20
El al.0.35 0 1955 -0.09
Kuwait Airways.0.31 0 1988 -0.08
Royal Jordanian Airline.0.29 0 1979 -0.08
Air Zimbabwe.0.18 0 1979 -0.05
Oman Aviation.0.18 0 -0.05
Saudi Arabian Airlines.1.96 1 1996 0.47
Royal Air Maroc.0.62 1 1994 0.83
Egypt Air.0.85 2 2002 0.97
Kenya Air.0.37 2 2000 1.84
Iran air.0.76 3 2002 2.00
Natural air.0.37 1 2017 1.80

Aeroflot disaster statistics show this is one of the safest airlines around. And this is achieved primarily through skill, the pilots do not save, and also on the fact that Aeroflot has one of the most modern airframes of all airlines in Europe. Before that, I suggest you watch the video of the insane forced landing of BOEING 767 Polish Lot airlines at Warsaw Airport. Fortunately, in this flight father, thanks to the skill of pilots, it costs unaffected.

These statisticians cannot be used to assess aircraft or airline reliability. Shave indicators that are based on previous incidents and are not used to prevent or reduce expected risks. When assessing safety / reliability, many other parameters are used that were not taken into account when lifting a table.

According to the materials on the site http://www.plancrashinfo.com/

The heading of the Boeing 737, which in August last year in Kazakhstan was classified after the European Union in Kazakhstan, has banned ITEK air flights to Europe due to the ship's inadequate level of safety. Then 68 people died in the disaster. According to BusinessWeek, an aerial accident with fatal exodus falls on the Boeing 737 aircraft's 507,500 flight hours. Meanwhile, the oldest version of the BOEING 737 family is still being used by airlines in poor countries.

2. IL-76.

The IL-76 aircraft, which is mostly operated by airlines of the countries of the former Soviet Union, uses the second line of rating of the most dangerous aircraft, which are operated worldwide in the amount of 100 pieces. At 549,900 flight hours of this aircraft there was a plane crash. There are currently 247 IL-76 aircraft in service in the world, manufactured from 1974 to the present day. One of the largest IL-76 plane crashes occurred in 2003. Then the broken plane of the Iranian airline Iran Revolutionary Guard lasted 275 people.
"TITLE \ u003d" (! Lang: 2nd IL-76.
The IL-76 aircraft, which is mostly operated by airlines of the countries of the former Soviet Union, uses the second line of rating of the most dangerous aircraft, which are operated worldwide in the amount of 100 pieces. At 549,900 flight hours of this aircraft there was a plane crash. There are currently 247 IL-76 aircraft in service in the world, manufactured from 1974 to the present day. One of the largest IL-76 plane crashes occurred in 2003. Then the broken plane of the Iranian airline Iran Revolutionary Guard lasted 275 people.

3. TU-154.

TITLE \ u003d "(! Lang: 3. TU-154.
The most common aircraft in most of the CIS countries, operating flights on domestic and international lines, is also one of the most dangerous. Around 1.04,000 flight hours of the TU-154 aircraft account for a plane crash, writes BusinessWeek. There are currently 336 aircraft of this model in operation in the world. In Iran Since 2002, four aircraft with the involvement of TU-154 crashes. The last disaster occurred on July 15 this year: the TU-154 Iranian airline Caspian Air crashed, which followed Tehran to Yerevan. 168 people died.

4. Airbus A310.

TITLE \ u003d "(! Lang: 4th Airbus A310.
One plane crash is the equivalent of 1,067,700 Airbus A310 flights. Most of the major airlines have already ceased operations while carriers from poor countries continue to fly on this European Airbus aircraft. Among them - Pakistan International Airlines. On June 30 this year, the A310 liner belonged to Yemenia airlines in the opening of the sea. 153 people died, they could only escape a 12-year-old girl.

5. McDonnell-Douglas DC-9.

TITLE \ u003d "(! Lang: 5. McDonnell-Douglas DC-9.
The McDonnell Douglas aircraft, not in production since 1982, is still used by the Delta Airlines airline as well as many other small carriers. Meanwhile, a plane crash accounted for 1,068,700 flight cycles of the plane. In April last year, the DC-9 owned by Hewa Bora Airways crashed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 44 people died.

6. TU-134.
In the history of Russian civil aviation tu-134 entered TU-134 as the most massacre. Its release was stopped in 1986, but TU-134 is still widely used by airlines in the countries of the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. At 1,087,600 flight hours the aircraft accounts for a plane crash. One of the largest brushes TU-134 appeared in August 2004. Then the airline crashed

TITLE \ u003d "(! Lang: 6. TU-134.
In the history of Russian civil aviation tu-134 entered TU-134 as the most massacre. Its release was stopped in 1986, but TU-134 is still widely used by airlines in the countries of the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. At 1,087,600 flight hours the aircraft accounts for a plane crash. One of the largest brushes TU-134 appeared in August 2004. Then the airline crashed ">!}

7. Boeing 727.

TITLE \ u003d "(! Lang: 7 Boeing 727.
One plane crash is 2,306,300 flying hours Boeing 727. The plane has not been released since 1984, and most of the major air carriers have long replaced the old Boeing 727 for more modern planes. Outside of the United States, however, most charter translators continue to use Boeing 727s. One of the plane crashes involving that plane occurred in the African state of Benin around Christmas 2003. Then 151 people died.

8. McDonnell-Douglas MD-80.

TITLE \ u003d "(! Lang: 8. McDonnell-Douglas MD-80.
McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 was created to replace DC-9 in the early 80's. Production ceased in 1999, but the aircraft are still used by American airlines Delta, as well as a number of European carriers, including Alitalia and SAS. There are a total of 923 aircraft of this model. One plane crash is the equivalent of 2,332,300 flight hours of the McDonnell-Douglas MD-80. In August last year, the plane of this model, owned by the airline's Spanish airline, crashed en route to the Canary Islands. 153 people died.

9. McDonnell-Douglas DC-10.

TITLE \ u003d "(! Lang: 9. McDonnell-Douglas DC-10.
DC-10 - aircraft whose safety, on the contrary, has increased over the years. In the world, 153 aircraft of this model fly, for every 2,908,800 flight hours-DC-10 accounts for one plane crash. Currently, the aircraft is mainly used by cargo and charter operators. At the same time, the last DC-10 plane crash occurred in 1999 when the liner of the former French carrier Aom crashed in Guatemala. On regular flights, this aircraft only uses one airline.

10. McDonnell-Douglas MD-11.

TITLE \ u003d "(! Lang: 10. McDonnell-Douglas MD-11.
The MD-11 aircraft, the production of which ended in 2001, disappointed its creator when demonstrating as a result of low indicators of fuel efficiency and other parameters. There are now 187 aircraft in the world with such airlines as Finnair and KLM. One plane crash is the equivalent of 3,668,800 flight hours of MD-11. The last time the plane of this model broke in 1999. Then the MD-11 have China Airlines, which land in Hong Kong during Typhoon in Hong Kong.

It should be noted that the planes occupying 5 and 8 places are essentially a model, only slightly upgraded, that the same should be said about planes at 9 and 10 places, that also by the number of safe liners (excluding human sacrifices between the passengers), which are not included in the ranking due to the small number of them, include the IL-86/96-liners, TU-204/214, Airbus A380, Embraer 135/140 / 145 / 170/175 / 190 / 195/170 / 175/190/195, Canadair Regional Jet 700-900, McDonnell Douglas MD-90, Fokker-70 and a few others. Meanwhile, according to the safety net of the Site Aviation Safety Network, the most dangerous aircraft in the world, now operated by the coefficient calculated on the basis of the number of flights, the number of deaths and the total number of crashes boeing 747 The list is Boeing 737-300 / 400/500, TU-154, Airbus A300, Boeing 757, Airbus A320 / 319/321, Airbus A310, Boeing 767, YAK-42.

Title \ u003d "(! Lang: It should be noted that planes with 5 and 8 places is essentially a model that is only slightly upgraded, that the same should be said about planes at 9 and 10 places, that also of should be appropriate to the number of safe liners (without human sacrifices between the passengers), which is not included in the rating due to the small number of them, include the liners IL-86/96, TU-204/214, Airbus A380, Embraer 135 / 140/145 / 170/195 / 190/195, Canadair Regional Jet 700-900, McDonnell Douglas MD-90, Fokker-70, Fokker-70 and a few others.Meanwhile, the most dangerous aircraft in the world is by now the coefficient-operated aircraft aircraft Calculated based on number of flights, number of deaths and total number of crashes is Boeing 747. The following is Boeing 737-300 / 400/500, TU-154, Airbus A300, Boeing 757, Airbus A320 / 319/321, Airbus A310, Boeing 767, YAK-42.

The statistics of the world's largest plane crash for 1974-2019 show that the main cause of tragedies in the air is the human factor (crew error or dispatcher).

The most terrible air crash With the involvement of two aircraft occurred in 1977 in the Canary Islands while trying to take off at Tenerife Airport, the Dutch BOEING-747-Dutch Airlines KLM crashed in the fog in the BOEING-747-Panam-Airline. 578 people died as a result of the collision. The collision of aircraft took place due to the language barrier: Dutch pilots understood the teams of the dispatcher poorly, who spoke English with a Spanish accent.

1985 there was a plane crash which is believed to be a record for passengerswho died in the fall of an airplane over the past 40 years. On board the victim, the wreckage of the Japanese Boeing-747 contained 524 people, of whom only four were rescued. The cause of Boeing's death is poor repairs.

Top 10 largest airplane crash in number of passenger casualties (1974-2019)

plane Number of varietiesyearPlaza-Straw-FaLand - in Avian DeltaPRI-CHAIA-STA-FA
1. Boeing 747.578 1977 Canary IslandsNide Rades, USA
2. Boeing 747.520 1985 JapanJapan
3. IL-76, Boeing349 1996 IndiaPocketon-Veni-E in the air
4. DC-10.346 1974 FranceTurkey
5. Boeing 737.329 1985 Atlantic-IndiaTerra-kt.
6. Boeing-777.298 2014 UkraineMalaysiaTerra-kt.
7. IL-76.275 2003 IranIran
8. A 300264 1994 JapanChina-
9. DC-8.250 1985 NewfoundlandCanadaTurn on speed
10. DC-10.257 1979 AntarcticNew ZealandPilot-Veni-e with the earth

The biggest air accidents in the world 1974-2019

yearPlace the AVI-AK button FaplaneLand - in Avian DeltaPRI-CHAIA-STA-FANumber of varieties
2019 RussiaSSJ-100.RussiaOse-Rchil Higher DKU-DKU in Aero Port and Song-Rail41
2019 EthiopiaBoeing 737.EthiopiaPotte-Rape more after-start in Raio-Ned Goro-Ja Bischo-FTU (Debre-Zat)157
2019 IranBoeing 707.IranThe freight year-in comparison to the previous year-in-yearly in the RMOSI-RMOIs in the Goro-Dispi-E-constructions in the oxide16
2018 IndonesiaBoeing 737 MaxIndonesiaBroken from the blow to the water of the SHARP-VA's premature fall185
2018 UkraineMcDonnell Douglas MD-83UkraineDuring the village of Dyki in the aero port it was called for the fondness of the town's polo in schoolthere are no victims
2018 Cuba-Boeing 737.Cuba-Broken after104
2018 SyriaAN-26.RussiaMilitary Transpo-RTNT itself fell on the Don-DKA39
2018 RussiaAN-148.RussiaPropa-l from the Rada-Kompa docks of the Cher-Z Nekstract-LCOM minutes after the launch of Aero Porta-dedo-in-V71
2017 KyrgyzstanBoeing 747.TurkeyBecause of Potte-Raplah, when it was saving on the Posa-du, fell on apartment buildings - under Bishhke-com37
2017 United StatesCessna 210.United StatesThe ECC-Z is self-year with Rada-Morta during the re-summer - from Arizo in Coler4
2016 RussiaTU-154.RussiaIscha-S from the Rada Trench over the Black Sea - during the capture of Sochi - in Siri-y92
2016 IndonesiaHercules C130.IndonesiaEven years of the military forces are broken around the rock13
2016 ColombiaAvro RJ-85BoliviaDental-proofed from the Aero-Porta-Goro-Da-Honey, which flames from the lack of Tki-Tku-Va. On board was focus and a slave tan - the Brazi-Lercury Club- "Form-Coense"75
2016 UlableBoeing 737.UlableSanged with Dke at Aero PortNo
2016 RussiaIL-76.RussiaBroken in the Theusaya forest fire in the Irkutsk region10
2016 EgyptAirbus A320.EgyptLies near Greek-Skogo-VA Carp-Tos66
2016 AfghanistanAN-12.AzerbaijanPocketon-Veni-E when picked up with an obstacle7
2016 RussiaBoeing 737.UlableBad weather conditions. Broken under the village of Dke in the aero port62
2016 Nepalpass fat.NepalOse-Rchil-higher Avary-You-POSE-DKU in Rayo-Non Cali-Cat in Chilkha-E2
2016 NepalVikings 9N-Ahh Twin OtterNepalPass-Zhirskiy Samo-Years Propa-l with Rada-Trench on Voice-de Nepa-la21
2015 IndiaBombardier Dash8 Q400.IndiaPockel-Veni-e of the airplane - with Wildlife-MI-Alive-, Congress with Polo and Tota-FlamesNo
2015 SudanAN-12.SudanFreight year old sweat-rape more after taking off 800 meters from Aero-Port-Juba39
2015 EgyptAirbus A321.RussiaEcch-Z from the Rada trench and smashed. Fell out of the echelo-on (for Set Navali ranks)224
2015 IndonesiaATR 42-30.IndonesiaSmashed into pink linen and from the mountain54
2015 IndonesiaHercules C-130IndonesiaTechnology - I am a mistake. Fell after the start116
2015 FranceAirbus A320.GermanyCutting - I sweat high is high. On the Alps to the south of Franci and paved150
2014 IndonesiaAirbus A320-200.IndonesiaEcch-Z by Rada-Ra. Cause of the evil of the podo-bottoms162
2014 RussiaDassault Falcon 50.FrancePotte-Ropeled is more when it goes into the aero port of the end of the end. On board was the head of the French oil Gazo-Rana Total Cristo-F de Marge RI4
2014 Algeriacargo-Howle AN-12UkrainePotte-Ropeled is 10 miles from Aero-Droma7
2014 IranIran-140.IranBroken when taking off because of the engine39
2014 Niga r (sakha-ra)McDonnell Douglas MD-83AlgeriaPotte-runpeled in the desert - Sakha-Ra116
2014 TaiwanATR-72.TaiwanPotte-Ropeled is more than a village in Avari-th51
2014 UkraineBoeing 777.MalaysiaSound of Terror-Rista-Cancer- that "earth-s-sided" on the high 10,000 km in the Don-Tsawa region of the VNK "BECH-M1"298
2014 UkraineIL-76.UkraineMilitary - Tr-Nspo-RTA self-years with Ukrainian Mi squares - hit the Terror-Rista-Mi from Pzrk via the Aero Porto-M Luga-Nska49
2014 UkraineMI-8.UkraineNoise Terror-Rista-Mi under Slavyansko-M. Years of veto were enough to blame the military for the Rota14
2014 LaosAN-74.LaosIf there is a DKA-DKA in Pokhons-Vanya that was lowered below without the Pali-TH High, Zade-L-Rack-MI-Chassis-vya, opro-rushed, broken and split-l16
2014 Indian OceanBoeing 777-200.MalaysiaSovie-Rzhavy-TH flight from Kuala - Lumpura- in Beki-N Propa-L with Rada-Kanta Avia-Euth-Tuchero-in239
2014 Hombo-LIA (Name-L)AN-26.LibyaMilitary - TR-NSPO-RTNT year year, name played on the aero port in Prigu-Rogeuny-SA, pote-Rapel Kere11
2014 NepalRA-183.NepalVyal bodies from Aero-Port - Pokha-RA in Jumlu in a bad pogo-tun and a Black-S-S-Z 15 minutes of stock with Rada-KH18
2014 AlgeriaC-130 HerculesAlgeriaMilitary - TR-NSPO-RTA Self-PITTE-RAPLIS, in the mining district of nearby Pennia, Umm-El Ba-Vaki119
2013 RussiaAN-12.RussiaBroken at dawn on the aero dome in the village of Dku9
2013 RussiaBoeing 737-500.RussiaWith the guilt of the second round with a set of the highest to 700 Metro-B on the divorce high disc under the Kaza-new self-jumping Okoszlav, the Gescmit After-mon-M water-m in his summit ROV50
2013 UkraineAN-24.UkraineRasco Lolly with DKU-DKU5
2013 KazakhstanCRJ-200.KazakhstanNot as far as leaf-1 to A-Eropo-Mouth21
2012 RussiaTU-204-100.RussiaIt was called for the expectation of Paradise, Probi-Livo-Ye Aero-Droma, the Re-Siek of Gluba-Kyus-t, and destroyed, smiling three large parts5
2012 KazakhstanAN-72.KazakhstanNamed as the face to the aero port. The fault of the device-Vanya-i and error - Ekip-MS27
2012 NepalDornierNepalFell and regretted the recovery from Aero-Port19
2012 RussiaAN-28.RussiaFell and was rejected - n lying on its side in the stars of the Cedro-Eyed10
2012 NigeriaMD-83.NigeriaRailings to be poured on the cha and over mourning153
2012 IndonesiaSukhoi Superjet-100RussiaKrbzba in SKLO-N-Mountains SALA-K in difficult locally difficult45
2012 NepalDornierNepal17
2012 PakistanBoeing 737.PakistanFell near the Chakla la military air base127
2012 RussiaATR-72.RussiaGot noticed when he was picked up by the Aero Porta Treum33
2011 Papua New GuineaDash 8.Papua New GuineaBroken on the SE-TRUE-M beat cut28
2011 IndonesiaCasa C-212IndonesiaPropa-l with Ra-Daro-B and broken18
2011 RussiaYAK-42.Russia"Pote-Rapel Kata-STRO-FU while you take off. Miscellaneous-N was a sum of Hockey-ISto-in Yarosla-Chinese Loco Moti43
2011 MoroccoLockheed C-130 HerculesMoroccoFilled with a sadkey in the GO-RU-Injection Tang78
2011 RussiaTU-134.RussiaSovie-Rachi Horhhe DWU on the rank-M car lane with Aero Porto-M Petro-Zavod-Dawn. As SLAD-DKE, the FÜSE-LYAGE was canceled by Samo-Sommer, PREI-ZOHE-L Poz-P44
2011 CongoCRJ-100.GeorgiaDuring the plant with a bad mete-oat, the seven-year semester, Rasco-Lolly on two parts and stood32
2011 IranBoeing 727.IranCollapse with Don-de-DKA78
2011 CongoBoeing 727.CongoCollapse with Don-de-DKA75
2010 Cuba-ATR-72-212.Cuba-Broken near the Goro-Ja Sanctio Spiri-Tus in the middle - Cuba68
2010 ChinaE-90.ChinaBroken into the time of the village42
2010 AfghanistanAN-24.AfghanistanBroken over the RE-Valo-M Sala-ng in Mount Hindukusha - to Seve-ru from Kabul42
2010 IndiaBoeing 737-800.IndiaSkipped for starting pre-teds? In the garden polo. Probi-In-Limit-Zhedi-E, for two parts that was issued on two parts, has mixed up well and exceedingly in Roshe-Mu Leso-M Sklochs158
2010 PakistanA321.PakistanIn the conditions of low TH-pushing and clumps in the HO-Little Rud from Marga-lles Seve-Rare-Isla-Mauba-ja. Error - Ekip-MS152
2010 LibyaA330.LibyaCollapse with Don-de-DKA103
2010 RussiaTU-154M.Poland-Collapse with Don-de-DKA96
2010 LibyaBoeing 737.EthiopiaMistake - Ekipa-Maja, fine. Potte-Ropeled is more about the middle of the sea-M.90
2009 IranTU-154.IranBroken 200 km from the tag wound168
2009 Como-RodchA-310.YemenFell into the Indie Yski Ocean153
2009 Atlantic-A-330.FranceEngine explosion.228
2009 IndonesiaC-130 HerculesIndonesiaSelf-years fell on apartment buildings - after-off97
2008 SpainMD-82.SpainAfter-Off fell on the floor and stabbed154
2008 RussiaBoeing 737-500.RussiaUnder the village of Dke in the aero port, the aero port went into the second round after they collapsed at the reception88
2007 BrazilA-320.BrazilExplosion at the starting polo199
2007 CameroonBoeing 737.KenyaSweat - RIP.114
2007 IndonesiaBoeing 737.IndonesiaPilot-Veni-e with the earth102
2007 ThailandMD-82.ThailandWhen planting in heavy rain fell into the aero port87
2006 UkraineTU-154M.RussiaSweat - waves, fell into the cut-re170
2006 BrazilBoeing 373.BrazilBroken under the village of Dke155
2006 RussiaA-320.RussiaAvari - I Pro-Zoshla - during the Prieu-MLNI-I at the parent's introduction113
2006 RussiaA-310.RussiaBeneath the village of Dke, the estate-in-sigend-Polo, the Beto-Nno-Zdhenium-Ero-Droma knocked down and clumped on Gara-W124
2005 IndonesiaBoeing 737.Indo-nezia.FAPED self-summer on the lived Quart-L after the start147
2005 AthensBoeing 737.CyprusPilot-Veni-e with Goro-th121
2004 EgyptBoeing 737.EgyptPade in the red-e-sea, pocketon-veni-e with the water148
2003 IranIL-76.IranStill-Veni-e with the earth in the conditions of bad videos275
2003 BeninBoeing 727.BeninKata-stro-fa from the renewed load washing138
2003 SudanBoeing 737.SudanFell on the torn Polo and SV and Ogre116
2003 AlgeriaBoeing 737.AlgeriaThe wound is one of the same from the Motor-Tele103
2002 TaiwanBoeing 747.ChinaFell into the sea225
2002 NigeriaBAC-1-11-500.NigeriaPotte-Ropeled is more148
2002 ChinaBoeing 767.ChinaPilot-Veni-e with Goro-th128
2002 ChinaMD-82.ChinaFell into the sea112
2002 IranTU-154.IranPotte-Ropeled is more119
2001 United StatesA-300.United StatesWarren-e in the air246
2001 RussiaTU-154.RussiaFell on the sala-de in the village145
2001 United StatesBoeing 727-400.United StatesTerra-ct. Line-R was a penta mile on Penta-Gon184
2001 United Statestwo Boeing-767United StatesTerra-ct. Two Laine Ra were scars on WTC137
2000 Ante-nistic.A-310.KenyaFell into the ATLA-NTICHESKY OCEAN-N179
2000 BahrainairbusSaudi ArabiaFell into the sea143
2000 Philley Pina.Boeing 737.Philley Pina.Fell on the Peda-Daugh-Polo-SOO, as dka-dka131
2000 FranceKonko-Rd.FranceFell during the start - on the start-off polo109
1985 Atlantic-Boeing 737.IndiaTerra-kt.329
1999 Ante-nistic.Boeing 767.EgyptFell into the ATLA-NTICHESKY OCEAN-N217
1996 IndiaIL-76, BoeingKaza-Hsta-N, Saudo luck, ArabiPocketon-Veni-E in the air349
1994 JapanA 300ChinaPotte-Ropeled is more264
1985 JapanBoeing 747.JapanNEK-HONZY REMO-NT AVIA-LINE-RA520
1985 NewfoundlandDC-8.CanadaTurn on speed250
1979 AntarcticDC-10.New ZealandPilot-Veni-e with the earth257
1977 Canary IslandsBoeing 747.Nide Rades, USANon-Vilno accepted NDA dose renter578
1974 FranceDC-10.TurkeyOpen-E-Cargo-Vogo346

Statistics of the largest plane crash in the last 7 years

Plane crash in 2015.

4th November 2015 After takeoff near Juba International Airport. As a result of the crash, 39 people died, including 6 crew members, 12 passengers and 21 residents of the village on whom the plane fell. The rubble was 800 meters from the airport along the white Nile.

October 31, 2015the liner, which followed flight 9268 from SHARM-ESHECH (Egypt) to St. Petersburg, flew from Egypt on 6.51 Moscow time, after which the radar screens disappeared. As a result, 224 people died as a result of the plane crash. On board were 217 passengers and 7 crew members.


August 16, 2015 With 54 passengers on board disappeared with radar in the Indonesian province of Papua. 49 passengers, including five children, and 5 crew members were on board. The aircraft belongs to Trigana Air Service.

June 30, 2015 , fell into the hotel and near houses in the Indonesian city of Medan. The plane, whose operation began in 1964, crashed two minutes after taking off in the Medan and flew about three miles. Military personnel and their families were on board. According to the latest data, 116 people died. Of these, 101 passengers, 12 crew members and three people who were on the ground at the time of the plane's fall.

March 24, 2015 Plane . According to the latest data, there were 150 people on board - 144 passengers and 6 crew members. The A320 liner, followed by file 4U9525 from Barcelona in Düsseldorf, failed in the area of ​​the extremely inaccessible mountain range True-Evevsh in the Alps of Upper Provence near Din-les-Ben.

Plane crash in 2014.

December 28, 2014 Airbus A320-216 passenger aircraft (PK-AXC registration number) Airlines Indonesia Airasia, after the QZ8501 flight from Surabai, Indonesia to Singapore to Singapore, disappeared on radar and was on the Yavansky Sea in the area between the Kaliman Islands (Borneo) and Belitung (Indonesia). 155 passengers (including 17 children) and 7 crew members were on board. By December 31, rescuers discovered in the waters of the Karimat 7 bodies of the dead and the debris of the victim of the plane disaster. Search work continues.

October 10, 2014 In the east of the Republic of Tuva the MI-8 helicopter (RA-24614 registration number) "Tuvini Airlines" ("Tyva-Avia"), operated by N. p. SOEONG in Kyzyl. There were 14 people on board. As of January 5, 2015, the search for an aircraft returned no results.

August 30, 2014 With the Ukrainian crew who carried out the transport of oil equipment along the route Taman Russet (Algeria) - Malabo (Equatorial Guinea). The plane crashed 10 miles from the airfield. 7 members of the aircraft crew were found at the crash site. Rescue teams found no one alive.

August 10, 2014 5 kilometers from Mehrabad Airport in Tehran (Iran) (Iran) (EP-GPA registration number) of Iranian manufacturing which belonged to Sepahan Air Airlines and was a flight from 5915 Tehran-TEBES. Of those who were 40 passengers and 8 crew members on board, 39 were killed. Several people on earth were injured.

July 24, 2014 (EC-LTV registration number), rented by the Algerian airline Air Algerie in Swiftair, Spain, served as a flight in Wagadouga (Burkina Faso) - Algeria by flight AH5017. The connection with the board was lost 50 minutes after the departure, later on the same day the liner debris was found in the desert in the north of Mali / Kidal. All who were on board 110 passengers and 6 crew members were killed. The cause of the disaster has not been established, an investigation is ongoing.

23rd July 2014 After flight 222 on the Kaohsiun - Magun (Taiwan) route, the landing in residential buildings crashed again in the conditions of stormy weather. Of those who were on board 54 passengers and 4 crew members, 51 people were killed.

17th July 2014 In the sky over the Donetsk region in the Torez area (9M mRD registration number), Malaysia Airlines MH17 fleeing from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. 298 people died, including 283 passengers (including 85 children) and 15 crew members. There is an investigation into the causes of what happened. This air accident has become the largest in the 21st century and entered the entire history of land in the entire history of aviation. The Netherlands Prosecutor's office found this in Ukraine just before the tragedy. Skilled workers are also confident that the management of a raker installation was carried out either by Russian specialists or by the militants under the leadership of these specialists.

June 14, 2014 When landing at Lugansk airport with the militants of the unrecognized LDR, the Ukrainian military transport aircraft IL-76 was in the tool support, replacing the task of replacing the staff, the supply of ammunition and armored vehicles to group the armed forces that the Defense carried out from Lugansk airport by terrorists. The plane fell near the village of Rot, 2 km from the runway. There were 49 people on board. As a result of the disaster, everything died.

May 31, 2014 The MI-8MT helicopter (registration number RA-22423) airlines "Sparks Avia" fell on Oz. Mooreroo (Murmansk region). Of those on board, 18 people died, including the deputy governor of the Murmansk region Sergey Skomorokhov and the general director of the company "Apatit" Alexey Grigoriev.

17th May 2014 An-74TK-300 passenger plane (RDPL-34020 registration number) of the LAOS government carrying the defense minister of that country, the mayor of the Lao capital Vientiane and a number of other senior officials from Wattai Airport (Vientiane) to Xiangkhuang Province, at Landing in Pohonsawa, the racks of chassis trees that toppled, crashed and burned ached. 16 people died, only one woman survived.

March 8, 2014 Passenger plane in the South China Sea area. On board were 227 passengers and 12 crew members. On March 24, 2014, the airline announced that the plane likely fell in the southern part of the Indian Ocean and all people on board died. The cause of the disaster is not installed, searches in the area of ​​the origin of the aircraft continue to the present.

February 21, 2014 A-26 transport plane (registration number 5A-DOW) Libyan airfreight, which is serving a sanitary flight to Tunisia Carthage airport, crashed in the city of Humür (33 km from the destination airport), presumably due to problems with engines. Killed 11 people - SIX crew members, three doctors and two patients.

February 16, 2014 De Havilland Canada Pases DHC-6 Twin Otiter / registration number 9N-ABB / Airlines Nepal Airlines, following the internal flight of 183 on the Kathmandu - Pokhara - Jumla route, crashed into a hill in the jungle nearby in difficult weather conditions. Tail. On board the RA-183 flight was 18 people - 14 adult passengers, one child and three crew members. Later in the mountains, fragments of the plane were found, there were no survivors.

11th of February 2014 A Lockheed C-130H-30 Hercules (7T-WHM registration number) military transport aircraft belonging to the Algerian Air Force, following the route Tamanhaste-uargla-constantine, was damaged in the Jebel Fortas mountain range in the province of Um-El Baagi / Algeria. On board were 78 people - military and members of their families. The saving can only be administered to a passenger who was seriously injured, with head and chest injuries. The cause of the disaster was poor weather conditions.

Air crashes in 2013.

December 26, 2013 Around 21:45 local time in the suburb of Irkutsk in the area of ​​the nursing home, when the airfield enters, the east was missing. The purpose of the flight was the delivery of aircraft.
At a distance of 1 km from the runway, the aircraft disappeared from radar screens. When the plane fell, the wings hid the warehouses of the military unit.
There were 9 people on board the aircraft, including 6 crew members and 3 aviation technicians.

17th November 2013 The airline Boeing-737 Tatarstan Airline crashed at the airport of Kazan. The crash killed 50 people: six members of the crew and 44 passengers, including the son of President Tatarstan Iirek Minnikhanov, head of the FSB office in Tatarstan Alexander Antonov and two children - girls 11 and 15 years old.
When entering the second lap at a rate of up to 700 meters, the plane that crashed under Kazan crashed at an airspeed with the subsequent transmission of the dive. Boeing ran into the ground, stuck almost vertically in the ground at a speed of 450 kilometers per hour.

February 13, 2013 The plane of the Ukrainian airline "Southern Airlines" split in half as a result of an emergency landing at Donetsk airport. There were 52 people on board A-24, five of whom died. 26 passengers were turned for medical care, nine of them were hospitalized. Missing on January 29, the CRJ-200 Scat plane that flew the Coquetav-Alma-Ata flight did not fall three miles to Alma-Ata Airport. There were five crew members and 16 passengers on board the aircraft. Nobody survived.

Air crashes 2012.

December 29, 2012with the planes TU-204-100 Airlines Red Wings Airlines, which made a distillation flight (without passengers) No. 9268 on the route Pardubice - Moscow December 29, 2012, the Vnukovo airport was a plane crash.Landing on runway-19 of the airfield, about 4:36 p.m. Moscow time, the plane rolled over the tiers of the runway, struck the airfield fence that stretched the deep cuvet between the fencing of the airfield and the Kiev highway It (the federal highway M3 "Ukraine") and collapsed, collapsed over three large parts.
There was only one crew on board the line, consisting of 8 people. Four of them died on the spot, including the aircraft commander, another died in hospital and suffered four.

December 25, 2012 For a smoking airport, the departmental plane of the National Security Service of Kazakhstan operating the Astana flight suffered a crash. All 27 people on board, including seven crew members, died. The causes of the plane crash were equipment malfunction and crew errors.

September 27, 2012 The Dornier Airline Airline SITA AIR on board, which had 12 passengers and seven crew members, fell near the airport of the capital Nepal Kathmandu. All 19 people who were on board the Sita Air plane died. Among them are 12 foreign tourists - seven Chinese and five British. The plane went to the city of Lukla, the transit point for tourists and climbers, next near Mount Everest.

September 11, 2012 Run a 28 belonging to the FSUE "Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise" disappeared from the village of Palalan. On board the plane that flew Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky - Palan there were 13 people. The plane was spotted on the page in Cedar Slanennik's dickets, ten kilometers from the Palane. Ten people died in the plane crash.

June 3, 2012 Liner MD 83 Nigerian airline Dana Air, which made the flight from the capital Abuzhi to Lagos, fell in the densely populated residential area of ​​Lagos airport, which collapsed on the part and fired. When falling, the plane rammed into a two-story residential building that was home to at least 40 people. On board the liners were 153 people, including six crew members.

May 9, 2012 The Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) crashed in Indonesia. During the demonstration flight, the SSJ 100 fell 1.6 kilometers in a difficult-to-reach area on a slope of the Salak Mountains. On board the aircraft, which was ruled by the Russian crew, were 45 employees, including eight Russians. All died. During the ongoing search and rescue process, it was possible to locate the remains of all the victims of the disaster first, and then locate and identify them.

May 14, 2012 In the northwest, Nepal Agni Air plane flying out of Pokhara city crashed while landing in Jomsom city. There were three crew members and 18 passengers on board the aircraft. As a result, the aerial accident killed 17 people.

April 20, 2012in Pakistan, the Boeing 737 passenger plane wrote the Bhoja Airline, which made the flight from the Pakistani city of Karachi. The plane fell near the Chaklala military base near the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. All 127 people who died on board died.

April 2, 2012 ATR 72 Airlines airline "Utair", which flew Tyumen Surgut, fell on takeoff from Tyumen airport. On board were 43 people, 39 passengers and four crew members. 33 people were victims of the plane crash.

Air crashes 2011.

October 13, 2011 On the north coast of Papua, New Guinea crashed the dash 8 aircraft airlines PNG. 28 people were victims of the crash, four survived. Among the surviving two pilots, citizens of Australia and New Zealand.

September 29, 2011 Airplane Indonesian Airline PT Nusantara Buana Air failed on the island of Sumatra. Casa C 212 passenger plane that submitted a flight from the capital of North Sumatra Province-City Medan to neighboring ACH Province, a stress signal submitted, submitted, accepted by a small airline SUSI Air. A few minutes later, the plane disappeared with radar. The residents of one of the Indonesian villages reported the crash of the passenger plane. The victims of the disaster were 18 people - 14 passengers and four crew members. Among the dead four children.

September 7, 2011 Airplane Yak 42 Airlines "Yak Service" crashed while taking off from "Tunošna" airport in the Yaroslavl region. On board the plane there was a hockey team "Lokomotiv" (Yaroslavl), which flew to the game in Minsk. In total there were 45 people 37 passengers and eight crew members. As crazy only two hockey players Alexander Galimov and the flight engineer Alexander Sizov survived, but on September 12 Galimov died at the Surgery Institute. Vishnevsky in Moscow.

July 26, 2011 The Lockheed C 130 Hercules military transport aircraft crashed while landing near the city of Gulimin in the mountain of the animal shelter, which is 700 kilometers south of the city of Rabat, the capital of Morocco. The plane belonged to the Royal Air Force Morocco and went to the military airfield in Gulimin. As a result of the crash, 78 people, including 12 civilians, died. Three were seriously injured.

July 8, 2011 Hewa Boras Boeing 727 Airplane was missing from Kisangani International Airport in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On board were 178 people, of whom 127 were killed. The liner was missing when landing in bad weather conditions, the pilot tried to plant an airplane, but did not hit the runway.

June 21, 2011 From Moscow to Petrozavodsk (Karelia), the airline of the 134 airline Rusayir in complex meteors, made a hard landing on the autotrass one kilometer from the Petrozavodsk airport. When the landing collapsed the aircraft's fuselage, a fire occurred. Of the 52 passengers who were on board passengers and crew 44, 44 people died. Eight victims were admitted in serious condition, two of whom the child and the girl later died in hospitals.

April 4, 2011 The CRJ 100 aircraft mission, which was part of the Georgian Airzena airline, crashed at Kinshasa Airport, Democratic Republic of the Congo. While landing with bad meteors, the plane hit the runway, met in two parts and caught fire. Of the 33 people aboard the plane, 32 died and one survived.

January 9, 2011 The Iranair Boeing 727 plane crashed in northwestern Iran in the city of Urmia (Urumiyeh) in West Azerbaijan Province, 700 km from Tehran. There were 105 employees on board the aircraft during the incident, including 94 passengers and 11 crew members. 78 people died, 27 people were injured and hospitalized.

Air crashes 2010.

November 4, 2010 Aerocaribbean Aerocaribbean Cuban Aerocaribbean Cuban, who completed Santiago de Cuba Havana, crashed near the town of Sancti Spiritus in central Cuba. On board were 61 passengers and seven crew members, including 40 Cubans and 28 foreign citizens. There are no survivors in a plane crash.

August 24, 2010 In the city of Iichun in Heilongjiang Province in northeast China, the passenger plane of the airline Henan Airlines crashed while landing. On board were 91 passengers and five crew members. 42 people died.

July 28, 2010airblue A321 airline, which followed Karachi to Pakistan's capital Islamabad, fell in hilly terrain to the north of the target. After receiving permission to land, "Airbus" in conditions of low cloudiness and rain crashed into a hilly ridge of Margalla north of Islamabad. 152 people were on board, including 6 crew members. All died.

May 22, 2010airplane Boeing 737 800 Indian Airlines Air India, fleeing from Dubai (UAE) to Mangalore (Indian Carnataka), crashed while landing in southern India. The liner landed but could not stop and at high speed it rolled out over the runway. Through the fence, the plane broke in half, rolled down the slope of the slope, and caught fire. 166 people were on board, including six crew members. According to the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation, 158 people died, eight people rescued, eight passengers.

May 17, 2010 The passenger plane of the 24-Afghan airline Pamir Eyause with 38 passengers on board and five crew members crashed over the Salang Pass in the Hindukus mountains north of Kabul. The plane made a flight from the northern Afghan province of Kunduz to Kabul. The crew included Tadjik pilots.

May 12, 2010 At the airport of the Libyan capital Tripoli the plane crashed a 330 belonging to the Libyan airline Al Afritiyah. The plane arrived from the South African city of Johannesburg and crashed on boarding. In total, there were 93 passengers and 11 crew members from the crashed plane, depending on the airline. The only survivor in the passenger of the disaster was an eight-year-old boy.

April 10, 2010 The presidential council of the Polish leader TU 154, who flew from Warsaw to Smolensk, fell on landing from 300 to 400 meters from the northern military runway in the Smolensk region. On board were 96 people - 88 passengers and eight crew members, including President Poland Lech Kaczynsky and his spouse. Died everyone who was on the plane.

January 25, 2010passenger plane Boeing 737 800 Ethiopian state beach airline Ethiopian Airlines, flew from Beirut (Lebanon) and flies to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), fell over the Mediterranean Sea. On board the line were 90 people along with the crew. Weather conditions did not apply to the flight: there was a thunderstorm, it was heavy rain.

Air crashed in 2009.

July 15, 2009in Iran, a TU 154 disaster plane that found a flight from Tehran to Yerevan. The airline belonged to Caspian Airlines Airline. There were 153 people and crew on board the aircraft, most of the passengers were citizens of Armenia as well as Iran and Georgia. All 168 people died.

June 30, 2009 The Comoros were a disaster for the Yemenia A310 airline. The plane made a flight from Paris with stops in five cities, the latter of which became the capital of Yemen, Sana. On board the crashed plane were 142 passengers and 11 crew members. The only surviving passenger was a 12-year-old girl (13 or 14 years old according to other data on her), she had numerous bruises, burned her knees and fractured her collarbone. Her mother died in the disaster. The girl was rescued from the sea 12 hours after the plane crash.

June 1, 2009 Air France Air France Air France Air France Air Cases as Air France. The plane flew from Rio de Janeiro International Airport and had to land in Paris airport called Charles de Gaulle. Communication with the plane was lost four hours after departure when the liner crossed the Atlantic. 228 people were on board, one child survived.
For 4 minutes before the aircraft disappeared, 24 automatic error messages came out. The wreckage of the aircraft was removed from 900 kilometers from the Archipelago Fernanda di Noronary and 69.5 kilometers from the place where the Aerobus sent the last electronic signal on board.

May 20, 2009 Near the city of Madi, in the Indonesian province, East Java suffered in an Indonesian Air Force disaster transport aircraft with 130 "Hercules", which is directed from Jakarta to the eastern part of the island. The plane collapsed into several houses. On board the aircraft were 110 people with 11 crew members and 99 passengers. 15 people survived the passengers - they were injured to varying degrees. The disaster killed 97 people, including residents of the village where the plane fell.

Photo of the largest plane crash in the world

With all the drama of tragedies in the air, aviation history knows the cases that can be curious and happy at the same time. At one point, the young King of Morocco Hasan II was in the air during the government poomm. Officer rebel on the F-5 fighter attacked the huge Royal Boeing-727. Already when adapting to the Rabat, the fighter released the first missile. She was demolished, the Lainera-extreme right engine, but the aircraft continued to fly on the three remaining. The second missile destroyed the neighboring turbine, but this Boeing survived. The fighter's pilot opened fire from the 20-mm gun, but after that the plane continued. It was only after the Boeing 727 chief radio announced that the King had been killed (it was a military ploy), did the fighter turn at the base, and the liner was safely launched at Metropolitan Airport.

Landed or takes off every 2-3 seconds. Some are enjoyable, others are scared. Is it worth succumbing to? The answer will be statistics: how often planes fall, where it happens and what is the probability of falling.

About 100 thousand planes swept into the sky every day, and strangely enough, just as it successfully sets. For the year the plane transports about 4.5 billion people, more than half the population of the earth. How many of them do you think the statistics of those killed in the plane crash do? Not more than 1000 a year. The ratio is impressive, isn't it?

For the entire existence of civil aviation (almost 100 years), fewer than 150,000 people died. This is less than the percentage of the month in an accident worldwide.

How many planes fall each year?

According to Wikipedia, in the last 6 years there have been 107 fatal air accidents in which 3,245 people have died. A year is about 540 victims. It is important to clarify that the statistics are taken into account, both commercial liners and private small aircraft, and the number of casualties is logged, taking into account the dead on earth. That is, if the falling plane rams a bus with 10 passengers, they will also be included in the statistics. Therefore, the real numbers of passenger plane crashes are significantly less.

Year 2010.: 14 accidents in which 792 people died. The greatest tragedy is the unsuccessful landing of the Indian Louroster on a Boeing 737 (158 victims) and the fall of the Polish TU-154 near Smolensk (96 dead).

2011. Passed without loud airplane drops. The biggest victims (77 people) were in the Iranian Boeing 727, which could not be installed due to bad meteo conditions. A total of 45 plane crashes were recorded in which 552 people died. As it is clear from the statistics, most of the time these were light aircraft on board that were no more than 10 people.

Year 2012: 23 accidents, 315 dead. The most difficult case is the case of the Pakistani Boeing 737, in which everyone on board (127 people) died.

year 2013 It was relatively quiet: only 5 aircraft accidents, the total number of victims is 128 employees. 50 of them died in a Boeing 737 that broke under Kazan.

year 2014 Firmly spoiled statistics to airlines: 15 accidents with the total number of victims - 980 people. The biggest incident is a Boeing 777 that was shot down over Ukraine, on board, which was 298 people.

2015 year. 478 lives in only 5 plane crashes. The loudest - the Russian Airbus A321, which passed over as a result of the terrorist attack, the victims of which were 224 people.

Year 2016. I remember the crash of the TU-154 of the Ministry of Defense of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, in which 100 people (92 passengers and 8 crew members were killed. In total, 12 months of air traffic became the cause of the deaths of 389 people.

2017 year. It entered history as the safest civil aviation existence. 67 people died in just 12 months.

In which country are planes sinking more often

If you only consider passenger air transport, then a definite "Bermuda Triangle", which is where airplanes most often fall. However, if you go into statistics throughout the whole of the air traffic, the result is something unexpected.

For the same 6 years the local crash happened ... in Russia - 41, the number of deaths - 559 people. In the same period of time, 11 flight fruits happened in the USA. It's interesting to note that the latter was back in 2013. The following are Ukraine (7 disasters), Congo (6) and Germany (4, all 2010).

In general, the numbers are very encouraging. After learning how often airplanes fall on stats, let's hope you feel more confident about yourself in flight.

October 06, 2011 One comment

Unfortunately, at the traditional level of airline security, Aeroflot is no less traditionally occupied by the highest position. In addition, Aeroflot has been recognized as one of the most dangerous carriers for passengers several times in a row. In many ways because aeroflot Air crashes companies It becomes the leading topic of world news with enviable regularity.

Moreover, with the same success, the Aeroflot disaster is caused by both problems with the technical condition of the aircraft and the human factor. It is enough to recall the catastrophe in the aircraft aircraft Aeroflot Nord aircraft, after which the idea arises to equip the points of pilots before the flight of alcotesters and to introduce criminal responsibility for entering a drunken flight.

For the Aeroflot company, the disaster is difficult to call a unique event for the development of events. In 2013 the airline turned 60 years and for 2012, with which it can boast one of the highest levels of disaster in the world ". It is enough to note that since 1953 more than 130 major disasters and minor accidents, Delay or postponement of departures on Aeroflot aircraft has occurred. It is perceivable that the company's "daughter" aircraft have been most likely to hit the disaster in recent years. Aeroflot itself has been flying without major disasters for about 20 years. The cause of such an imbalance is the aircraft fleet used by the "daughters" of Aeroflot, which is not distinguished by the novelty and high technical level.

Today Aeroflot is to be planned by the leading company in Russia, which is carrying out a serious modernization of the aircraft fleet and re-certification of all pilots for the degree of conformity. In addition, the company's management plans to almost completely update the aircraft fleet. As part of this program, the "TU" series aircraft have been removed from almost all flights. The company's management expects the replacement of the aircraft fleet to reduce the number of disasters.

On March 23, 1994, the Airbus A310 subsidiary of the Russian airlines Airlines fell under Mezhbbus A310, which operated the flight "Aeroflot" su593 Moscow - Hong Kong. Then the ship's commander hoped to put his 15-year-old son in his place on the autopilot, the second pilot was at his place of work. As a result of the youth's efforts, the autopilot automatically turns off and the plane entered an outdated corkscrew that was initially not seen by the crew who failed the plane.

On September 14, 2008, while landing at Perm Airport, the BOEING 737-500 aircraft operated by the Russian airline Aeroflot-Nord suffered a disaster. As a result of the collision of the plane with land and ground objects, all who were on board 88 people - 6 members of the crew and 82 passengers, including Russian Colonel-General N. Troyshev, were killed.

On January 3, 2017, Airbus A321-211 Aeroflot Airline, following flight SU1008 Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Kaliningrad (Harborovo), rolled off the runway while landing. 167 passengers and 7 crew members were on board. The passengers were evacuated on inflatable Trapam, others went to medical attention.

The problem with smoke in the saloon dates back to December 2018. However, the airline SU2474 Aeroflot Airlines was flying from Moscow to Nice while a smoke appeared in the saloon because of what the aircraft had to do to conduct an emergency landing at Vienna Airport. The place to deliver Russians from the capital of Austria to the final destination, the carrier decided to see passengers back in Moscow, from there to another flight to France. As a result, the Russians who agreed to this option lost their entire day on the streets.

January 21, 2019 Around 6 p.m. Boeing 737 passenger plane, which followed the flight from Astana to Moscow, showed the left pilot chassis on the ground. 81 passengers and seven crew members were on board. There are no victims, the plane of visible damage didn't receive. Astana Moscow's Boeing 737-800 landing during braking was carried out beyond the runway at Sheremetyevo Airport. None of the 81 passengers and 7 crew members do not suffer. The ship remains unharmed.

Aeroflot aircraft, which is training on February 3, 2019, the flight from Belgrade to Moscow, sat in Budapest because of smoking of the salon. There is no injury.
After departure, huge smoke smells on board the Airbus liner. The crew commander decided to land at the nearest airport. SU 2097 / JU 8136 landed in Budapest, although it was supposed to arrive in the Russian capital at 23:35.

SSJ 100 Catastrophe in Sheremetyev - Aviation Catastrophe, which occurs on May 5, 2019. Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B Airliner Aeroflot Airlines conducted the scheduled flight SU1492 on the Moscow-Murmansk route, but after 27 minutes after take-off, the take-off had to return to Sheremetyevo Airport due to technical problems on board. During the landing, the liner was damaged, causing a fire that partially burned the plane.