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Alex Trebek: US celebrities speak up "Jeopardy!"

"Jeopardy!" Moderator Alex Trebek has pancreatic cancer - at an advanced stage. After the diagnosis was announced, many fans and US celebrities are now encouraging the quiz master on social networks. | (cos / spot) Don't rememberMark0 Comments Recommend article

The Canadian-American television presenter Alex Trebek (78) enjoys cult status in the USA. He has been moderating the popular quiz show "Jeopardy!" Since 1984. Now he turned to his fan base with extremely shocking news. In a video he announced: "I was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer this week." Although the diagnosis is "not very encouraging", the 78-year-old wants to fight. "With the love and support of my family and friends, and with your prayers, I plan to defeat the statistics of poor survival." Many US stars comply with his indirect request. You pray for him.

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Constructive words from Shriver, Gad and Co.

Although Maria Shriver (63) does not know the "Jeopardy!" Presenter personally, for her the man who has won four Emmys in the course of his career is "a TV legend". "It's so brave, so inspiring, so honest and even hopeful," she writes on Instagram about Trebek's published video. Like "millions of other people", the still-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger (71) and niece of John F. Kennedy wanted to pray for the moderator. "Because I know that prayers will be answered."

The thoughts of Josh Gad (38, "Beauty and the Beast") are also with Trebek. On Twitter, the actor is confident that the 78-year-old will defeat cancer. Colleague Brad Garrett (58, "Everyone loves Raymond") sends "love and strength" to "the wonderful and kind" presenter and his family.

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Giving up is not an option

"I had the pleasure to see Alex Trebek live in action a few weeks ago," reports Ice Nine Kills singer Spencer Charnas (33, "Stabbing In The Dark") of his encounter with the "Jeopardy!" Star . Personally, this is "even funnier and more charming" than on the screen. Via Twitter he sends the TV presenter "best wishes on your way to recovery". Actor LeVar Burton (62, "Spaceship Enterprise") also comes here. He asks God to give "Alex all the health and vitality" he needs now.

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Actor Dave Foley (56, "The Kids in the Hall") is also the quizmaster, calling him not only a "great and personable", but also an "extremely impressive" person on Twitter. And that shows in Trebek's work ethic too. Despite serious illness, he wants to continue to moderate the TV show. "To be honest, I have to," jokes the 78-year-old at the end of the video clip. "My contract states that I am 'Jeopardy!' has to moderate for another three years. "

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