Can I take Viagra and Cialis together?

Potency pills: what to look out for when taking them

Potency drugs like Viagra are a blessing for many men, but the pills should not be swallowed too carelessly. In Colombia, a man allegedly had his penis amputated after an overdose of Viagra, reports the newspaper Bild. We asked Doctor Wolfgang Bühmann, urologist and press spokesman for the Professional Association of German Urologists e.V., what should be considered when taking Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Take sexual enhancers in good time

In order for the remedy to work, it must be taken in good time. "With Viagra and Levitra it takes about 20 minutes for the effects to take effect. With Cialis, one to one and a half hours should be expected," explains Bühmann. However, the sexual enhancers only work if the desire for sex is there. The tablets alone do not produce an erection: "Although they can intensify the body's reactions, they cannot trigger them out of nowhere. Those who take sexual enhancers at work, for example, will not feel any effects," says Bühmann.

The tablets increase blood flow to the penis and restrict drainage. So the erection lasts longer. "With Viagra and Levitra the potency-increasing effect lasts between ten and twelve hours, with Cialis up to 24 hours and supports the man in his sexual activity," explains the urologist.

Overdose causes a longer erection

It is particularly important that the manufacturer's recommendations for use are observed. The intake should not exceed one tablet a day. "You can take one tablet every day without any problems, it is just important that you do not take more than one. Otherwise your blood pressure will drop and you may feel dizzy and faint," warns the urologist. The ability to erect can also be delayed, which can lead to a longer and sometimes painful erection.

According to Bühmann, a permanent erection as in the case described occurs most often when penile syringes are overdosed.

Nasal congestion from sexual enhancers

The known side effects after ingestion include facial redness, the feeling of a stuffy nose, but also reddened eyes. "Especially with Viagra, there can be a color vision impairment towards blue," explains Bühmann. "But that's harmless. If the effect diminishes, the symptoms also go away."

Dangerous for heart patients

But sexual enhancers are not suitable for everyone. There are men who would be better off doing without it. "Cardiac patients who have been prescribed the medication molsidomine or nitroglycerine are not allowed to take the tablets," advises Bühmann. In the worst case, this could be life-threatening as the blood pressure drops too much. Potency pills are also unsuitable for patients whose heart does not manage to climb the five percent gradient in a bicycle stress test.

"Then it is not the means that is dangerous, but the man's overzealousness. If he suddenly can again and is sexually very active, it may be that his heart is not able to cope with these demands. There is a risk of heart failure," explains Bühmann . It is a rumor that Viagra itself causes heart attacks. The tablets are not inherently risky for the heart - but the overzealousness of men does.

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