What is Titan Class 5

Ti Gr 5 / 3.7165

Material data sheet 3.7164 / 3.7165

Material number 3.7164/3.7165
description Titanium Gr 5
Material symbol R56400
Trade name Ti6Al4V

Main areas of application for Titan Gr 5

Grade 5 titanium is the most widely used alloy in many areas. For example in:

  • Space and aircraft construction
  • Sports equipment
  • Medical technology
  • chemical industry

Chemical composition of Titan Gr 5

Ti Al V H
% % % Max %
88.74-91.0 5.5-6.75 3.5-4.5 0.015

Special properties of Titan Gr 5

Temperature range High temperature range / wet corrosion material
Dichtey 4.43 g / cm³
Melting temperature range 1650 ° C
ISO-V notched impact strength at -59 ° C across

Welding consumables (for welding with titanium size 5)

Bare wire from the same titanium group is used as a welding additive for grade 5 titanium.

Stock program

1mm diameter <400mm diameter wire, rods and bars

0.8 mm <101.6 mm thick sheets, plates & coils

Material outlet by Hempel

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