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Wincent Weiss

The 25-year-old singer Wincent Weiss from the tranquil town of Eutin in Schleswig-Holstein achieved what countless young people dream of in 2015: he made his musical breakthrough. In 2013 he uploaded a vocal recording of himself on YouTube, whereupon a well-known DJ duo discovered him two years later. Today his German-language songs can be heard in a loop on the radio.

Wincent Weiss with w

Contrary to the usual spelling, the first name of the newcomer is not written with V but with W. This is neither a typographical nor an artistic expression. In this way, Wincent's parents wanted to prevent their son's initials from resembling those of a well-known German car manufacturer (Volkswagen). The little burden that comes with it is that “Wincent Weiss with a W” is the most common phrase the young singer says.

Attentive television viewers should have noticed Wincent Weiss before his breakthrough, namely in the tenth season of the talent show Germany seeks the superstar. Even though he was among the top 29 candidates, the experience was nothing more than a vacation in the Caribbean. Despite the defeat in the casting show, many contenders for the following seasons now compete with his songs.

The question that now arises is: How did Wincent get into music? When his parents moved to another city, Wincent decided at the age of 16 to move into an apartment of his own in order to continue to go to his old school. As a result, the teenager's life turned upside down: he worked to pay the rent, went to school at the same time and had to learn from one day to the next to run his own household.

During this time, Wincent lived mainly on cornflakes and had friends and friends of friends over around the clock. At the age of 17 he finally sold his Playstation and bought his first guitar with the profit. He ultimately taught himself to play the guitar with the help of YouTube tutorials.

the german shawn mendes

After graduating from high school, he lived in a shared apartment with the German singer Max Giesinger for some time. The management of the two musicians had brought about this connection, which ultimately resulted in a very good friendship.

In September 2015 he released his first single Rainbow. Further publications followed in the following years, including Be music(2016) and Fireworks(2017).
He won the 2017 MTV Europe Music Award in the Best German Artist category. In 2018 he was named Pop National and Newcomer National with the echowhere he performed on stage with his friends Max Giesinger and Tim Bendzko.

The fact that most of Wincent Weiss' fans are female is partly due to the fact that his lyrics are very soulful and partly because he is visually similar to the Canadian pop singer Shawn Mendes.

In contrast to his own music, which is rather calm and very suitable for the masses, he likes to listen to heavy metal in his private life and is out and about on his skateboard. Even with cars, things can be fast and sometimes too fast at Wincent: he already had to surrender his driver's license because he drove too fast four times in a month. Still, that didn't stop him from driving the tour bus on his first tour.

But Wincent also shows social commitment: he often waives his fee for this. This shows once again that he is very down to earth and doesn't care much about the hustle and bustle around himself.

life as a soundtrack

Although Wincent moved out of home very early, he has a very close relationship with his family. The song Just a heartbeat awayhe originally gave to his little sister. It makes it clear that a special connection to a person can persist despite a certain spatial distance. There are also songs that Wincent wrote for his mother, but which he does not want to publish.
The single Be music(2016) is also dedicated to an important part of his life, namely music. According to Wincent, there is a suitable song for every point in time. With music, the most beautiful moments can be captured in a very special way and it is possible to express the most complicated feelings.

In the song Fireworks(2017) is about enjoying life to the fullest. Wincent says that he practically sang against a wall of smartphones at a concert. The audience was unable to perceive the atmosphere of the concert because they just stared at their smartphones and recorded the concert instead of enjoying it. In FireworksWincent conveys that every day contains special moments that should be celebrated.


- Something Against the Silence (2017)