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GeoMon founder story: From measuring the world

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Can you make money with geospatial data? Hasn't every claim already been staked out? Nothing there: GeoMon has been doing good business since it started as a Unibator project in Frankfurt / Main. Have fun discovering another exciting startup in our start-up stories.

This is our product

With its four business areas, GeoMon offers its customers unique UAV data, including orthophotos, various GIS maps and GIS analyzes, advice on all aspects of UAV and GIS as well as mobile GIS solutions.

These are our USPs

Our USP is the service-oriented performance promise "Geodata from a single source from experts". As a special service provider for UAV, CAD and GIS, we meet customer requirements for precise, safe geographic information without stopping operations. The high-quality geodata products from GeoMon meet the need for high-resolution and up-to-date aerial images, digital terrain models and measuring points as well as other specialist maps. GeoMon thus fulfills customer expectations of being able to offer measuring accuracy at an attractive price as an economic service. In addition, we provide our customers with our own specialist application for the iPad (GeoMon App), a mobile geodata service. The geodata can be viewed or edited anywhere, including in the field. This saves customers time and money; Projects can be completed faster and with less friction.

These are our customers

Established engineering offices and medium-sized companies from the environmental, raw materials and civil engineering sectors as well as large corporations.

This is how the idea came to us / This is how it all began

After already four years of working together at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, during discussions in the office we discovered that we had both been carrying around the idea of ​​self-employment for years. The institute owned a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle = drone) and we both worked with it during our studies and were fascinated by the possibilities that this flexible technology and the data it collects offer.

This is how the idea turned into a business concept

It was obvious that in addition to erosion monitoring on agricultural areas in southern Spain and Morocco, other applications would be found. The possibilities are nearly unlimited. Through our network, we worked out bit by bit which elements can be used commercially and which will initially remain research, as we developed the idea from a university context.

Every company needs a name - that's what we thought of “GeoMon”

Dialog on February 29th, 2012: "Ok ... well, we're doing geographic monitoring ... how about ...". Both founders look at each other and say: "GeoMon ?!"

It wasn't until later that we realized that the creators of a Japanese browser game were just as creative.

We raised the start-up capital by ...

We had / have two sources of start-up capital: the EXIST start-up grant from the Federal Ministry of Economics and our admission to the ESA Business Incubation Center Darmstadt.

These are our most important milestones / successes achieved

  • Break even / profits
  • Exhibitor at numerous international trade fairs (CeBIT, HMI, INTERGEO)
  • short-listed for a major EU-wide project as part of Horizon2020
  • the first regular customers
  • strong partner network built

These are our vision and the next milestones

Two more full-time employees and the introduction of two new products:

  • on the one hand the GeoMon app (expected 4th quarter 2014)
  • and on the other hand ... that will not be revealed yet!

Of all the marketing & PR campaigns that we have carried out, the best have been

  • Participation in international trade fairs
  • Recommendation marketing within the industry
  • Specialist articles

These people / institutions have particularly helped us ...

  • The Goethe-Unibator with Dr. Sebastian Schäfer as a mentor, who always has an open ear and great feedback.
  • Dr. Irene Marzolff from the Institute for Physical Geography, who is our professional mentor in matters of unmanned aerial vehicles, remote sensing and geoinformation.
  • Dr. Manfred Kirschning, who is always at our side with friendly advice, primarily on strategic issues.
  • The European Space Agency with its Business Incubation Center in Darmstadt (the cesah GmbH team should be mentioned here).
  • The BMWi with its EXIST start-up grant
  • The mentors of the Startupbootcamp Berlin, especially Oliver Wilde
  • The state of Hesse with the HessenAgentur, which enables us to have great trade fair appearances at CeBIT and Hanover Fair.
  • Axel Kunz, managing director of GEOsoil GmbH

That is why we are founders / entrepreneurs

We want to create an exciting and fulfilling job for ourselves and as many other people as possible and also be a social employer. Furthermore, we love our freedoms and like to work independently. In addition, we are convinced that with GeoMon we are also doing something good for society, the environment and a sustainable economy.

Is every chain as strong as the weakest link? Our weakness was ...

... never to have founded.

And we mastered them through ...

... get started and set up! Frustration is inevitable. That's why we continue anyway.

This is what our office looks like today ...

square, practical, good

Books, music, films, video games, exhibitions, lectures - that inspires us ...

apple (commercials)

Heroes & role models ...

Alexander von Humboldt - German natural scientist and founder of physical geography (* 1769 - † 1859)

3 websites, without which we cannot live & work ...

  • geomon.info
  • google.com
  • Dict CC

3 mobile apps without which we can no longer live & work ...

  • evernote
  • maps
  • DB Navigator

3 people we follow regularly ...

Goethe Unibator

Overview of company data

Surname:GeoMon GbR
Date of establishment:12.06.2013
Foundation phase:Growth and new product launch
Company form:GbR, the aim is the GmbH
CEO, shareholder:Heiko Störkel and Sascha Heising, both founders and managing partners
Cooperationsvarious engineering offices in the fields of soil and contaminated sites, surveying and landscape planning
Headquarters:GeoMon GbR * Senckenberganlage 31 * 60325 Frankfurt am Main
Website:www.geomon.info (New website in progress!)
Social media: