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Miranda Bailey

Miranda Bailey



  • The Nazi
  • Mandy
  • Dr. B.
  • Bailey
  • boss
  • President's wife (by Murphy)
  • BCB = "Booty Call Bailey"




  • Head of Surgery
  • General surgeon
  • Member of the board
  • former head of general surgery
  • former ward doctor

Series information

Miranda Bailey is the instructor of Meredith, George, Alex, Izzie and Cristina and the chief surgeon of Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Miranda loves her 5 protégés. George was her favorite, and that hasn't changed after his death. She is also proud of Alex Karev, as he has changed for the better and has become a great doctor. She is proud of Cristina Yang because she went to Switzerland to live her dream and of Izzie Stevens because she survived and did not allow herself to be broken down. Most of all she is proud of Meredith because despite all the blows of fate she still enjoys her job, is a wonderful mother and is a proud Harper Avery Prize winner.

Your biography [edit | Edit source]

At the beginning she is known as "the Nazi", but that doesn't really affect her character. She can be very strict and scary, but actually she is very nice. She admitted in one episode that she was only like this because she was scared. Even if their interns often complain about them, they are very happy to have Bailey as their instructor. This is partly because Dr. Bailey lets her beginners get away with a lot. She often ignores her beginners' conversations about their love life while at work, and even stops by Izzie after cutting the LVAD line.

In the 2nd season she goes on maternity leave due to her pregnancy. Especially her beginners miss her a lot during this time. When she returns to the hospital for the birth, George literally falls on her neck. Then her husband Tucker Jones is admitted to the SGH and George has to serve as an obstetrician.

Especially in season 5 you notice how dear to her Meredith and Co. have grown and how proud she actually is. When she learns about Izzie's cancer, she doesn't want Izzie to rust during her treatment. So she tells Izzie about her operations and asks her how she would proceed. And even when George dies you can see that the interns were like children to them. The fact that one of her interns dies hits her deeply and she walks through the hospital for several days as if absent without actually doing anything. George was her favorite resident.

Dr. Bailey is a very good surgeon, but only comes in second behind Callie in deciding who will be the ward doctor. When she can't cope with this job, Dr. Webber announced his election and filled the post with Bailey. In the fifth season she is lured from two sides. On the one hand there is general surgery, on the other hand there is pediatric surgery. Dr. Webber and Dr. Robbins fight for Dr. Bailey. After receiving letters of recommendation for pediatrics from many of her colleagues and herself being Dr. Webber gives in after a while, everything seems clear. But Bailey's husband Tucker gives her an ultimatum: the fellowship for pediatrics or her marriage. Bailey then ended their marriage. Asks Dr. Webber, however, for the position of senior physician in general surgery, as she is now a single mother and cannot imagine working long hours for two more years. In season 8, Bailey sheds her tough shell and really blossoms in her relationship with Ben. In season 9, she saves Meredith's life after giving birth to Derek Bailey. In season 11, she gets Cristina's seat on the board. In season 12, she becomes the chief surgeon.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • She has a very close bond with God, but once yelled at him when a patient almost died, she looked up and screamed, "You bastard! You will let the boy go right away!" and the patient had sinus rhythm again
  • Aside from her maternity leave and the 4 weeks she spent with her parents after the rampage at Seattle Grace Hospital, she is never on leave for more than three days.
  • Despite her austere personality, Bailey has excellent bedside manners (e.g. Jackson Prescott) and a big heart
  • she received her first solo operation during her training.
  • in her year, Bailey was the only woman (mentioned in "A Clean Cut").
  • Bailey believed in Santa Claus until her eleventh birthday.
  • she is a science fiction fan, especially Star Wars.
  • she collected the Judy dolls.
  • Bailey was nicknamed Nazi until a patient with a tattoo of a swastika refused to have her operated on. Later she operated on him anyway and the tattoo could no longer be seen.
  • Bailey often says Va-Jay-Jay instead of vagina.
  • she changed her hairstyles the most.
  • she has a spider phobia.
  • she is afraid of snakes.
  • she is sometimes afraid that sharks will be waiting for her in public swimming pools.
  • Derek Bailey Shepherd was named after her.
  • Because of her size, she usually uses a step to operate in the operating room.
  • Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) was originally supposed to play the role of Bailey.
  • Bailey was supposed to be a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • she married Callie and Arizona in the episode "White Wedding".
  • in high school she played the oboe.
  • George was her favorite.
  • her son William George Bailey Jones was named after George O'Malley, among others, because he helped her with the birth.
  • was the only one in the episode "learning processes" (4.14) who did not have to fill out the form.
  • is 1.52 m tall.
  • argues with Alex Karev about Christina Yang's successor.
  • she is worried about Meredith & Co., which can be seen e.g. in the episode in which Meredith donates part of her liver.
  • She thought Dr. Webber has something with Maggie.
  • She had a heart attack in season 14.
  • She takes antidepressants.
  • She miscarries with Ben Warren in season 16 (episode 9).
  • She's jealous of Meredith. She does not grant her her success, her skills and the recognition of others!